E-learning is one of the easiest ways for students to acquire education and knowledge and is currently expanding. With extensive educational opportunities, these students are looking for ways to improve their visual learning environment.

Laptops are the most popular e-learning option on desktops and tablets. When looking for the best laptops for your e-learning, there are certain specifications worth considering. With a webcam, microphones and headphones you can’t compromise, because without these accessories you can’t create a better educational environment.

You will come across many laptops, each claiming to be perfect, but you should consider buying high-end laptops with state-of-the-art features, which is also a reasonable price for e-learning. To make your choice easier, we have put together a short list of several high-end laptops that are worth investing in. There you go!

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Gaming Notebook MSI GF63 Slim 9SC-066 15.6, slim…

Notebook LG Gram – 17 IPS WQXGA (2560 x 1600) Intel 10. gen.

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch retinal screen, dual-core screen, and…


MSI GF63 Slim 9SC-066 15.6


Gaming Notebook MSI GF63 Slim 9SC-066 15.6, slim…

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LG Gram Notebook - 17


Notebook LG Gram – 17 IPS WQXGA (2560 x 1600) Intel 10. gen.


Apple MacBook Air (13-inch retinal screen, dual-core screen, and...


Apple MacBook Air (13-inch retinal screen, dual-core screen, and…

10 Best E-Learning Booklet | Examination Guide 2020

To date, the trend is towards the development of online business and education. Depending on your needs and size, we have reviewed some of the best notebooks for business and e-learning. Let’s take a look at this:

1st MSI GF63 Slim 9SC-066 – Best Teacher Book

Which computers are best suited for e-learning? The MSI GF63 is the best computer for e-commerce thanks to its slim design and powerful gaming kit. This sleek and lightweight gaming laptop is specially designed for mobile use. Although it’s a gaming laptop, and gaming laptops are powerful laptops, it’s more of a lightweight, thin computer for business.

What are the basic needs of computers used specifically for e-learning? Online training is in full swing. Streaming requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, a Core i3 processor and connection ports. And that gambling phone is more than you need. Most suitable for long time surfing and streaming with a long battery backup. With this small MSI gaming laptop you can read many hours of lectures online.

This laptop has a design with 16 GB RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor. In addition, it has many ports that make it possible to easily connect to Wifi. A fast processor means more streaming, which is more suitable for e-learning. This makes it the best computer for e-learning.

The advantages of

  • Thin notebook
  • More storage space
  • Illuminated keyboard

2. LG Gram Laptop | Best eLearning Booklet 2020

Do you need a good laptop for e-learning, ultra-light and with a large screen? Take a look at the LG Gram gaming laptop, which features an ultra-light weight and a large screen. This laptop is a super computer in the field of data storage and a fast processor. Therefore, streaming laptops are necessary, as streaming is the most important element of e-learning in conferences and sessions.

When it comes to interior and exterior design, it’s the latest generation 10 gaming notebook worth less than $2,000. The best assets of this game book are the 3 Thunderbolt gates. 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB M 2 NMVe SSD (512 GB x2) are the plugs. It is equipped with a 80WH lithium battery that gives you 17 hours of autonomy. This is ideal for e-learning. The third thing is portability, that is, an ultra-light gaming laptop.

The advantages of

  • Light
  • Long battery
  • Thunderbolt 3 connections

3. Apple MacBook Air is the best laptop for online courses

MacB00k Air, a well-known name in the field of professional laptops. Because of its safety and lightness. Depending on what you’re looking for in your laptop, the latest MacBook Air will excite and disappoint you. It is without doubt a very nice piece of kit (as we expected from Apple) that has been put together. That won’t apply to everyone. It is certainly not the laptop of its predecessor that determines the market. However, it retains this iconic design, slim and light, while benefiting from a few significant changes.

The latest MacBook Air is even bigger than the original, measuring 11.97 by 8.36 by 0.61 inches, making it even heavier and thinner, even for a laptop. And the MacBook Air’s enclosure has the same basic structure, so it’s 0.16 inches thinner. When the lightness hits your car, this is the best laptop you can take to your meetings. It’s also considered the best laptop for e-learning because e-learning is something you can start anywhere.

