There are a whole range of tips for finding a lost mobile phone, from calling to connect to the computer to using software to find it. However, none of these handy tips work, except for the phone that’s turned on – or that you can expect.

The encouraging news is that today’s devices are more advanced than in the past, which means you’ll almost certainly find your phone, whether it’s turned off or not.

How do I find a lost phone that has been turned off?

1. Using search on my iPhone

If you want to find a lost and turned off mobile phone, you first need to find a device that allows you to locate it. Using a friend’s iPhone, unlock the Find My iPhone feature and ask the friend to log out.

Once logged in, you should see a list of Apple devices. Click on the relevant device. If it is activated, you can see it on the map. When the device is turned off, you can press the Lost Mode button to obtain the last known position of the device.

2. Finding an iPhone with Google Maps

Whether or not you’ve actively configured Find My iPhone, your phone was automatically registered when you turned it on. If not for unfamiliar reasons, you can try Google Maps to see if the history of the places is displayed on your phone.

3. Find your Android phone

To find an Android phone, it must be turned on. In any case, it is worth going to and logging in, at this point you will find your device on the map. As soon as you are logged in, your phone will receive a notification.

Try to locate the device from time to time if someone has found it and turned it on. You can also view Google Maps to see if you can find the history of the current location of mobile phones.

4. Find your Windows Phone

Windows Phone owners can recover a lost phone if it worked in 2014 or later. First visit your account and log in. However, if it is off or not connected to the Internet, you probably won’t see it.

Stay by the hand in case anyone turns it on. The advantage of the Windows service is that you can make calls using the Find My Phone service, regardless of whether you have turned off your speakerphone or not.

5. Contact your mobile network provider

Some mobile phone service providers have access to GPS-based positioning services. Whether the provider offers this option or not, they can always stop servicing your phone.
Find your provider’s customer service number online or check your provider’s phone book in the nearest branch.

6. Repeat your steps

By going back step by step, you can find any lost or misplaced object, not just mobile phones. In any case, you can find your mobile phone by pressing the steps if you had a phone in the previous location and noticed that you left your mobile phone somewhere.

Whatever you do, don’t freeze. Panic will only worsen your condition and can make it difficult to be alert or think clearly.

Sit down and think about what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Think about where and when you last used your mobile phone and continue from there.

If you often visited shops or restaurants before you lost your mobile phone, try asking a sales representative if someone found or returned the lost phone.

If a representative has received a mobile phone, you should be able to provide a description of your phone or give the representative your phone number so he or she can call and make sure it is your phone.

7. Know the serial number of yourphone.

Each phone has a numeric serial number. Depending on the type and model of smartphone used, a unique phone number may be called MEID, known as the Mobile Equipment Identifier, ESN, known as the Electronic Serial Number, or IMEI, known as the International Mobile Equipment Identifier. It is often on a sticker under the battery, but its position changes depending on your phone.

Look up the serial number or ID number of your mobile phone when you make your first purchase. Write down the number and keep it in a safe place at home.

If you ever lose your phone, you can report your serial number or identification number to the police and your mobile operator.

8. Using Google Location History

It’s currently called Timeline – to find a lost Android phone.

  • Your mobile phone is connected to a Google Account.
  • Your mobile phone was connected to the internet or had internet access.
  • History and location must be enabled on your mobile phone (you can do this in your phone’s Google preferences).

It’s not like searching for devices at all, but Google Maps doesn’t focus on searching for a lost phone.

You can use your location information for various purposes, such as searching for past routes. However, it is also a decent way to recover a lost phone.

As mentioned above, if your Android phone is turned off, you can use the location information to distinguish the last location.

This means that you can always find your mobile phone’s battery, whether it is empty or not.

It is almost impossible to locate a switched-off phone, in any case you can get close to the phone by following the steps above.

What’s more, iOS and iroid now offer their customers an alternative to finding a lost mobile phone, which is an incredible relief for them.

In addition, there are a number of third party applications and websites that allow customers to successfully retrieve their phones. Simply put: If your lost phone is switched off, there is only one way to reach the last position of your phone.


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