5 Best Laptops for Digital Marketing & Sales Promotion

After examining all of the options on the market today, we’ve picked the 5 best laptops for Digital Marketing & Sales Promotion.

The Internet is a wonderful place. It is a place where connectivity has made us more productive, more aware, and more connected to one another. With that connectivity comes the ability of digital marketing. With that digital marketing comes the need for a laptop that will help you do the things that you need to do.

A laptop is a necessary piece of a digital marketing and sales promotion arsenal. Whether you’re a salesperson, a digital marketer, a sales promotion manager, a marketer, marketer-in-training, or everyone’s favorite digital marketer, a laptop is an essential part of your toolkit. If you’re a marketer, it is essential that you consider all your options and make your purchase based on your needs and the demands of your industry.

Which laptops are ideal for digital marketing and sales promotion? A laptop is a gadget that will assist you in completing all of your tasks, regardless of where you are.

Whether you’re going from one meeting to the next, working on the move, or working from a coffee shop, a laptop will fulfill all of your requirements for your digital nomadic lifestyle.

A laptop is an extremely important technical instrument for keeping your company operating.

A high-quality laptop can aid you much in your digital marketing and sales promotion activities, allowing you to maintain your brand well ahead of the competition.

Now, how will you know which laptop will be able to fulfill all of your requirements?

This is a tough job, particularly when you consider that there are thousands of laptops on the market, all of which are provided by various manufacturers and have varying specifications and price tags.

To select one of the finest laptops for digital marketing and sales promotion, you’ll need to know a little about the technical elements of them, in addition to understanding your budget and affordability.

Remember that in your company marketing efforts, a robust internet connection and just about any laptop will not enough.

It should have a fast CPU, plenty of RAM, a good graphics card, a large hard drive capacity, a long battery life, an easy-to-use operating system, and security measures, in that order.

But what if you’re not a computer whiz? Even if you don’t know where to begin, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience.

The following is a list of some of the finest laptops for digital marketing and sales promotion that marketers from all sectors will find helpful.

Follow this together with the purchasing guide to determine which of the following laptops best suits your requirements!

Laptops for Digital Marketing & Sales Promotion – Price

15.6-inch Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop with 4K UHD OLED InfinityEdge, Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA…

5 Best Laptops for Digital Marketing & Sales Promotion


3 brand new items starting at $1,999.00

2 used starting at $1,999.00

as at 4:52 p.m. on September 1, 2021

15.6″ FHD IPS w/ 144Hz Refresh Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, Intel i7-8750H, GTX…



5 new items starting at $1,649.99

From $1,074.00, 3 were utilized.

as at 4:52 p.m. on September 1, 2021

Asus Vivobook S15 S530FA Asus Vivobook S15 S530FA Asus Vivobook S15 Thin & Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD NanoEdge Bezel, Intel Core I5-8265U (Up…



$589.99 for 2 used

as at 4:52 p.m. on September 1, 2021

Space Gray Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-Inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) (Previous Model)



From $1,255.99, 1 was utilized.

as at 4:52 p.m. on September 1, 2021

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Digital Marketing and Sales Promotion need the use of a laptop.

One of the most effective methods to advertise a company, a brand, or a product is via digital marketing.

You will need to be innovative as a digital marketer and make the best use of the internet to reach out to a worldwide audience in order for your efforts to be successful.

All of your marketing efforts will run more smoothly if you use a laptop.

The tools and applications will assist you in developing more effective and result-oriented digital marketing and sales promotion ideas in order to showcase, impress, and conquer your field and competitors.

Because it is portable, you may work on it at any time and from any location, completing all digital marketing duties to the best of your ability.

Content writing, site design, graphic design, ad creation, video editing, and a variety of other jobs are among them.

The laptop will assist you in developing the ideal marketing mix, which consists of the product, its price, and promotion.

You may be more creative with your digital marketing tactics to make them more successful and appealing to individuals all around the world.

To make your physical or tangible products as well as intangible services known to global customers, you may enhance your position in both local and worldwide marketplaces.

In summary, the laptop will assist you in keeping up with current trends in digital marketing and sales promotion, adding helpful features to attract a big volume of the target audience, doing market research, and creating advertisements for other media.

To accomplish all of these critical activities in a timely and precise manner, you’ll need a high-processing laptop that allows for smoother and more effective multitasking.

At a bare minimum, your laptop should have a 6th generation or higher Intel or AMD Ryzen CPU with a base clock frequency of 2.3 GHz or above.

