With the launch of a suite of feature-rich WordPress themes on Xtemos Space, the Xtemos team has set out to solve a totally unknown problem :

Find the perfect theme that not only fits your niche, but also combines unparalleled aesthetics with high-quality functionality – all without spending countless hours on tedious theme directories.

If you’re like many WordPress users, you know how difficult it can be to browse through different themes, check out demos, and maybe even try them on your site multiple times before you find one that works for you.

It’s a process that can take up valuable time, time that could have been better used to develop your business.

Xtemos aims to solve this problem by acting as a one-stop shop for premium themes, offering over 25 options in one place and even giving you access to all their themes in one plan.

But is that a good thing?

In this complete review of Xtemos Space, I have published some topics about the brand on their pages to know more about them.

What’s in the Xtemos Space Theme Pack?

One thing I love about the Xtemos Space theme pack is that it is flexible enough to accommodate all types of WordPress site owners.

If all you want is a high quality theme plan that is tailored to your industry, then a unified theme plan offers you exactly that.

If you want to keep your site fresh and changing regularly, or if you want to save on accessing multiple themes for your entire network of sites, the All Themes subscription is for you.

As the name implies, the All Topics plan means you’re free to choose from the 25 topics in the news, as well as the countless others in the pipeline. Xtemos plans to release new themes and weekly updates, and add an expanded Elementor template library with over 500 pre-built templates, meaning you’ll have a wide range of design options in one package.

Additionally, both packages offer easy-to-install themes, have a wide range of customizable theme options, and include demo content that allows you to quickly customize your site to look exactly like the demo of the chosen theme.

Xtemos Space Theme Installation

It gets even better when you start customizing your Xtemos Space theme yourself.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred package, browse through the catalog of themes, all of which include layouts optimized for mobile, attractive designs, and a variety of features designed to optimize the user experience.

For this study, I chose the original Antares theme for e-commerce stores because it is not only beautiful, but also offers many more options than, say, a theme for a standard brochure website.

Once you’ve uploaded your theme, you can do so in the usual way, either via good old FTP or by going to the Appearance – Themes – Add New page in the WordPress Control Panel.

Anyway, all you need to configure is to click Activate after installing your theme, which will take you directly to the configuration wizard where you can start customizing your theme settings.

Children’s theme

After entering the activation key, the first thing you need to do is install a child theme for the chosen theme.

While not strictly necessary, it is a handy feature that allows you to make changes to the child theme source code. That way updates to the overarching theme can’t overwrite your changes and ruin your hard work.


Then you will be asked to install and activate plugins for your website. Since I’m building an e-commerce store with an Antares theme, the WooCommerce plugin is important, as is the Elementor page builder used to design and build the site.

Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp, while not essential, will all prove invaluable to the creation and growth of a successful business, which is why I install them. Unlike other themes, this theme doesn’t require a bunch of plugins to work, which means you can easily keep your WordPress installation and get better performance for your website.

Importing content

If you’re like me and get frustrated when a new theme doesn’t look like the preview, you’ll love the ability to import dummy content here.

As the name implies, it allows you to upload dummy content to your website to make it look like a demo, making installation and configuration much easier.

The best part is that this content can be imported with one click.

If you do, you will be satisfied with a website that looks like this:

Ease of use

The whole process of creating our site using the installation wizard took no more than a minute or two, and while we’ve certainly seen faster installations, it hasn’t been slow at all.

After that, it’s so easy to customize your website to look exactly the way you want: Open a page by clicking Edit with Elementor, and use Elementor’s popular page generator to drag, drop, hack, and edit content as you see fit.

As any experienced Elementor user will tell you, it’s by far one of the easiest ways to create beautiful, professional layouts without having to know a single line of code or do anything more complicated than click on an item on the site and follow the on-screen instructions.

In terms of user-friendliness, Xtemos Space gets top marks.

Space themes Xtemos

If the Antares theme isn’t for you, you’ll be happy to know that Xtemos Space offers at least 25 other options and that new themes are released every month.

This means that whether you’re creating an online store, blog, brochure site or something else like me, you can easily find the layout that suits you.

Here are some of my favorite themes from the Xtemos Space Theme Pack :


For creative studios and agencies.


Multi-purpose business theme.


Health and Wellness theme page.


For restaurants.


For applications and software-as-a-service companies.


E-commerce for bakeries and confectioneries


Minimalist fashion and e-commerce website.

Prices and value

The Xtemos Space Theme pack is available in two affordable variants.

The former, for $59 per site license, gives you access to a single theme, while the All Themes plan, for $79, gives you a site license for 25 or more themes. And not only that: The All Topics plan gives you access to a brand new topic every month.

Each plan is billed annually, and there are additional fees if you need a license for multiple sites – or even an unlimited number of sites.

The best? WPLift readers can now get the Xtemos Space Theme package for even less thanks to our exclusive 10% discount code.


Both plans include:

  • 1 year automatic updates
  • 1 year premium support
  • Fully responsive and mobile-optimized design for all themes
  • Advanced WooCommerce integration with over 7 e-commerce themes.
  • Easy integration with Elementor Website Builder
  • Compatible with WPML, Loco Translate and other translation tools.


I began this review with a simple question:

Is the Xtemos Space WordPress theme package useful?

The answer, thankfully, is this: Yes, it is.

If you’re tired of spending years looking for a quality theme that not only fits your niche, but is also easy to work with, you’ll find plenty to love.

All the themes offered here are very attractive and incredibly easy to set up and customize to your needs compared to other theme sets.

Add to that the affordable price, the annual cost of automatic updates and support, and you have a high-quality set of themes that is suitable for almost any WordPress user, regardless of industry.

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