Sites with teacher evaluations can be mixed. Sometimes they give you a useful insight into how the course works and what to expect if you decide to take it. Sometimes they just throw the students on a garbage dump to get rid of their frustration, whether the teacher is really good or not. In any case, these sites are among the best to help you evaluate your teachers, read your evaluations and decide which courses to choose for the next semester. Let’s take a look at the best websites where you can evaluate your teachers or find out more about the lesson you’re going to take next time.

That’s what it looks like: Do you trust reviews and reviews from online merchants?

1. Evaluation of my teachers

Since the beginning Rate My Teachers has been handed down from hand to hand between different owners. It had a new design from the new owners, so it doesn’t look like anything people remember from the past.

Teachers ranking My teachers

Rate My Teachers tried to substantiate the students’ negative comments by splitting them into questionnaires. The students could not immediately say what was good and what was bad, but they could let themselves be heard by asking the questions.

However, the MGA has recently opened its doors for comments at the request of the public. However, they have strengthened the guidelines so that unnecessarily negative comments have been removed.

As for the website itself, you can find schools and courses per country. Once you have found your school and/or teacher, you can read in the questionnaire what other people think through their answers.

2. My teacher fees

If you want to see more personal comments from students, try grading my teachers. Contrary to the above, personal comments about each teacher can be made on this site.

Teacher ranking

However, it works like a double-edged sword. If all is well done, you can find good and constructive comments about the teachers and their work. If they fail, it turns into a pile of angry student garbage for angry teachers if they feel insulted.

Anyway, it’s worth taking a look, at least to see what people are saying. Try to ignore all comments that sound like a student who thinks it is the teacher’s fault that he has failed, not that he himself has failed!

Pay attention to one thing: Some time ago they organized a hot evaluation in which students could assess the attractiveness of their teachers. Since then it has been removed, but it is worth mentioning to show what the standards of the site used to be!

3. Teacher evaluation

A relatively unknown position in the niche of teacher assessment, your teacher’s grade is the average British position between the two above. It requires six evaluations on different aspects of the questionnaire style, but also allows for manual input of pros and cons for the speaker.

Teacher evaluation

What makes this site so good is the way it shows the best teachers in an educational institution. If you are looking for a specific institution, the website will give you an indication of the five top professors. This makes it easier to identify the best among them and to guarantee a good education.

4. Buffer

With nearly 2 million students enrolled on the site, Koofers is another excellent choice to check (or view) your teachers. The site not only offers you the opportunity to get to know the teachers, but also to find internships, practical exams and much more.

The best websites to evaluate your Kufers teachers

Finding the best teachers is not an easy task, but Koofers is another reliable source that will help you avoid ending up in a class that you will soon regret. You can register for free, and that’s exactly what a student wants to hear.

Who carries out the assessment?

Teacher evaluation websites can either be a useful tool for finding the right training or an unhealthy place where people can get rid of their frustrations and insults to teachers behind their backs. There are not many websites for teachers, but those that do exist seem to be cleaning up their act.

In addition to websites that offer reviews for teachers, there are also websites where you can create surveys, ask questions and play online board games with friends.

That’s what it looks like:

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