At that time, the management of social networks became very important. This helps companies to become more popular with the public. Digital marketing professionals are always supported by a variety of tools to track the social media activities of the company profile. Buffer is one of the most important social network management tools used by social network managers.

Alternatives for buffers

However, it does have a number of drawbacks, as users have to pay large sums of money for three buffer applications that monitor, publish and report their profile on social media. In addition, users are faced with problems because the buffer tool lacks many features that can facilitate the work of social network administrators.

Here are some of Buffer’s main alternative tools. You can read about the advantages and some disadvantages of alternative buffers.

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MeetEdger is a well-known alternative to Buffer because it offers users unique features. It can automatically schedule messages on social networking sites after the user has correctly defined the categories. This is possible because the MeetEdger is equipped with its own, self-signed content calendar.

If you have a small internal team that can share a password or username to manage social media profiles, MeetEdger can be the best tool. One of the shortcomings of the MeetEdger tool is the lack of analysis tools and the inability to support more than 25 social network profiles.

The MeetEdger costs about $49 a month. It is affordable and ideal for the self-employed.


The main advantage of using CoSchedule for a user is the access to the great features. Although the user has to pay between $80 and $1,400, depending on the CoSchedule package, managing and marketing social networks becomes easier for the user.

In addition to integration with multiple social networks, it can work with different email marketing platforms. In addition, you can use Co-Schedule to follow the blog’s reach and view the most important products on the market.

All you need to check are the hidden costs CoSchedule charges for your academy. It can also be a practical alternative to stamps and is suitable for small and medium sized marketing teams.

3rd Fanbuster

The social media management tool Fanbooster is known because many companies use it for marketing purposes. Several features make Fanbooster the preferred management tool for social networks.

Like many other tools, Fanbooster has an intelligent planning function. You can also perform analysis tasks and easily keep track of brand references. You can view your personal messages and reviews on a specific page on a social networking site.

In addition, Fanbooster is supplied with Canva integration. He helps marketers create content for social media sites. The detailed reports that Fanbooster provides to its users help a company or individual to define a strategy for their business and to reach their audience even better in the future.

Monthly fan booster packages range from $49 to $200. An initial period of 14 days is considered as a trial period for the company. The Fanbooster tool can be used by large or small marketing teams of agencies and companies.

4. Octopost

Oktopost can become another suitable tool for the management of social networks for small businesses, because it contains all the necessary functions. In addition to automatic programming, it can also monitor and report on multiple social networking platforms.

A unique feature of Oktopost is the presence of a prize draw that helps the owner to organize donations from social networking sites.

However, you need to contact Oktopost for the payment, because they are not on their official website. You can call the person in charge in the company directly to find out the costs.

5. HootSuite

Many online marketing experts prefer Hootsuite as an effective alternative to Buffer. The main reason for this is that there are different characteristics.

In addition to standard functions such as analysis and planning tools, HootSuite is compatible with 35 leading social media platforms. As a Hootsuite expert, you are more likely to get projects from your customers and increase your revenues.

However, there is no reporting function. On the other hand, the low prices of the packages make it possible for freelancers, small marketing teams and companies to use HootSuite. The introductory price of the hootsuite instrument is $29 and the deposit is $599 per month.

It is best to use HootSuite for the entire 14-day trial period and make the necessary changes if the prospects for the future are not satisfactory.

6. Exceptional items

If you, as a social media marketer, are looking for a tool for a project where the customer is more active on Twitter, then SpecialOomph might be your best choice. The SpecialOomph tool helps you to convert your emails into tweets and to delete the DM and tweets if necessary.

Although SpecialoOmph works best with Twitter, the possibilities of SpecialoOmph for other social networks such as Pinterest and Facebook are limited. The best feature of SpecialOomph is its all-inclusive price. In order to qualify for special packages, a user must spend between $6.97 and $17.9 per month.

7. Sprinkler installation

You can choose Sprinklr as an alternative to Buffer because it can act as a complete social media marketing support system. In addition to the required packages, Sprinklr offers unique features such as content marketing, social advertising and customer service.

For companies with experienced marketing teams, Sprinklr might be the most suitable. There may be several digital marketing experts working on the sprinkler, but to receive the packages you need to contact the team directly.

There is no information about packages or rates on their official website, but you can find their email address and other contact details.

8. Lumley

If you’re just starting your business and you want to draw the public’s attention to a tight budget, Loomly is a handy tool you can rely on as a buffer solution. In addition to all the main functions, Loomly provides Internet marketing professionals with access to features such as ideegenerator, message settings and the content calendar creator.

The disadvantage of Loomly is the impossibility to work with Google My Business. There is also a lack of search tools. However, you may not be aware of the drawbacks, as cheap packages are available from as little as $10 per month up to $300.

Start-ups and self-employed people can use the Looomly application. You can register on their official website.

9. Social germination

Sprout Social is an elegant social media management and marketing tool created in a commercial spirit. The best thing about Sprout Social is that it can work with different platforms.

Experts can easily extract reports from the Sprout Social Tool because it effectively tracks the social networking activity on a business-related page.

Depending on the price of the package, small businesses can hardly afford this price because it starts at $99 per month. However, large companies are more inclined to use the social tool Sprout. The most expensive package of Sprout Social can cost about $249.

10. Each message

If the company is more active on Facebook and Twitter, it is more likely to use the Every Email tool to manage social networks. If you are an expert, consider Every Post as a practical and supportive tool that makes it easy for you to perform multiple tasks.

It has all the features of a social network management tool, except the reporting and analysis capabilities. Parcel price Each postal item is surprisingly low, starting at only $9 per month.

Technological conveniences, such as applications and browser extensions, make Every Post a useful tool for freelancers.

11. Agorapulse

If you plan to take the Agorapulse package that replaces the buffer tool, remember that the Agorapulse load is high. However, you can make use of some additional features of the Agorapulse package.

The basic package of Agorapulse is $49, and the higher package costs $299. There is a trial period of 14 days for each package. The most important agencies work with the Agorapulse tool to solve marketing problems in social networks.

12. Zoho social

A company with a large team can afford Zoho’s social packages for marketing and social media management. It is best known for its cooperative characteristics. Large internet marketing teams can communicate with each other to solve different tasks using the social tool Zoho.

However, the tool can only work with Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. As an expert, you cannot download anything from Google My Business.

The costs of Zoho Special packages are minimal, which is the main reason why you should try it. The basic package of Zoho Special starts at $10 a month. If you want better features, try buying higher packages for $25, $200 or $300.

Last words

If you are looking for an alternative to a buffer tool, now is the time to choose one of these options. Always try to visit the official websites and gather information about each tool before choosing the right one.

Another fact to remember is that you will need to change your social networking tools during the trial period if you think the budget is high or the features are not satisfactory.

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