Want to buy cheap computer desktops for $100? Want to buy quality furniture for your home or office without breaking your budget? If that’s the case, you’ve just landed in the right place. Whether you are looking for a cheap home office or a PC gaming desktop, you should have no problem finding one from the following list that meets your needs.

We looked at home offices, computer games and the most economical L-shaped computer tables. In addition, a section of the best computer agencies with memory has been added to the list below. We’ve even gone so far as to look for the best computer desks for small spaces, perfect for students or just those with limited space.

In this article, we take a comprehensive look at the top 25 affordable computer offices you can buy for under $100. In addition, we’ve divided the best computer desktops under $100 into five different subdivisions, so everyone can find a cheap, quality computer desk.

The best computer desk for the home office: Zinus Modern Studio Collection
Computer Desk Multi-dimensional options, sturdy and solid steel frame, and it has a clean and minimalist design.

The best gaming table: The modern Coleshome
computer desktop measures 47.2 W x 23.7 W x 29.2 H inches, is made of durable powder-coated steel and features adjustable footrests – all at an extremely affordable price.

The best computer desk for small spaces:
39.25 W x 23.5 D x 29 H inch glass Flash desktop computer case, elegant look, four open compartments for storage, and sturdy with metal and laminated wood frame.

The best computer desktop with memory: HOME BI computer desk with shelves
47.2 W x 23.62 W x 45.28 H inches, elegant look, sliding keyboard tray and black tempered glass top.

Best L-shaped computer desktop: Walker Edison Edison Modern Corner L-shaped computer desk
29 H x 51 W x 20 W inches, accommodates multiple monitors, a sliding keyboard tray and versatile CPU support.

Colours: Brown, Espresso and White

It’s not a given that every office is flashy or extravagant, but the Zinus Modern Studio Computer/Office Desk collection is characterized by a design that is both elegant and simple. The Zinus table is the perfect combination of functionality and style.

The materials used are also of relatively high quality. There’s plenty of room at the table at Zinus Modern Studios. However, there is also a 55-inch option if you need more space. This table is sturdy, with a solid steel tube and a smooth wood top, with a choice of three wood grain colors. This desk will be a stylish addition to any home office. It is easy to assemble and comes with a one-year worry-free warranty.

  • Robust steel frame
  • Easy assembly
  • One year warranty without fail
  • Table size 47 x24 x29 h
  • Easy Installation
  • light and easy to move

SHW’s Triangle Leg Desk is another economical option for your home office. It covers all the bases, is quite spacious and goes very well with a minimal interior. It is solid colored with a white metal construction, 47.8 inches wide and 23.8 inches deep. There is plenty of room for your setup, even if you have two monitors.

The desk has eyelets to manage cables if needed, and the sliding legs are adjustable so you can keep it perfectly level when you set up the desk. The fact that the construction is made of triangular tubes adds an interesting design and makes this desk an ideal and economical tool for your home office.

  • Spacious worktable in ecological chipboard
  • Cable management eyes to manage your cables
  • Three-way pipe on the construction
  • A robust and stable housing in general
  • Very easy to assemble
Color: Black, black legs in maple, white legs in maple, walnut and teak

A simple computer desk in Kolesham is an excellent choice for an office. Whether you have a complete installation with multiple monitors or a single monitor but need free office space, there is something for everyone. It also has a sturdy metal construction and a choice of colors, making it durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The work table is made of medium density fibreboard and is water, stain and scratch resistant. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, so you can always keep your table in top condition. All around, a great office for the home office, and the affordable price only makes it better.

  • A clean and minimalistic design
  • Water- and scratch-resistant desktop computer.
  • Rigid metal construction
  • Choice of colours and sizes
  • easy installation
Color: Black and espresso, white and oak

The Merax computer table is made of thick and stable MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a PVC strip on the edges, with scratch protection and waterproofing. It differs from cheaper chipboard tables, which can be easily damaged during transportation or break after prolonged use.

Moreover, the design of this office will meet the needs and requirements of most people looking for an office or home office. This table has sturdy powder coated metal legs and the top is made of thick Mif board, giving it a stylish look.

  • Made of thick MDF board with PVC edges and metal legs give the table a modern look.
  • Dimensions : 47.2 (L) x 23.6 (W) x 30 (H) inches
  • A very simple design that facilitates assembly
  • Adjustable footrests with a 1-inch adjustment range make the table stable on uneven floors
  • Simple assembly allows for easy installation in minutes
  • Thick metal feet provide increased stability
Color: Black, black legs in maple, white legs in maple, walnut and teak

If you’re short on cash, visit Love+Grace’s IT office. Available in four different models, this computer desktop strikes the perfect balance between affordability and rugged construction.