If you are not doing heavy graphics work, a powerful integrated graphics chip or a separate one with 128 MB of dedicated video RAM would suffice. The minimum RAM and storage requirements are 4 GB and 128 GB SSD, respectively, as well as a 13-inch HD screen.

All complicated and advanced computing requirements for digital marketing and online sales promotion, on the other hand, need a laptop with hardware components in a configuration much greater than that.

In contrast to a system with the minimal configuration, a system with the suggested set of specifications as shown below will prove to be very worthwhile.

8th generation Intel Quad Core i5 or above processor| 8 GB RAM | 128 GB SSD storage | Integrated Intel UHD 620 or higher graphics | 13.3-inch screen | 1366 x 768-pixel screen resolution

8th generation Intel Quad Core i7 or higher processor| 16 GB RAM or more | 256 GB SSD or larger storage | Dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or higher graphics card | 15.6-inch screen or larger | 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher screen resolution

5 Best Laptops for Digital Marketing & Sales Promotion:

1. XPS 7590 (Dell) – Overall Winner


Dell XPS 7590


In contrast to the others on our list, this system has a strong Intel Core i7 CPU and a specialized Nvidia GTX graphics card, ensuring that customers receive the greatest overall performance and experience while using it for digital marketing and sales promotion tasks.


  • 15.6-inch display
  • 256 GB SSD storage
  • DDR4 SDRAM (16 GB)
  • 9th generation Intel Core i7 9750H processor
  • Windows 10 Home is the operating system.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card


  • The Ultra HD display is excellent, with a slim bezel and anti-reflective properties.
  • There is a battery indicator on the outside.
  • Both the keyboard and the touchpad are easy to use.


  • There is no separate number keypad on the keyboard.
  • There isn’t any kind of optical drive.
  • The heat management may need some work.

The display on this laptop is amazing and beautiful.

The 15.6-inch OLED display has a 4K UHD resolution, and the Infinity Edge gives you a better body-to-screen ratio.

This screen is non-touch, however it has an anti-reflective coating and can show pictures at 400 nits.

The Intel Core i7 CPU is from the 9th generation and is powerful enough to handle all other hardware components, including SSD storage and DDR4 SDRAM running at 2666 MHz.

It has six cores and a 12 MB cache, and it can run at a base clock speed of up to 4.5 GHz to handle any amount of data and assist you in your digital marketing and sales promotion efforts.

The laptop’s speed is enhanced by the 4 GB GDDR5 Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card and the Windows 10 Home operating system.

The 6-cell 97-watt-hour battery can last all day on a single charge, allowing you to work on it on the move.

The system’s SD card reader, Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 ports enable for the connection of many external devices as well as data transmission.

Wireless connectivity using the 802.11bgn standard is supported by the device.

Even in poorly light environments, the backlit keyboard and precision touchpad provide comfortable typing and navigation.

This laptop’s distinctive features include an external battery indicator and the world’s tiniest HD camera, both of which will aid in digital marketing and sales promotion.

Runner-up: Predator Helios PH315 by Acer


Acer Predator Helios PH315


Bottom Line: The runner-up laptop on our list isn’t a slouch when it comes to performance. It comes in second due to a little lesser CPU and graphics chip, but all other capabilities and characteristics will significantly assist users in their digital marketing and sales promotion tasks.


  • 15.6-inch display
  • 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD storage
  • DDR4 SDRAM (16 GB)
  • 8th generation Intel Core i7 8750H processor
  • Windows 10 Home is the operating system.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU


  • The fast refresh rate of the full HD IPS display is impressive.
  • A 3D fan cooling system is included in the system architecture.
  • The keyboard is excellent, with responsive keys and a long travel distance.


  • The system is very substantial, weighing in at over 5 pounds.
  • The battery life is good.
  • Because of the thick bezel all around, the screen seems smaller.

Because the Acer Predator Helios 300 is designed as a gaming laptop, it has greater specifications that will meet all of your digital marketing and promotional requirements.

It has a backlit keyboard with responsive buttons and a good amount of travel for comfortable typing.

The IPS display on the full HD screen has a high refresh rate of 144 Hz.

This LED backlit screen’s 300-nit brightness and 72 percent NTSC make it an ideal gadget for use outdoors, since the pictures shown are clear and sharp.

The Intel Core i7 CPU is from the 8th generation and has six cores with a clock speed of up to 4.1 GHz.

It works with the Windows 10 Home operating system, which has a 64-bit architecture, DDR4 SDRAM running at 2666 MHz, and PCIe NVMe SSD storage.

