Going to the gym can help you stay in excellent physical condition. Caring for your brain is a wholly different story. Brain training apps are an excellent method to strengthen your mind and have been shown to boost cognitive capacity. Here are some top memory games and memory improvement applications that have been mainly created to enhance your daily brain abilities and cognitive thinking.

 1. Lumosity

Lumosity tests your intellect and reading skills using numerals. Each “session” consists of three separate games that change randomly and truly put your brain to work. If remembering sequences wasn’t challenging enough, a limited amount of time certainly makes it so.

 Michelle Wood, an employee retention consultant at a homework assistance website, says that smartphone brain practice matches are one of her favourite hobbies for her writing staff. She says: “We test out several games before adding them to our list.” My colleagues and I installed Lumosity and began competing against one another. It was more straightforward for us to tackle jobs with a practised memory.

2. Peak

Peak is meant to encourage you to challenge yourself with brief, intensive exercises based on your life. It also improves your abilities with a sequence of minigames that check your attention, memory, conflict resolution, mental acuity, and other skills. Peak, which was created with the assistance of experts from institutions all over the globe, including several from the University of Cambridge and Yale University, provides a tailored strategy to train your brains called ‘Coach.’ The ‘Coach’ tool will set new training goals for you, monitor your results, and keep you encouraged. Download this app quickly on 1337x if you are seeking to improve your memory power. 

3. Eidetic

We like Eidetic’s completely different approach to brain activities. Instead of playing arbitrary games, you may use the games to recall numbers, facts, and information that are significant to you. Custom workouts are created by entering contact information and other data of your choosing. The memory may be improved and built from the bottom up through recasts. If you aren’t a fan of traditional workout methods, you should undoubtedly give Eidetic a shot and see how it may help you and your development.

4. Elevate

Elevate, the most amazing ios app of the year during 2014, stimulates brain training with far more than 40 minigames. Every exercise has been designed to improve various skills, notably memory, numeracy, and communication. The app’s basic edition is accessible both for iOS and Android users, and according to the app’s designers, “the more you exercise with Elevate, the more you’ll strengthen crucial cognitive abilities that are meant to promote efficiency, earnings potential, and consciousness.”

 5. Clockwork

The majority of brain games have a sleek, even futuristic look. Try Clockwork Brain if you’re searching for a variation in that aspect. Clockwork Brain has an older version and is made up of numerous modes and activities, each designed like an old manufacturing workplace. This innovative notion is done well, providing us with a new perspective on memory-improving smartphone games. The interface opens the door to fun puzzles and challenges. We could immediately detect gains in mental agility after only a few days of using the program. 

6. Happify

Happify’s foundation is on enhancing your perspective when confronted with an issue in life. Rather than puzzles, this software includes a variety of solutions for improving general well-being and battling stress. The thankfulness diary is the best part of ours, in that you are encouraged to write down the top five worth being thankful for. Happify enhances your mental condition as well as your view on life. 

7. CogniFit Brain Fitness

The premise underlying this app distinguishes it from others of its sort. A group of neuroscientists researched hard to build a game that improves mental function in every scenario. There are various modes to choose from, including putting you versus your pals. Every metric is tracked, providing you with a complete picture of your progress. Investing 15 minutes per day enjoying CogniFit Brain Fitness can boost your dilemma abilities.

8. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer gives you a more flexible approach to mental workouts. As opposed to the typical process, Suitable Brains Trainer focuses on different areas of the brain. Several systems encourage you to do everyday tasks and maintain a healthy mind. The game is 100% free and has no intrusive advertisements. We highly suggest it to anyone who wishes to improve their memory of certain features, such as words or plots.

9. Aaptiv

According to researchers, exercise enhances cognition and other brain processes; thus, installing a fitness app may be the best thing to strengthen your memory. Use Aaptiv to guide you through each phase of your fitness regimen, complete with music to keep you going.

10. Hibou

Hibou is a two-for-one deal. It functions as a highlighting and spaced reinforcement tool for everything you view on your web. The Chrome extension allows you to mark everything you find compelling on the web. You may add a comment to your highlight to provide further context. Any content you underline is added to the extension’s backlog, where it will remain until it is reviewed.


It is neither too old nor too soon to develop crucial cognitive abilities. The above-listed memory improvement apps are an excellent method to work out your intellect and enhance your intellectual capabilities.