Moreover, the CHEFJOY VD-53853CFHW computer desktop is made of solid MDF board, making it a durable product. If you’ve ever used a computer desktop, you may know that MDF is considered one of the most durable building materials in this category. In combination with the length of 45.3 this table is more than suitable for many different accessories.

Another thing that is quite impressive about the computer desktop is that it is quite easy to put this product together. Just follow the instructions and you can set it up in no time. You don’t need to use any power tools for this project, as everything can be done with a few simple tools.

  • An affordable price
  • Made of solid MDF panels
  • 3 inches long
  • Easy to assemble
Color: Black

This PC gaming table is designed specifically for gamers, with all design details tailored to their needs. The Atlantic console has full cable management, two drawers for two speakers, a drawer, an accessory drawer for your smartphone or iPod, a shelf for games, a place to hang your headphones on the side and a cup holder.

Underneath this desk is a keyboard rest that to the untrained eye may look like a keyboard tray. However, this is the real place for your extension cord, as you can run different cords through it to make everything look organized.

The Atlantic’s steel frame is designed and manufactured to withstand impact, and this practical design has been used successfully by many players and their gaming devices. The only drawback is that the Atlantic is a compact desk, it doesn’t have much space. Some adjustments can be made if you have a large multi-monitor setup. You can remove the raised monitor stand or purchase a clamp to attach your additional monitors.

  • Specially designed for players
  • The raised shelf can support up to 32 monitors (6 W x 7 W x 22).
  • This table has a curved top to facilitate close-ups.
  • Suitable for up to 6 x 5 speakers
  • Carbon fiber table top laminated in anthracite
  • Includes charging station, speaker drawers, game tray, drawer, 2 controller hooks, control cable, rear socket holder, headset and cup holder.
Colours: Black, teak, walnut and white

Coleshome has a reputation for making affordable and easy to transport desks, whether you’re looking for a gaming desk or a home office. The teak table 47 is an excellent solution for your playground. It offers enough space for two monitors, speakers and all your peripherals, as well as excellent quality construction.

The medium density fibreboard is waterproof and scratch resistant and, together with the metal legs, creates a desk of very high quality at a very attractive price. The only downside is that you don’t have skids for cable management, but otherwise it’s a great table.

  • High quality worktop, water and scratch resistant.
  • Metal feet and adjustable foot pads ensure durability.
  • A 47-inch desk gives you plenty of room for your games.
  • Excellent overall build quality
  • Powder-coated steel is scratch-resistant.
Colours: Espresso

Although it may sound strange, the design of the Zinus Port Computer Desk was not made specifically for computer gamers. But if you look at this desktop, you can easily see that it would be perfect for any computer gamer looking for a cheap computer desktop.

The Zinus Port Desktop is equipped with a special mobile monitor stand or PC tray to improve the viewing angle. This table also features cable management, a side storage compartment and a hook on the left side for headphones.

What we also found very impressive in the design of this computer desktop is the fact that it is made of steel, which makes it extremely durable. And the espresso’s beautiful finish, one-year warranty and ease of assembly make it the perfect addition to any home, office or practice space.

  • Special monitor support
  • place of storage
  • Robust steel frame
  • Special hook for earphones
  • nice finish to the espresso
Color: Black

The 47 inch Anigoo gaming table is perfect for any player looking for a computer table for under $100. This table is designed and marketed for players. It offers a lot of room for good game design. It also has plenty of room for peripherals and sits at a decent height of 29.5 inches off the ground, making it an attractive purchase for a wide range of gamers.

The Anigoo console has a light weight as the total weight of this product is 26.6 pounds. It is characterized by a robust construction of thick steel tubes that gives it not only good strength and support, but also an elegant look with a black finish.

Although this table is designed for gamers, its light, elegant and robust design means it can also be used in offices, dormitories or elsewhere. Finally, it has a rounded corner to prevent your gaming peripherals from falling to the ground.

  • Solid metal frame
  • Elegant design in black
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable and lightweight

Colors : Black, teak/white, teak/black and white.

The Need Foldable Computer Desk is designed for customers who want functional furniture without spending too much money. This product is available at a modest price and has a foldable design. This design facilitates the installation of this product, as it is sufficient to insert four different legs without any problem.

This product has a robust construction because the manufacturer has combined solid wood panels with sturdy metal frames. The exterior is also glossy, adding style to this computer desk that sits on one side of your home office.

The Need Computer Desk has an overall length of at least 55 inches, which means it can easily accommodate various peripherals. It has a payload of 800 pounds, which is pretty impressive compared to similar price tags on the market.