With a 4MB L3 cache suitable for most everyday functions, but not as fast as one of the quad-core processors found in competitive laptops in this price range. B. in the Dell XPS 13. This 1.6 GHz, Intel Core i5, can be upgraded to 3 GHz with a double core. Apple’s MacBook Air (2018) is a less powerful advocate in this price range for hard work or launching multiple applications simultaneously. Live video transmissions play an important role in e-learning.

It comes with a Full HD preview that offers up to four times more pixels than any other HD. This makes it the best laptop for online education. It’s about security, because your fingerprint is the password. It’s the safest system on our list. With its soft trackpad and buttons, it’s the most comfortable laptop for learning and doing business. In addition, it works with a 12-hour battery life, which is an excellent use of the battery during an online conference. It’s the laptop with the best budget for e-learning.

Most importantly, it provides the best connection ports for data transfer. It offers the best sound quality, which is another interesting feature of the MacBook Air for e-learning.

The advantages of

  • Lightweight and small size construction
  • A beautiful illumination of the retina
  • Low price for the MacBook


  • Only two Thunderbolt 3 connectors

4. Samsung Electronics XE500C13 Chromebook 3 – Best online textbook for 200

A good laptop is the Chromebook 3. But you would expect nothing less from a major technology brand like Samsung. Built-in security features provide protection against malware and viruses. No installation or long downloads: just log in and you’re in your Google Account. Use Google, Gmail, maps, documents and photos and securely back up to the cloud. Create your world with Chrome OS! And because Chromebook automatically receives free updates, it’s just better. It is considered the most economical and best e-learning textbook up to the age of 200 years.

A powerful design that you get from a brand as reliable as Samsung. Let children use it for snacks or run it in the kitchen with a waterproof keyboard without worrying about accidents. The single battery lasts up to 11 hours and allows you to check your morning coffee messages, your lunch emails and your social networks after dinner without having to recharge them. What’s more, it’s built to last, because even after 3 years of use it retains most of its capabilities.

With an 11-inch screen, it gives you the best processing capabilities with Chrome OS, the most requested software at the moment. Although we have a little less RAM for e-learning, this is not a problem. This is usually because it does not require a lot of RAM.

Built-in security features protect your system from viruses and malware. In addition, the splash-proof keyboard protects against sudden damage. With 2 GB of RAM, it offers 16 GB of SSD, which is more than enough to solve your storage problems. The best thing about Chromebooks is battery life and use. It offers 11 hours for light work. It is therefore recommended as the best e-learning notebook.

The advantages of

  • It’s running at a good speed.
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Light

5. 2018 Acer 15.6-inch HD WLED Chromebook – Best Chrome Manual for e-learning under 200

One: Chromebook is big. First of all. That’s the plan. It is designed as a large chromed book for viewing videos or photos. It is a silver metal plate with the Acer logo on the left mirror and the chrome symbol on the left. When you open the lid, you will see a 15.6 screen with a narrow edge. On each side of the keyboard there is a metal drawer with a loudspeaker above the palm of the hand.

The Intel N4200 processor, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB internal flash memory are available on Acer Chrome Book 15 for e-learning. This is sufficient for simple functions such as word processing, web browsing or streaming. When I noticed the hiccups when switching from one tab to another, I had 12 tables open in Chrome, including a 1080p streaming video of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

It’s the best Acer Chromebook for online education with automatic updates and the best security options. It also offers long battery life for online learning for several hours. It’s three times faster than wireless communication for fast processing of online tasks. Google Chrome OS is very popular with all students and older parents.

Hard, especially for Chromebook, it’s the Acer keyboard. Although the dimensions of the keyboard are flat, only 69 grams of pressure is needed at a distance of 1.4 mm (we want 1.5 mm and more). It was a bit jumpy for me, but with my normal error of 2%, I could reach my usual 117 races per minute. This is the best Chromebook for online training under the Baghdet.

The advantages of

  • 1080p display
  • Metal suitcase
  • A solid keyboard

6. HP Pavilion X360 15.6-inch Full HD Convertible | Best eLearning Laptops 2020 min 500

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This 15.6-inch HP horn with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 is a 15.6-inch convertible. The memory is 8 GB and the hard disk is 1 TB. It is equipped with a 2.3 GHz Intel Corei5-6200U processor and a 520 GHz Intel HD Graphics video adapter, but without special video analysis. However, there is no optical drive for burning CDs or DVDs. Window 10 has been checked.

Hp Pavillion is the best 15-inch laptop for online education within budget. It’s the best 2-in-1 laptop with a touch screen and an elegant backlit keyboard.

