If our phone falls from a certain height, the screen may be damaged or cracked. Under these circumstances, the user does not know if the phone is available or not. And most importantly: It contains data such as photos.

Photos are unforgettable moments and no one would want to lose them. So if you are also in the same boat and wondering how to get pictures from a broken phone, browse this blog thoroughly.

Here you will definitely find the best ways to retrieve photos from the screen of a broken android phone.

Part 1:  Using Android data recovery software to recover missing images from a broken phone

The best and most efficient way I will personally suggest is to use data recovery on Android. It is an easy to use software that will help you to get photos from your Android phone with a broken screen. It is a convenient way to retrieve photos on Android. Not just photos, but other work for other useful Android data like contacts, videos, audio, WhatsApp chats, text messages, call logs and more.

You can use this tool to recover photos from damaged, cracked, formatted, inaccessible Android phones. It easily retrieves data from internal and external memory. So all you need to do is to download the Android data recovery software and retrieve the photos from the faulty Android screen.

Android Data Recovery – Recover lost/deleted data from Android phones

The most effective tool for recovering lost, deleted and inaccessible data from Android phones. Here are some unique features:

  • Instantly retrieve different types of data such as photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
  • Recovery of lost data in any critical situation, such as. For example, in case of screen breakage, accidental or unintentional factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons.
  • Allows one-click recovery of deleted files without backup.

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Review Android Data Recovery Steps

Part 2: Use the autorun option to restore pictures from a faulty phone.

Autorun is another useful feature that can help you recover lost photos from an Android phone with a broken screen. But also remember that USB debug mode must be enabled on the phone. In addition, your computer does not ask for the Trust this computer option when you connect your device.

If both options are enabled, follow these steps:

  • First connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Now wait until the phone is detected by the system, then the pop-up window will appear > select Open Device to view the files.


  • Then browse the DCIM folder on your phone and retrieve all the photos.
  • Copy and paste the selected document to your computer.

Part 3: Use OTG cable and mouse to retrieve pictures from a broken phone

Imagine the above method doesn’t work for you, what does?

Don’t worry, there’s always a way to deal with the situation. You can use a USB mouse and OTG cable to get pictures from a broken phone.


However, it is important to note that your device must support OTG cables.

Now continue with the next steps:

  • You must first connect the OTG cable to the phone > connect the mouse to the other end of the OTG cable.
  • Now use the mouse to activate debugging of the device.
  • Then connect your phone to your computer and click the My Computer option. Then go to the phone memory and find the DCIM folder. Select photos and paste them to your PC.

Here’s how.

Part 4: Getting photos from Google Photos

You are familiar with Google Photos because every photo you click with your phone is also stored in Google Photos. This happens when your Google Account is linked to Google Photos.

If this is the case, you can easily retrieve photos from them. If your device is not available, you will need to open Google Photos on your computer and log in with the same ID.


Here are the steps:

  • Open Google.com in any browser on your computer.
  • Then log in with the same username and ID you used on the faulty phone.
  • After logging in, you can see all your photos stored in Google Photos.
  • Copy all these photos and save them on your computer for later use.

Part 5: How to recover photos from an Android phone with a broken screen via Google Drive?

Android users are familiar with Google Drive, where they can store payload data up to 15 GB. Users can access these files at any time and from any location. Just activate the Backup & Sync function on your phone and all your data will be backed up.

If you’ve done this before, then I’m sure you can easily recover photos from a broken Android screen.

Just follow these steps:

  • First, open Google Drive in any browser on your computer.
  • Then sign in with the same Google Account you used on the phone with the broken screen.
  • You will now find a list of all photos and other data that is automatically uploaded or saved.
  • Select the one you want to restore and then click Download


  • All images are then downloaded to your computer and you can access them as before.


Sometimes physical damage to the phone can be very annoying because the user can no longer access the device. More importantly, data such as photos are not available. In such a situation, users have no idea what to do or not to do.

But after reading this article, I am sure you have some useful ways to retrieve photos from a broken Android phone. If the manual methods do not work, then I suggest you to choose Android data recovery, one of the professional tools to recover photos from your broken phone.

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