Finally, the Need Computer Desk is equipped with adjustable footrests for those who wish to place it on uneven surfaces. You can make the legs 1 to 2 cm larger or smaller, which protects this table from fluctuations.

  • Length of 55 inch
  • Foldable version
  • Capacity of 800 lbs
  • Robust metal frame
Colours: Brown

The glass computer table from Flash Furniture stands out for its quality and elegant design. This product comes with elegant cherry wood cross legs. It also has a sturdy, powder-coated metal frame in an elegant black color palette for your comfort. Add the chrome cylinder supports and you have a truly elegant desktop.

The glass desk from Flash Furniture is a pretty sturdy product because the manufacturer has used thick tempered glass in the construction of the desk. With an overall height of 29 inches and a width of 39.2 inches, this table is perfect for small spaces.

Another thing that is quite intuitive in the design of the Flash Furniture desktop is that it comes with a sliding keyboard tray. Basically, it’s a kind of tray that can hold both the keyboard and the mouse.

  • Criscross Cherry Finish Criscross Cherry Finish
  • Thick tempered glass table top
  • Expandable keyboard tray
  • Powder coated metal frame
Colours: Wood grain

Weighing in at 52 pounds, the complete Techni Mobili computer workstation is a trusted brand of office furniture. This product is offered at an affordable price, and for your convenience, the manufacturer has equipped this computer desktop with a number of useful features.

If you deal with a lot of office supplies, you’ll be surprised to learn that Techni Mobili’s complete computer workstation has plenty of storage space. In addition to a spacious work surface, this product has a drawer and several shelves. Each of them can carry up to 30 pounds, which means you won’t have to deal with a mess in your office.

Moreover, this table is intuitive to move in. Simply put: You can adjust its position as you wish, which ultimately depends on your posture. The manufacturer has designed this tray with a special safety stop on one side and can carry up to 30 pounds.

For added durability, the entire Techni Mobili computer workstation is built with durable MDF panels and a sturdy steel frame. To ensure that you can use this product for a long time, the manufacturer has provided the frame with a special powder coating.

Finally, the purchase of the complete Techni Mobili computer workstation comes with a 5-year warranty. Few IT firms on the market today have such an impressive guarantee that you can be sure of the quality of this purchase.

  • Delivered with side channels
  • With spacious drawers
  • The retractable keyboard stand can support a weight of 30 lbs.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Colours: White/cold blue and black

The OneSpace Contemporary Glass Computer Desk is designed for customers who want a stylish computer desktop. With its cool blue frosted safety glass, this product combines an elegant design. The overall design of this computer desktop is unique and different from any other currently on the market. It will definitely enhance the decor of any dorm room or any room with limited space.

First, the contemporary glass OneSpace desktop features an elongated steel frame that makes it extremely durable. It also increases the weight this little table can carry, which is a decent 110 pounds for a table this size. This computer desk also gives you enough legroom to work comfortably for long periods of time.

  • An aesthetic design
  • Durable tempered and frosted safety glass
  • Weight of 110 lbs
  • Robust steel frame
Colours: Brown, cream and white

For users with limited space, the HomCom Computer Desk may be a good choice. This product takes up very little space, so it can easily be placed in dormitories, one-room apartments and similar places.

This computer desk is equipped with a spacious work surface that is at least 47 inches long. It is made of a durable MDF panel that gives this surface an impressive thickness of 0.7 inches. Add to that the metal frame, which is strong enough to hold many accessories. In fact, the HomCom computer desktop can support a weight of at least 110 pounds, which is pretty impressive for a computer desktop with such a small footprint.

On the bottom of this computer table, the manufacturer has installed four different plastic wheels, which are available in different models. First, they don’t slip, which seems to be a big problem with some other IT firms. They also ensure that you get optimum traction for a long period of time. This design ensures that the desktop of your 47 HomCom computer will not flicker no matter how you use it.

  • Provision of a minimum surface area
  • Spacious table top
  • A decent carrying capacity
  • Characteristics of the four different plastic rolls
Colours: Black, blue, espresso, pink and white

No Tools’ Student Desk convenience concept is designed for customers who want to shop in a limited space. As the name suggests, this product requires no tools for installation. In fact, you can put it together with your own hands in just 10 minutes.

This computer table features an elegant wood grain finish and stylish stainless steel columns. The former gives the product a refined touch, the latter ensures that you can use the product for a longer period of time.

The No Tools student desk has an overall length of 51 inches and offers plenty of storage space. The manufacturer has also designed this product with a number of different compartments that are useful for storing books and other computer accessories.

