Mozilla Firefox is the most popular internet browser. People know him as Fairfox. It is 100% free and the internet browser is open. It was developed by the Mozilla Corporation. All devices such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and other PCs or mobile phones have operating systems that are compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

This browser is very useful for all operating systems. This browser is known for its great features such as private browsing, tab browsing, spell check, advanced search, live bookmark, download manager and GEO localization, and so on.

Okay, let’s move on to the main topic …………..

17 Powerful tips for Mozilla Firefox

1. Tips for searching Mozilla Firefox

If you visit the website more than once a day and are looking for different articles or other items on the blog/website, you should follow these search tips.

First go to the desired website and right click on the search area. Now click on Add a keyword to this search……

You will now find a dialog box to save your search tips as bookmarks. Write a bookmark name, select a folder and enter the keyword for the search.

2. Explore the hidden Firefox interface

Did you know that your Mozilla Firefox browser has a hidden interface?
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! This interface will help you unlock many great features of the Firefox browser. However, Firefox does not recommend going to this hidden menu. When a person enters this hidden menu, a warning is given immediately. Go to the hidden menu, just write over: in the URL field of your browser and press Enter. You will now find a warning that may void your warranty You must click on the blue button below the warning message I will be careful, I promise you!

More information about these hidden settings can be found on

3. Easy navigation from one tab to another

A blogger or webmaster always has multiple tabs open and works with this tab. The Firefox user can easily navigate from one tab to another using a hotkey.

  • Press Ctrl + 1 to go directly to tab number one,
  • Press Ctrl + 2 to access direct deposit number two.
    This allows you to go to a specific tab by pressing Ctrl + (from 1 to 9). There’s another way to access your Firefox tab.
  • Press Ctrl + Page Down (for laptop Ctrl + Shift + Page Down) to go to the correct bookmark.
  • Press Ctrl + Up (for laptop Ctrl + Shift + Up) to access the left tab.
  • Press Ctrl + T to go to the new tab.

However, if you would like a different tabbed view option, please refer to the following tips.

4. Overview of the Firefox tab

Microsoft Edge has a popular and useful option! Option Name – Preview Tab All open tabs that you can see directly in the Edge browser. You can now use the preview tab in your favorite Mozilla Firefox browser. This function is not available in the default browser configuration. You need to configure your browser. So you need to enter the hidden interface in order to use the functions.

Firefox does not give you permission to do so. Because the system could be broken. I use these functions in Windows 7 and I don’t have any problems with it. I hope you’re not in trouble. But it is best to activate these functions at your own risk.

– Type about:config into the URL panel and click Enter. You will find a warning message. Now press the green button. I’ll be careful, I promise. There is a search on the about:config page. Type Ctrl into the search field. There is an option browser.ctrlTab.previews This feature is disabled by default. You have to turn it on by double clicking on it. Now that you have activated these functions, hold down the Ctrl key and press the Tab key to see the magic work! Isn’t that a nice quality?

5. The status of your browser

You can check the status of your browser. Information regarding the use and performance of your Firefox browser is always reserved. Firefox provides technical advice based on this data. This function
is open by default. But you can disable this function. Just go to

But when the features are open, you can see many important reports about the status of your Firefox browser, such as how long your browser has been down, how long you’ve been using your browser and how long it’s been open, etc.

6. How do you set the master password?

It is very important to set the master password. All the passwords you have stored in your Firefox password manager. Anyone can view this registered password. But if you set the master password, no one will see that you have saved the password
. To set the master password, go to the Tools>Settings>Security tab and set the master password.

If you forgot your master password, you can reset it in a strange way. To reset a copy password, paste this address Chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul into the URL field and click Enter. You will now find the page to reset the master password. If you want to reset the master password, just click the Reset button below the page. However, please note that after resetting the master password, your previously registered password, usernames and email address will be deleted.

7. Some important key combinations for Firefox :

You only work with the mouse pointer? However, at this point you need to learn some of the key combinations of
. For flexible and fast web browsing, I’ve listed some key combinations for Mozilla Firefox below.

