Many of you today use laptops and desktops to create a variety of reports and documents. To write and edit a computer program a word processor such as Notepad, WordPad, etc. is needed. These word processors come with a list of built-in fonts you can use, but sometimes these free fonts are not the ones you’re looking for.

Even if you are a graphic designer or illustrator and want to download fantastic fonts that are not available, you need to find the best fonts for yourself. However, it is not easy to find the perfect font that meets your needs, especially if you are working on a special project.

In order to download reasonable fonts that meet your needs, you will need to spend a lot of time exploring these sites, and possibly pay a fee. But why should you pay for downloading fonts? There are several other websites where you can find great fonts and download them completely for free. We have reduced the list of 5 sites that make it possible to legally download different types of fonts for free.

Best Free Font Download Sites Legal

1. Squirrel Police

We recommend this site for users looking for a free site to download fonts for commercial purposes. Yes, if you use fonts from this website, you do not need to check yes and no. This is due to the fact that the site itself, under the slogan, is written 100% free for commercial use. Many users around the world find this site ideal for commercial use. In terms of quantity, quality and ease of use, users get all these features for free, making it one of the best font download sites.

Download FontYukle fonts for free.

If the fonts presented in the free section of this site are not suitable for you, you can purchase the fonts you want in the almost free section. The filters on the right side of this website allow users to choose the font style according to their needs. This website provides filters for classifications, tags, licenses, family size, languages. You can also sort the filters by popularity, recent addition, etc.

This website offers additional features such as automatic downloading of zip files containing fonts and font ID (when the user downloads an image of an unknown font, the font ID is displayed and a similar font is identified).

2. Google fonts

Google’s fonts are well known to internet users. They provide different fonts free of charge, which are available in serif, unserif, handwritten and monospace. If you fancy something unique and elegant, you won’t find such fonts here. However, Google Fonts offers hundreds of free fonts that can be used for Photoshop and project design. It is available in over 135 languages.

Free download of the font on Google

To download a specific font, simply browse through your collection and click Add to Collection. The selected fonts can be downloaded as a Zip file. After unpacking the zipped files, you will find .otf or .ttf files to install the fonts. Users can customize the Google fonts for commercial use because they are open source fonts. Additional features offered by Google Fonts include the necessary filters to find the exact font based on the required thickness, tilt and width, the quick preview option, the ability to embed fonts directly into the user’s website.

3. DaFont Police

This is one of the few websites where you can legally download fonts for your personal project. This website is a bit hard to explore, but if you recognize it, you may find some amazing and elegant fonts for design purposes. This website offers a detailed collection of fonts with themes such as fantasy, horror, video games, extraterrestrial, gothic, Halloween, etc.

Download DaFont fonts for free.

This site offers filters by option, size, sorting method, license, etc. If you want to find and download fonts for commercial purposes, don’t forget to click on Additional Options and mark them 100% free and public. This site is the best if you are looking for eccentric and niche fonts.

4. Police station

On this site you will find fonts presented by more than 2000 designers who want to make their work available free of charge. It has over 35,000 fonts that it can share with its users. Like any other free font download site, this site offers an amazing collection of fonts for you to download.

Download fonts for free access to the Internet.

The website offers several simple options for downloading fonts from this site and allows users to view multiple fonts at the same time. You also do not need a subscription to download the font. Fonts can be downloaded as zip files for later installation.

5. 1001 Fonts

The 1001 fonts website offers a set of over 7,360 free fonts in 9,526 font families. However, many of them are not available for commercial purposes. So, if you want the more than 4000 free commercial fonts on this site, you can view them here. The user interface may not be as user-friendly as the pages mentioned above, but the fonts available here impress with their quality and ease of installation. You can see a lot of comments on most fonts left by previous users, which gives you an idea of the different fonts.

The best free font download sites for graphic designers

Some of the fonts on these pages only show a small icon, but after installation you can see the whole sentence. The main advantages of this website are a clear and clean navigation, an impressive collection of fonts and the fact that it is not necessary to log in to download these fonts.

On the pages above you can easily download unique fonts that meet your needs. So look at them now!

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