The best 2-in-1 laptop for online education can be used as tablet, laptop and notebook. Powered by the fastest 2.2 GHz processor with a 20 GB RAM pack. And what’s more, with a 1TB hard drive. With the right pen for the touch screen. This is the best 2-in-1 budget book for online training.

The x360 15.6 is equipped with an SD digital photo card reader, a touch screen and a laptop with three full-size USB ports. An HDMI connection to an HDTV is available. You can connect to the Internet using an 802.11n router that uses older WiFi standards or 802.11ac routers with faster WiFi standards.

The pavilion x360 x 15.6 has dimensions of 15 cm, 1.1 cm, 9.9 cm and 4.8 kg. It comes with a 12 month warranty with free telephone support for 12 months. This laptop is a complete set with touch screen and backlit keyboard. In addition, it offers the best 7-hour autonomy, as the touch screen mainly no longer has any autonomy.

The advantages of

  • Good battery performance
  • Light
  • Large screen

7. ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook S is the best laptop for e-learning

The design of any computer is crucial, not so much for its aesthetics, but for its size and functionality. Structure is certainly one of the most important issues in this ASUS case. It is not only beautiful, but also compact and light. It is 14.2 inches wide and 0.7 inches thin with a NanoEdge bracket. The size of this laptop is quite impressive. He only weighs 3.7 pounds, which is no less surprising. It is also pleasant to look at and feel, especially with backlighting.

ASUS S510UN-EH76 has an excellent processor and its hardware properties are certainly very good to begin with. The Core i7-8550U is a hyperthreaded quad-core processor that provides a high standard for this ASUS. The two most important components of any PC, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, are RAM and memory. ASUS VivoBook S is equipped with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, the standard for medium and long distance notebooks. Some laptops offer more than 8 GB of RAM for a similar price.

Now that the mobility of modern information technologies is well known, e-education and e-learning are at their peak. For this reason, this Vivobook has been specially designed. For example, it is a compact design with a special storage accessory. With 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD and a 1TB hard drive, you have the thinnest and lightest machine you can work with.

It offers a Nano Edge screen with an ultra-thin frame under your budget. It has many connectivity options and a USB 3.1 port for advanced data transfer. As a student or teacher, you need the best backlit laptop and a backlit keyboard for easy use. It is therefore perfectly equipped with a practical backlit keyboard.

It also uses dual-band 802.11ac technology to provide secure WiFi access. This laptop can be compared to most medium and high quality thin laptops in terms of connectivity. This Asus Vivo Book is the best combination of hardware and software within your limited budget for online education.

The advantages of

  • An elegant, thin and light chassis
  • Powerful Kaby Lake R processor
  • SSD + HDD


  • A special boarding pass.

8. Lenovo Flex 5 15.6-inch – Best eLearning computers under 600

Lenovo Flex 5 15.6-inch 2-in-1 notebook, (Intel Core i5-8250U ...

Lenovo Flex 5 15.6-inch 2-in-1 notebook, (Intel Core i5-8250U …

  • AN AMAZING DISPLAY OF THE FHD: The notebook is equipped with a Full HD (15.6) IPS touch screen, so it’s easy to…
  • FINGERPRINT READER : Direct and secure access to your Flex 5 laptop thanks to our secure access control system…
  • A POWERFUL PROCESSOR: Equipped with the latest Intel 8 processor. Generation and 256 GB…

Lenovo’s 2-in-1 product range is extensive, with several sub-brands and a wide price range. We looked at the IdeaPad Flex 5 15 (Flex 5 only, here on the right), which contains her more than $1,200 and an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, Intel HD 620 graphics, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD and a 15.6 IPS 1080p touchscreen. It’s the laptop with the best budget for e-learning.

The efficiency results show that some design elements of Flex 5 are not practical. It’s interesting to note that Lenovo’s product line has been expanded by removing devices. The Nvidia GeForce MX 130 – the Flex 6 14 models that we tested last year are, if you think so, equipped with a discreet graphics card. It didn’t exist, but there was no separate graphics card. The integrated diagrams mentioned above are included in this year’s edition.

This Lenovo 2 in 1 is the best entertainment center for online education. This is a versatile, stylish and portable laptop with a limited budget. The tablet mode is a special scent for all students, because if you want to use it comfortably, you can use it as a tablet.