There is also an extra vacant space for a 2.5-inch SSD or hard drive that is readily accessible.

The dedicated and overclockable 6 GB GDDR5 VRAM Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics guarantees a smooth picture creation.

This laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion has a metal casing that makes it very robust, and the 3320 mAh lithium polymer battery gives the necessary power to the system, although for just 7 hours.

The gadget has an all-metal twin Aero Blade 3D fan cooling system for efficient thermal management, as well as gigabit Wi-Fi and USB 3.1 Type C connections.

3. Asus Vivobook S15 S530FA – Performance, Style, and Comfort in One Laptop


Asus Vivobook S15 S530FA


Bottom Line: For digital marketing and sales promotion requirements, this is the laptop to utilize. It has an attractive design, provides a lot of ease in operation, and does not sacrifice on performance. It is unmistakably a symbol of quality, elegance, and comfort.


  • 15.6-inch display
  • 256 GB M.2 SSD storage
  • 8th generation Intel Core i5 8265U processor
  • Windows 10 Home is the operating system.
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated GPU


  • The screen has a slim bezel and a high resolution.
  • The system comes with a fingerprint sensor integrated in.
  • The wide, illuminated keyboard features a separate number pad.


  • The system’s battery life is very short.
  • The graphics card is built-in.
  • The system does not have an optical drive.

This small and light laptop can greatly assist you with your internet marketing and sales promotion requirements.

You may take use of the robust internet connection to reach out to a wider range of worldwide audience thanks to its Bluetooth and wireless communication compatibility of the 802.11a/b/g/n and ac standard.

The gadget has an 8th generation Intel Core CPU with 6 MB cache and a base clock speed of up to 3.9 GHz, as well as a super-fast SSD storage, ensuring quicker performance.

Multitasking runs more smoothly with enough DDR4 SDRAM.

The Vivobook S 15 is a mix of performance and style, in addition to the convenience it offers for completing all of your digital marketing and sales promotion tasks, due to the familiar Windows 10 Home operating system.

This device’s screen quality, resolution, and performance are adequate.

More viewing space is provided by the Nano Edge bezel that wraps around the full HD screen.

The system’s unique Ergo Lift hinge automatically tilts the backlit keyboard to 3.5° for a more comfortable typing posture.

It has a fingerprint sensor integrated in, which increases security and enables for quicker login.

4. 15Z980 LG Gram – Good Value


LG Gram 15Z980


Bottom Line: This sturdy and safe-to-use laptop will meet all of the customers’ requirements, whether it’s for digital marketing and sales promotion or any other computer tasks. When compared to the other laptops on our list, it offers a lot better value for money due to its greater price to performance ratio.


  • 15.6-inch display
  • 256 GB SSD storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 8th generation Intel Quad Core i5 8250U processor
  • Windows 10 Home is the operating system.
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU


  • The system’s illuminated keyboard includes a separate number keypad for precise typing in the dark.
  • Because of the extremely narrow bezel, the screen seems to be bigger.
  • A fingerprint ID is included with the system.


  • The system’s speakers might have been better.
  • Thunderbolt 3 does not exist.
  • The hinge might have been a little more solid.

This type is ideal for digital marketing and sales promotion since it is a lightweight powerhouse.

Although it has a fairly traditional appearance, this gadget has a high level of durability.

The 15.6′′ full HD IPS display is of excellent quality, and pictures on this LCD screen are shown with greater clarity.

The Intel i5 CPU from the 8th generation has enough power in its four cores to run at a basic clock speed of 1.3 GHz and handle the Windows 10 Home operating system, RAM and SSD storage, and the Intel UHD graphics card.

The 72-watt-hour lithium battery lasts up to 19 hours, allowing you to work on it throughout the day.

The backlit keyboard is more comfortable to use, and the fingerprint ID adds to the laptop’s security and safety for digital marketing and sales promotion.

An SD card reader slot, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, RJ-45 port, and DC-in slot are among the system’s many connectors.

Wi-Fi 802.11ac networking and Bluetooth 4.1 technologies are also supported by the gadget.

The system also comes with two 1.5-watt speakers and an HD web camera.

5. MacBook Pro – A Retina Display to Die For


MacBook Pro


Bottom Line: This laptop has a stunning Retina display that provides extremely clear and crisp pictures at a higher native resolution and pixels per inch, which is beneficial to people who work in digital marketing and sales promotion. It has a True Tone function that supports millions of colors to improve picture quality.


