10 Best Subtitle Makers to Add Captions to Video Easily

Playing a video or movie with unsynchronized subtitles is not the most enjoyable activity. You love the accuracy of subtitles when you watch a program or movie with subtitles in a foreign language. In addition, the video player may cause an unsynchronized subtitle line.

Allows you to add subtitles to your video using the subtitle creator. Our list of the best subtitle manufacturers for Windows, Mac, online and over the phone helps you make the right choice of subtitle software in this magazine.

Discover these tools that will give you even more fun.

10 Best subtitles on Windows/Mac/Online/Phone

1. Crown wing

10 Best Subtitle Makers to Add Captions to Video Easily

A loan for a painting: Cape Town Wings

The platform: Online

According to the study, subtitled videos can be surprising on social networks. This tool has automatic subtitling.

It automatically creates subtitles and then edits them. So the sound is exactly the same as the tone. This subtitle creation application allows authors to place subtitles, specify color and size, and customize the font.

This tool supports different subtitling styles. For example, a full background is added, or you can watch videos without experience.


  • Unbelievable for creating content on social networks.
  • Suitable for video and GIF creation
  • No training is required to add online subtitles.


2. Egisub


A loan for a painting: Aegisub

The platform: Windows/Mac/Linux

Aegisub is compatible with Windows and all operating systems. It is a cross-platform, open-source, multi-platform tool for editing and creating subtitles.

This subtitling system is designed to quickly and easily create subtitles for your audio. The tool has many powerful functions, including real-time video performance.

You will appreciate the flexibility of this tool because it rotates and follows the contours of your signatures. It is up to the user to decide which part of the screen caption should appear via the interface.

Visual and acoustic waveforms that help you read certain parts of the video. Users can reduce the zoom and audio waveform to better navigate the subtitle time stamps.


  • Enables subtitling in the user interface
  • Easily customizable font family circumference, color and size
  • An evolutionary instrument


  • The challenge of working with others

3. Video


A loan for a painting: Video

The platform: Online

This subtitle creation application allows users to convert subtitles to their favorite formats such as MOV, AVI, MKV, MP4, etc. before saving your movie with subtitles.

The user can choose to subtitle the video from your SRT file or manually.

This online subtitle provider is compatible with cloud storage. Users can record the necessary video from their Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.


  • Working on a file from a smartphone and other devices
  • Convert a video before saving it
  • Easy to use subtitles
  • Efficient and fast subtitling


  • Restricted functions for adding a srt file folder

4. Movavi PlusVideo Editor

Movavi Video Editor Plus

A loan for a painting: Movavi Video Editor Plus

The platform: Windows / Mac

In this tool you have the possibility to save and watch the movie on a 4KTV, mobile device or computer. With this software you can upload your videos to YouTube.

Caption your event with this window captioner, because it makes the scenes more interesting. So you can quickly import, edit and create new videos with sound effects.

You can add music and other important sound effects to make it more attractive. It’s easy to use.


  • Offers high speed conversion
  • Supports 180 portable devices
  • Support for different video formats


  • Some effects are not suitable for subtitling

5. Filmore


A loan for a painting: Movie

The platform: Windows / Mac

It is a very easy to use and easy to learn tool for users, even if they don’t know how to edit videos. It offers visual effects, a full range of editing tools, two device shots and 15 to 120 frames per second.

The use of modern video effects, filters and animated elements guarantees excellent video after editing.


  • Change the subtitles to your liking.
  • Split screen for laughing.
  • 4k resolution for video preview with subtitles
  • Presets for color correction


  • Does not support the srt file

6. Legend

Divided into

A loan for a painting: Divided into

The platform: Android/iPhone

It allows users to save, modify and edit as much as they like. Users can easily change subtitle colors, style and font.

It allows you to add titles, captions and text to all parts of your online video. It has an artificial intelligence to create subtitles for your videos.


  • Works completely independently.
  • does not upload data to the server
  • Video of online and offline speeches
  • Compatible with all devices


7. Amara Subtitle Editors

Amara Subtitle Editor

A loan for a painting: Amara Subtitle Editor

Create professional subtitles for your film or video. Generate your searchable content and improve their referencing. Users can very quickly develop spectacular video subtitles.

It’s not hard for a beginner. It’s the ideal tool for filmmakers and video editing because it provides drag-and-drop control.

It imports photos and videos in all common formats from your hard drive, smartphone and camera.


  • Excellent transcription capacity
  • Compatible with all devices


  • The price is a little too high.

8. Power Manager


A loan for a painting: PowerDirector

The platform: Windows / Mac

It allows users to remove unwanted segments, add voice, download music, apply filters, transitions and add titles. This is the right tool for making subtitles, etc.


  • Support for 3D and 4K data speeds
  • Offers high-quality themes, subtitles and slide shows.
  • 3D animated films
  • Working with Blue-Ray


  • There are errors and watermarks.

9. VideoPad Subtitle Editor

Manufacturer of subtitles for VideoPad

A loan for a painting: Manufacturer of subtitles for VideoPad

The platform: Windows / Mac

It is one of the leading producers of subtitles from purely digital audio files on the Internet, with dynamic sound and image effects. It has a video playback function to speed up and slow down playback. The fine adjustment of the color can then be used to obtain other visual effects.


  • 360° video editing
  • Adds smooth transitions
  • Provides fast subtitle production


  • Limited support for animation videos

10. Camtaci


A loan for a painting: Kamtazia

Camtasia is subtitling software for Windows and Mac. You can add subtitles by typing or dragging the srt file into the signature field. You can also change the style and position of the subtitle font. The production process of the subtitles is flawless.


  • Easy to use for adding subtitles
  • Sync video with subtitles in one click
  • Integrated screen recorder


  • You must register before you can use the Camtasia.


Now you know the difference between using high quality subtitles. All these tools have a user-friendly infrastructure, making them ideal for most users.

This is the right solution to your problem, because most people want to watch their favorite programs in a foreign language, but cannot fully understand them.

All the above tools are very dynamic in delivering quality services to their users. What’s more, it’s all very easy to use.

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