This product is available in five different colours. Whether you want to put it in your office or make this purchase for your dorm room, you can purchase the comfort of the No Tools student desk concept in your favorite design.

  • Can be assembled in 10 minutes.
  • Elegant wooden decoration
  • Made of stainless steel rods
  • 51 inches long
  • The various shelves offer plenty of storage space.
Colours: Black and brown

The Tangkula Computer Desk is made of durable MDF board and designed to stand the test of time for years to come. The durability is further enhanced by the use of a metal frame, which ensures that this IT office can offer good value for money.

Tangkula’s computer office is equipped with four different shelves that provide ample storage space. These shelves are mounted on the left side of this table, but optionally you can also mount them on the right side.

You can also remove the top shelf if you want to place your printer or scanner on this computer. This design is suitable for all clients who are used to working with a spacious office.

Finally, Tangkula’s computer is 47.5 inches long, which is more than enough for these monitors, printers and even scanners.

  • Made of MDF board
  • Steel structure increases durability
  • Delivered with four different shelves
  • Spacious workspace
Colours: Black

If you’re looking for a versatile desktop that can be used for many useful purposes, check out the Z-Line Nero Desk. It is essentially a 2-in-1 computer desk that can also be used as a sturdy shelf. This is made possible by a three-shelf bookcase attached to the main table. As one of the products mentioned above, you can attach this bookcase to either side of the Z-Line Nero desk.

This table also includes a sliding keyboard tray that can be moved in either direction depending on body position. This drawer provides ample space for a keyboard and easily accommodates a computer mouse.

The Z-Line Nero desk has a transparent tabletop of highly resistant tempered glass. It also has a powder coated frame, which further increases the durability of this product.
When you purchase the Z-Line Nero Desk, you will receive a one-year limited warranty. That’s pretty impressive, especially when compared to similarly priced computer desktops on the market.

  • Computer table with shelf
  • Expandable keyboard tray
  • In transparent tempered glass
  • Including metal frame
  • One year limited warranty
Colours: Black

Want to buy a computer desk for tight spaces? Next, look at the L-shaped desktop of WOLTU. This product has an L-shape that allows you to place it in any corner of your office, unlike traditional computer desks.

This product comes in an elegant color palette, fused with black and wood. This design gives it the look of an elegant computer desktop that can be used in any office. With the HOME BI computer desk you also get a pair of shelves designed to hold books, magazines and similar accessories.

Versatility is the key to this purchase, as you can use it not only as a computer desktop, but also as a gaming table. It can also be used as a study table for children or even as a normal table in your home. The HOME BI computer desk can support a weight of up to 800 pounds. Even if it’s four planks.

It is a fairly light product, as the total weight of the HOME BI computer desktop is just under 35.4 pounds. This means that even if you need to move this table from one place to another, you can do it with the help of another person or by yourself.

  • Four different shelves
  • L-shape design
  • A versatile product
  • Capacity of 800 lbs
Colours: Espresso and Grey

If you’re looking for a laptop desktop, take a look at the Merax rotary computer desktop. This table has a pair of wheels, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another. Once you have it installed in the right place, you can block these wheels, which will ultimately prevent this computer office from wobbling in any way.

For all users who want to place this product in narrow corners, the Merax Rotary Computer Desk is designed in an L-shape and has multiple shelves for storing books, computer speakers and other accessories.

The Merax swivel computer table is made of durable MDF board. It also has a sturdy frame for your comfort. It is essentially a powder coated frame that is highly scratch resistant.

Finally, the assembly of the Merax swivel computer table is quite easy thanks to the tools included in the purchase. So even if you don’t have your own tools, you can assemble this table without the help of a professional.

  • Made of MDF board
  • Characteristics of the steel frame
  • Delivered with two different wheels
  • Portable L-shaped construction
Colours: Black and white

Another high-quality product from this manufacturer, the HomCom 50″ computer office, is designed for those of you who like to keep everything organized. This product includes a spacious table top with 50 tables and four different shelves. Each of these shelves provides ample storage for files or other computer accessories that can be stored in this computer desk.

Despite the fact that the HomCom 50 computer desktop offers a lot of storage space, this product has a compact size. This is made possible by the elegant design, so you can make this purchase for a large or small office without hesitation.

The total weight of this computer desk is just under 60 pounds. But it can carry a weight of 110 pounds at a time. It rests on a powder coated steel frame. Which, as you can imagine, is more than capable of carrying the above weight perfectly.

For the construction of the HomCom 50-inch computer desk, the manufacturer used tempered glass, which gives the furniture a certain elegance. The glass surface also makes it easy to clean, as only a damp cloth needs to be used.