  • 13.3-inch display
  • 256 GB SSD storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Intel Quad Core i5 8th Generation Processor
  • Macintosh Operating System
  • Iris Plus Graphics 655 from Intel


  • The screen is amazing and has True Tone technology.
  • The Touch bar responds quickly and is simple to use.
  • The trackpad is big and gesture-responsive.


  • The keyboard is hard and uncomfortable to type on.
  • The battery life isn’t as good as it seems.
  • The USB-C ports are in close proximity to one another.

This 13-inch laptop is another excellent gadget for internet marketing and sales promotion.

This system’s 8 GB RAM allows you to multitask, and the ultra-fast SSD guarantees quicker bootup.

The Intel Core i5 CPU, which is in its eighth iteration, has four cores and runs at 2.4 GHz, with Turbo Boost up to 4.1 GHz.

You don’t have to worry about performance with 128 MB of eDRAM; it will never slow you down.

On the beautiful Retina display with True Tone technology, you’ll see pictures that are crisper and brighter.

The IPS display with LED backlighting saves energy while also providing a wider viewing angle.

The pictures are shown in a 16:10 aspect ratio and at a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, with a density of 227 pixels per inch of screen and millions of colors.

The Touch Bar and Touch ID are extremely helpful additions to the system architecture that make navigating easier and quicker.

The Intel Iris Plus graphics and four Thunderbolt 3 connectors are also helpful additions to the system design and construction.

The gadget also supports 802.11ac wireless networking and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies.

The lithium polymer battery has a reasonably long life of approximately 7 hours, depending on use, which allows you to easily finish your day’s job for digital marketing and sales promotion. Check out our review of the Apple Macbook Pro.

How Do You Select the Best Laptops for Digital Marketing and Sales Promotion?

As it is, digital marketing may take many various shapes. It entails a variety of sophisticated computer activities, ranging from content creation to graphic design, advertising creation, and video editing.

Although you can do similar tasks on a desktop computer, utilizing a laptop is preferable since it is portable and allows you to work on the move.

To make the most use of your laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion, you’ll need a clear knowledge of the specifications you’ll require. They’re right here.

Recognize your requirements.

To be more specific, you’ll need to know your requirements, or the jobs you’ll be doing on the laptop, before diving into the specifications.

Because there are so many options to pick from, and not all of them will meet everyone’s requirements in this instance, this will make your decision process lot easier.

If you’re only creating or producing simple material, you’ll just need the most basic specifications.

If you’re doing more sophisticated activities like graphic design or video editing for digital marketing and sales promotion, you’ll definitely need better specifications, such a bigger screen and a secondary GPU in addition to the integrated graphics, to handle the demanding applications.

Another thing to think about is how frequently you’ll need to be online and how long you’ll need to travel.

If you travel often, you’ll need a laptop with a long battery life and internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The quantity and kind of data storage you need will be determined by your requirements. HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid-state drive) are the two kinds of storage available.

HDDs use rotating magnetic drives, while SSDs have flash memory. As a result, HDDs are less costly, but they are more prone to failure and overheating.

SSDs, on the other hand, are more costly, but they offer quicker read and write speeds as well as being lighter, quieter, and cooler.

You can get an expensive laptop with a lot of SSD storage or a laptop with a mix of SSD and HDD storage for a lot less money.

In terms of storage, 256 GB is plenty for basic digital marketing and sales promotion activities, but you will need more if you need to keep a significant number of huge files.

Alternatively, a low-cost SSD notebook with cloud storage is a viable alternative to consider.


RAM, or Random-Access Memory, is where the system operations and active data from applications are kept, however it is not the same as the system’s internal storage.

The real-time operations and computations will be performed by RAM.

If your laptop has enough RAM, you can run several applications at once and open multiple browser tabs without slowing down the machine.

A Windows laptop with 4 GB of RAM is ideal for basic computer activities like web surfing, reading emails, and viewing movies or videos online, all of which are necessary for digital marketing and sales promotion.

You’ll need 8 GB of RAM on your laptop for more sophisticated activities like picture and video editing, as well as, of course, gaming.

If you opt for more RAM than that, be prepared to sacrifice on power since it will drain the battery faster over time, not to mention the expense.


When it comes to digital marketing and sales promotion, the CPU or Central Processing Unit of the laptop, which handles all activities of the laptop’s physical components, is a critical factor to consider.

The processor should be strong enough to carry out your instructions quickly and efficiently.

Its power will ideally be determined by the number of cores, operating speed, generation, and kind.

A CPU with many cores is required if you need to do a lot of complicated activities and multitasking. Otherwise, a dual core i3 CPU will enough for basic jobs.

