7 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence won’t replace humans

In this text, we explain how Artificial Intelligence is beneficial for our everyday lives but also how it is still a long way from replacing us

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Since I have a pretty strong opinion about this subject, I decided to give you my point of view along with some facts and let you decide for yourself.

Artificial Intelligence Lacks Emotions

Emotional intelligence is one thing that will always separate humans from machines, and there is nothing that can be done in that field. Interaction and communication allow people to understand each other and to read and interpret different gestures, words, and signals.

The demand for soft skills is increasingly growing across all industries as people learn to appreciate them as much as other, more professional skills and crafts.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t do Creative Work

There is a reason why people use artificial intelligence to help them do the most boring and repetitive tasks, and it is to allow humans to spend more time doing more creative things and jobs.

The truth is that AI is not on the same level of creativeness as humans (and probably will never be), so the best thing to do is to use it to unburden humans.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Build Relationships

Relationships, both private and professional, are one of the main things that determine our success. In most cases, people with less expertise and skills but with the ability to create good and meaningful relationships with others will be more successful than the other way around.

The simple fact is that humans want to work with people that they like; it improves the whole working ambient and makes them more passionate about their work.

On the other hand, AI can’t build relationships, period.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Think Outside The Code

Repeating the same actions without any deviations or mistakes is one of the things humans most appreciate with artificial intelligence. However, to do this kind of work, AI strictly follows its code.

This principle prevents AI from creating new ways of doing things without human help, which means if it encounters a problem for which it is not prepared, it won’t be able to solve it. 

Artificial Intelligence Constantly Creates New Jobs for Humans

Ever since AI appeared, we have been discussing if it will result in the loss of jobs for humans, and now a few decades later, we have enough data to make predictions.

As a matter of fact, is that recent studies show that artificial intelligence creates even more jobs than before. Based on this, we safely assume that AI will not result in the loss of jobs in the near future, which means it will not replace us.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Lead

Throughout history, the human race has made great achievements thanks to great individuals who led us to uncharted territories in every segment of life on this planet. They have made breakthroughs but also mesmerized people to trust and follow them.

Leadership is one element that AI does not have for the simple fact that people will never follow something that they have created.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t be Improved by Itself

One of the main reasons why AI can’t replace humans is the fact that it can only stay relevant if humans keep improving it, and this automatically means that humans have to work on it.

This is why there has been an increase in demand for these kinds of jobs in the last decade.


We should look at artificial intelligence as a tool or an extended arm of humans that allows us to free our time and devote it to more meaningful and creative work. There are a lot of reasons and evidence that indicate that AI will not replace humans in the future.

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