  • Four different shelves
  • 50 Table top
  • Made of tempered glass
  • 110 lbs. Weight capacity
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
Colours: Black, white, silver, smoked and multi

This is one of the most popular desks in the L-shaped computer desk category. While there are many L-shaped tables available, the Walker Edison is high quality and reasonably priced. This table has a special compartment to place your turn in the middle. The most popular feature of this painting is its versatility.

Walker Edison Soreno IT office configuration can be customized to meet your needs. For example, for example… B. The keyboard support can be installed at either end, depending on your preference. Moreover, this table has a floating appearance thanks to its X-shaped legs. A powder coated steel frame, tempered safety glass with beveled edges and an elegant black finish make this table very attractive.

You can also omit the middle corner piece and turn this L-shaped table into two standard tables. It is also one of the most elegant and best-selling on Amazon. The Walker Edison Soreno desk is available in a range of frame and glass colours, including white, black, smoke, multi and clear.

  • Polished and beveled tempered safety glass.
  • Sturdy powder coated steel chassis
  • Dedicated space for computer and keyboard
  • Made of tempered safety glass with beveled edges.
  • Stand-alone computer test bench included
  • It comes with a sliding keyboard tray that can be installed on either side of the table.
Colours: Black and white

As for the Best Choice Products L-Shape Corner computer desktop, this product manages to combine an elegant design with a modern color palette.
This office can provide you with a spacious workspace without taking up too much space. This design makes it an ideal purchase for students, gamers and others who will place it in tight, cramped corners.

The Best Choice Products L-Shape Corner computer desktop is equipped with a number of convenient features, including a keyboard tray. You also get absolutely free processor support with this purchase.

The L-shaped wooden corner computer not only saves valuable space, but can also be used in any social setting. This is made possible by an elegant, matt worktop that looks like a modern computer desk.

The total length of this table is just under 60 inches. You also get 60 days warranty on the purchase of the L-shaped wooden corner computer with the best products.

  • Elegant frosted desk
  • Expandable keyboard tray
  • Comes with processor support
  • 60 days warranty
Colours: black ash, espresso, walnut, patina oak and Sonoma white oak

If you want to buy a quality L-shaped computer desk without spending too much money, check out the L-shaped desk from Ameriwood Home Dakota. This product is available at an affordable price and comes in five different colors. Such a wide range of options allows everyone to make this purchase according to their fashion sense.

The overall L-shaped desk length of Ameriwood Home Dakota is 60.62 inches, which is better than many other computer desktops on the market. It also has a pair of eyeholes. This makes it easier to check and access cables without creating a mess.

Then there are two additional shelves on one side of this table. Basically, they are shelves where you can keep your precious accessories handy. In addition to storing books, you can also use these shelves to store folders, important files and other items.

Ameriwood Home Dakota’s L-shaped work table is made of durable MDF and laminated particleboard for maximum durability. These two materials make it durable. In fact, the manufacturer is so confident in the quality of this computer desk that it offers a one-year warranty on the Ameriwood Home Dakota L-shaped desk.

  • The warranty is one year.
  • With two shelves
  • Supplied with two different holes in the drums.
  • Offers lots of storage space
Colours: Black glass

The LeCrozz L-shaped corner desk for the home office has an ergonomic design. This product has an intuitive three-part design that allows for easy integration into even the smallest corners.

The LeCrozz L-shaped home office corner desk is built with a sturdy steel frame and powder coated for durability. Then comes the tempered safety glass that gives this computer table a modern touch.

It also has a comfortable footrest that extends the full length of the table. This particular section helps anyone who spends a certain amount of time in front of their PC every day.

The LeCrozz L-shaped home office desk comes unassembled, because you have to do it yourself. However, you don’t need to worry because the manufacturer will provide you with detailed instructions and the necessary equipment at the time of purchase.

  • Delivered in 3 pieces
  • Made of a steel frame
  • Features Comfortable footrest
  • Toughened safety glass
Color: Brown

The HomCom 67 L-shaped desk is an elegant desk that will fit perfectly into any home or office environment, regardless of decor. This table is L-shaped, so it fits naturally into the corners. It also has a high table top made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). If you prefer to keep your computer out of sight, there’s a handy place for it under your desk.

Moreover, with a height of 30 inches, this table is comfortable even for tall people. The monitor, laptop, printer, modems and processing tower can be stored in a separate compartment underneath. The entire frame is made of powder coated steel, which is sure to remain strong and durable for a very long time.

  • Slim, modern and minimalist design
  • Interchangeable table tops can be used on both sides
  • Ideal for use at home, in the dormitory or in the office
  • Dedicated space for computer and keyboard


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