The i5 processors provide a decent mix of speed and pricing, while the i7 or i9 CPUs are better for more demanding processing jobs.

System software

The next step is to figure out the operating system you’ll be using.

Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system, and it will cover the vast majority of your digital marketing and sales promotion requirements.

In certain rare circumstances, though, you may need to utilize Mac OS to execute particular applications.

Dimensions and resolution of the display

Because portability is such an important element when choosing a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion, you’ll want to search for a few key features that influence mobility.

First, there’s the screen’s size. The larger the screen, the heavier it will be. A screen size of at least 13 inches is ideal.

The bezel surrounding the screen is also significant since, once again, the thicker it is, the heavier it will be.

Finally, select the screen resolution carefully, with a brightness of 400 nits or more, so that you can use the laptop outside.

A full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is ideal for running several applications simultaneously.

Options for connectivity

You may need to connect your laptop to a few external devices. As a result, look for a device having several USB ports, an HDMI connector, and, ideally, a Thunderbolt 3 port.

An extra SD card slot will also come in handy for swiftly and simply uploading data and pictures for digital marketing and sales promotion.

In addition, if you want to connect to several wireless networks, you’ll need a laptop with a built-in wireless receiver.

It’s also useful to have an integrated Bluetooth receiver so that you may transmit audio signals to other Bluetooth devices.

Life of the battery

If you do a lot of work on the move, you’ll want a laptop with a long battery life. This allows you to work for the whole day on a single charge.

With a battery life of 7 to 8 hours for typical use, you’ll have ample juice for the whole day.

Battery life of more than 10 hours is required for sophisticated and graphics-intensive tasks.


Your budget will also influence the laptop you use for internet marketing and sales promotion.

You should determine how much you can afford to spend rather than how much you are willing to spend.

When compared to high-end gaming laptops, a normal laptop with minimal specifications will cost you considerably less.

As a result, you’ll need to do some research to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


Is it true that using a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion makes the product demo experience easier?

It certainly does. Demonstrations, including live demos, may be given by the sales team using the appropriate technologies. This gadget, together with its features and software, aids in cross-departmental collaboration and effectiveness. It’s simple to customize and improve the demo experience when all of the teams collaborate.

Can the R&D team provide inputs to use a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion in the best way?

Yes, they can as well. The R&D team will come up with proven, data driven and well tested insights that will help the product teams to make a few last-minute adjustments to create the best customized mockups. This collaborative effort will enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing and sales promotion.

If I utilize a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion, do I require a back-end team?

In an ideal world, no. Thanks to the helpful platforms that you can use with your laptop, you can build effective sales promotion campaigns, advertisements, and live demonstrations without the assistance of a professional back-end sales staff. Walnut is one such platform. This will assist you in customizing and creating a product demo experience.

Is it possible to use a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion in a distant setting?

Yes, since it will assist you in fine-tuning every element of your marketing campaign, just like you would in a conventional office environment. You may record, transcribe, and analyze every sales conversation using revenue intelligence systems like Gong to see what worked and what didn’t, and to be more constructive.

In what ways may a laptop used for digital marketing and sales promotion help with inconsistencies?

A laptop can offer a variety of proven solutions to issues like as discrepancies among sales representatives, account executives, and other onboard employees. SalesLoft and other multipurpose solutions remove general guesswork from plans, making them more cost efficient in the long term.

What is the best way to utilize a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion?

You may make the most of your laptop by developing solutions for salespeople and other executives to make their jobs simpler and more efficient. You can create a suitable sales funnel, more efficiently handle sales transactions, develop predictions, and engage clients.

Is it possible to integrate machine intelligence with human intelligence in a laptop for digital marketing and sales promotion?

After the COVID epidemic, remote working is becoming the norm in the present situation. Combining machine intelligence with human intelligence is critical in this instance. The laptop will handle the details using AI, allowing people to concentrate on more important activities that need human interaction.

The company’s marketing budget is focused on the devices that are the most effective at helping people to promote their brand. Companies that want to reach customers by phone, email, and social media should choose their mobile devices wisely.. Read more about best laptop for social media influencer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of laptop is best for digital marketing?

A laptop is a good option for digital marketing. It can be used to do tasks such as creating graphics, writing content, and more.

What is the best laptop for Social Media?

The best laptop for social media is a laptop that has the ability to run Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and other software that you need.

Which laptop is best for digital marketing in India?

The best laptop for digital marketing in India is the Asus ROG Strix Scar II GL503VS.

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