If you want perfect clarity of picture and sound, this Lenovo is the best choice for you. It’s also the safest system with fingerprints. It also weighs 4.4 pounds, which is best handled during your trip. This is the best 2-in-1 laptop for e-learning.

It is not a game producer, but it is at least 2 in 1, which is not surprising because they all use the same HD 620 graphics. It’s not a slot machine. The best Lenovo Flex 5 for online training for up to 600 people.

The advantages of

  • Large screen, for 2 in 1
  • A powerful battery


  • Unpleasant volume in tablet mode

9. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga – best laptop for online teachers Up to 500

11.6' HD generation without reflection ...

2019 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E 5. 11.6 HD generation without reflection …

  • 5. Generation | tested according to military specifications | 360 degree flexible joint
  • 128 GB SSD | 4 GB DDR4 RAM | Intel Quad-Core N4100 1.1 GHz processor (4 cores 4…
  • 11.6-inch IPS Anti-Glare HD (1366×768) multi-touch screen with LED backlight….

The ThinkPad Yoga 11e is an ultra-mobile and robust 2-in-1 wired laptop designed to build a future classroom. Of course, you can only start a small business. Nobody will be surprised by his demands, but it can mean a low price. The ThinkPad Yoga 11e is equipped with an 11.6 IPS display with a relatively low resolution of 1366×768 pixels, which still offers sufficient accuracy thanks to the miniature screen size. The screen announces the ThinkPad Pen Pro, with which you can read and write.

ThinkPad Yoga 11th is not strong. Better properties need to be provided. Up to seven. Intel Core i5-7Y54, the gene is supported with up to 8GB RAM, which is sufficient for desktop and navigation. The low-power chip and 42Wh battery are delivered to the manufacturer with an autonomy of up to 12 hours. The notebook offers fast storage space for NVMe PCIe.

This 11-inch Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga is a 5th generation e-learning laptop. Generation with touch screen and flexible selection. With its non-reflective IPS display, it is the best professional laptop for e-learning. It is a four-core machine for ultra-fast operation. It’s easier to carry at conferences than a pile of books. So make it your first choice for online training.

The ThinkPad Yoga 11th may be small, but there is no connection. It is also equipped with full-size HDMI, a USB C port and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Dual-band Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 5.0 are also supported for fast wireless connection.

It’s also better for creativity. For example, it is a 2 in 1 collection, and you can use it with the best pen to draw and design.

The advantages of

  • Bright, high-contrast IPS display
  • He’s barely warming up.
  • Take it easy. Take it easy.


  • Average battery life
  • Only 12 months warranty

10. Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible – Best Chromebook for e-Learning under

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible, 13.3-inch Full HD Touch,...

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible, 13.3-inch Full HD Touch,…

  • Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, Google’s operating system, which is designed to…
  • All Google applications you know and love are included in every Chromebook by default.
  • With the Google Play Store you have access to a rich library of applications, games, music,…

The Acer Chromebook R13 differs from most other chrome books in its very similar attire – a thin, lightweight plastic frame with a metal centre. I’m glad to see that the Acer Chromebook 13, although quite small (15x326x228mm), was not a campfire. The slot is located on the left, with microSD, USB-A, USB-C and HDMI connections, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a padlock on the right. At 1.5 kg it is slightly heavier, but it is not more resistant to the back than most laptops of this size.

Chrom books are the most popular laptops among students and professionals. The reason for this is the operating system, Chrome OS is automatically updated and is 100% safe to use. The other most important and powerful feature is the battery life. This Chromebook offers almost 12 hours of work. It is ideal for online teaching and learning for students.

Although it remains a fact: Chromebook offers only 4 GB of RAM, but that’s more than enough for all your online tasks. For Chromebook Premium, you can use Google Pixel Book to get more RAM.

The Chromebook R13 keys are about 2 mm long, resilient and easy to touch. It’s an unusual feeling – not quite pleasant, but also unpleasant. The 13.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1920×1080, but a standard resolution of 1536×864. If you want, you can accelerate up to 2400×1350. At the moment it is almost impossible to read the text, so if you want to do the work, we do not offer you this environment. But high-definition video looks great, especially when you’re in full screen mode.

The advantages of

  • A powerful battery
  • Full HD display
  • A performance level above the Chromebook average
  • Good for writing, e-mail, Netflix, iPlayer.