* To go to the previous/next page, press Alt + the right/left arrow keys
* To refresh a page, press F5 or Ctrl + R
* To refresh a page, Press Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R
* To zoom in/out on a page, press Ctrl + + plus/minus sign (+ / -) or hold Ctrl + mouse wheel rotation to resize to
, press Ctrl + 0 (zero).
To open a new window, press Ctrl + N* To open a new tab, press Ctrl + T* To open a new personal window, press Ctrl + Shift + P* To open a closed tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T* To open a closed tab, press Ctrl + Shift + N

8. Make a short route according to your wishes.

Mozilla Firefox users can also create customizable shortcuts! If you don’t want to use the Firefox default shortcut, you can customize it with the Keybinder add-ons. To install the expansion modules, click here. After installing the extension, continue with the additional options for
. You will now find the possibility to make the link.

9. Configure your browser’s control panel

A Firefox user can configure his browser’s control panel. Just click on the control panel icon. You can fully customize your Firefox control panel. Add or remove a new tool from your browser’s control panel. See screenshot above. First press the button on the control panel (1), then press the Setup + (2) button. Then you will find the
Drag and Drop option.

10. Some new tips to customize the Mozilla Firefox browser

I’ve already shared some tips on zooming. But I take it you didn’t just tell me about the extension. Go to Display> Scale> Scale text only

After applying the Text Only Scale option, only scale the text of a web page. To zoom in/out press Ctrl + + plus/minus sign (+ / -) or press and hold Ctrl + mouse wheel. To reset the scale, press Ctrl +

11. Tips for the fastest possible access to the media

Your Firefox is very useful to enjoy a multimedia file. Because there are many shortcuts to media files. A hotkey can be used to control playback, pause, fast forward, rewind, increase and decrease volume, etc.
Break: Space bar;
K increase/decrease volume : Up/Down Arrow;
for Forward/Reverse Search : Left/Right arrow key;
Press only to start the Home key on the keyboard;
Press only the End key on the keyboard to exit.

12. Automatic URL extensions

Suppose you want to call a .COM like Now just type the main part of the domain name in the URL field as SafeForPC and press Ctrl + Enter…… and your browser will automatically fill in the domain extension. The key combination Ctrl + Enter is only for domains with the .com extension. So for domains with the .net extension press Shift + Enter, for domains with the
.org extension press Ctrl + Shift + Enter!

13. Remove your private search from Mozilla Firefox

While each item is displayed in the URL panel, Firefox automatically displays some of the same results before you start searching. Maybe it’s a matter of shame. So, if you’re looking for the adult site or something personal. First open the personal window (Ctrl + Shift + T) and then navigate to your personal websites. From now on, you will no longer be able to save your search history, browsing history or cookies!

You can also delete your browsing or search results. Select the desired URL with the arrow button and click the Delete button.

14. How to navigate a web page without using a mouse.

Experts always use the keyboard to do something. This way you have to use the
mice to scroll the browser. Use only the keyboard to go to the bottom of the page and press Shift + Space to scroll up.

15. Some nice tips: Print via : Mozilla under a single URL

Mammon’s twins fought. Their war plunged the world into a new darkness, and the beast hated the darkness. So it started to move fast, it became more and more powerful, and it kept moving forward and multiplying. And the beasts brought fire and light into the darkness.

Even more fun! For example: Print it now: Welcome to everyone! We come to you in peace and good will! If you press the Trying button again, the robot will warn you: Please don’t press this button again.

16. Share each web link via Mozilla Firefox.

If you have the latest version of Firefox installed, click the icon on this page and share any URL on social networks.

17. Use reception and chat via Mozilla Firefox

It’s a great place on Firefox. A Firefox user can make an audio or video call or chat for other people or customers. It is not necessary to download software or chat programs. You can easily put your friends or family in touch with each other. Firefox will show you the link. This is a link to the calls in your browsers. Share this link now with your friends, family or customers and call them up.

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