Things to consider before you buy the best laptops for online trainingPurchase guide

Screen size

Here are the three most common sizes and what to consider for each size.

13″ Screen

This format is best suited if you are looking for the perfect screen for e-learning. You can buy a screen this size for a reasonable price. You can get an incredibly light and thin laptop into which additional devices can be integrated.

The 13″ screen size is the most portable of the three and is ideal if you don’t want to carry heavy laptops.

15″ Screen

Somewhere nice. The size isn’t too big or too small, but big enough to give you a screen big enough for tasks like video editing, big enough to hold good material for a presentation. This format is ideal for work, play and normal use.

17″ Screen

Really, a big, heavy laptop. Most of these models are designed for people who need to play computer games or for professionals who need a workplace with a replacement desktop. This notebook, the size of a screen, is too heavy to carry.

This doesn’t mean these laptops aren’t worth buying, 17′. Of course the PC’s have their place. If you wait in one place 90% of the time, you need something to take with you, think of the 17′ screen at this point. In general, this PC format is simply too big to use in a bistro, too big to fit in the packaging and too heavy to even think of wearing it.

In the above screen size discussion, I personally suggest that a screen size of 15.6 inches or less is ideal for your e-learning experience, depending on your preferences. You should also think about buying a gadget with an implicit graphics card and a touch screen.

Touch Screen
You can’t imagine how much fun and useful it is to use the touch screen during your online training. This specification is versatile and flexible, allowing you to encircle key points on the screen and write words more accurately.

This feature provides broad support for those who, for whatever reason, do not have a mouse. You can also finish the course without a mouse. With a touch screen laptop, the screen can be operated with both hands and the mouse.

Storage space

What I prefer for a laptop with e-learning is the integration with an SSD instead of a hard drive, the SSD is much faster and takes into account the speed in your laptop. Often you can buy a laptop with 1-2 TB of storage space, which is sufficient for online tasks and training.

Battery life

In general: The bigger your notebook’s screen, the less battery power it has. Always follow a laptop that uses a battery with maximum battery life, so you don’t have to keep the charger connected during your online workout.

Graphic card

If you purchase a laptop for training purposes only, you do not need a graphics card, because the graphics card already installed is sufficient for your projects. However, if you want to edit a video or later play a game, invest in a device with a special graphics card.


For better storage 8 GB is good, but the current trend is 16 GB. With 16 GB you can run all the heavy software without any problems.

What are the trends in e-learning and what is the best laptop recommended for e-learning?

Why are more people interested in online education? After all, online education/training is trendy and more cost-efficient than traditional education. The most important thing is the accessibility of schools for students in rural areas. It is a big problem for the students, so e-learning helps us to find school at home. The trend towards e-learning has thus reached its peak. As the trend is increasing, we definitely need a system that can best help us.

The current student is ready for his education. Online training is one of them. E-learning creates a virtual learning environment. This modern innovation replaces and reduces the costs of administrators, teaching assistants, binders and paperwork and saves a lot of time. And you need the best laptop for e-learning.

E-learning courses introduce and promote project-based learning (PBL). This in turn offers the opportunity to learn in a group. As a result, students are getting closer to blended learning. Blended learning is a mix of online and on-campus learning. It gives the student a conceptual education. Online learning and teaching also opens the door to streaming and most students now benefit from live video.

Conclusion – The best laptops for the E-Learning Review

E-learning is improving education at a very fast pace. And creates endless opportunities for people to improve their skills, knowledge and qualifications. And e-learning makes extensive use of video learning. That’s why we’ve included the best laptops for e-learning, in light of trends and new technologies.

A good laptop designed for e-learning should have a working webcam, be lightweight and if possible include a touch screen. In addition, there are other high quality specifications that need to be considered before purchase.

In return, we’ll go for more employment. It helps to ensure that enough people can learn and benefit from the Internet. It is also beneficial for live broadcasts and therefore many people now benefit from these broadcasts.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of laptop do I need for online training?

Any laptop with the following features is ideal for your e-learning experience.

250 GB hard drive
4 GB RAM or more
2.0 GHz Intel or AMD
Windows 10 or MacOS
Preferred touch screen
Best screen size
Reasonable price

Is the i3 suitable for e-learning?

Compared to i5, i7 or i9 processors, the performance of I3 is not very good. For online training we advise you to purchase at least a quadruple i5-core.

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