Premiere Pro vs Video Studio 2021.

With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, video editing has also become more popular. The most advanced video publishers are the premium publishers. How do you decide which software to invest in? Today we’re going to look at Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel VideoStudio Pro. How do you do both? This article is about Premiere Pro and VideoStudio 2021.



Adobe Premiere Pro and Corel VideoStudio interface

Premiere Pro comes with workspaces where most panels can be edited. You get the settings for the timeline, video preview, multimedia, media source and workspace.

The interface depends on the selected workspace, but the most common panels are the timeline, video preview, media preview and media source. The available workspace options are listed below:

  • Education: Tutorials and tips for learning the instrument
  • Edit: Organize files and projects
  • Edit: Basic workspace for video editing
  • Color: Setting the colour of the terminal
  • Implications: Cool effects for clips
  • Audio: Audio instruments to improve and reduce the sound level.
  • Graphics: Mainly text portions
  • Signatures : Add a signature file or start over
  • Libraries: Built-in libraries for fast creation
  • Metalworking : Project optimization and workflow processing
  • Production: Management of complex projects
  • History: Save a data record with all changes (current changes).
  • Markings: Positions on the timeline that you can return to later.
  • Information: Information about the selected clip

VideoStudio has a user-friendly interface with a video preview on the left, a timeline on the bottom and options on the right. The basic interface of VideoStudio offers :

  • Home : First steps and new possibilities
  • Catch! Recording from the webcam or importing from an external drive
  • Edit: Basic interface for project editing
  • Part: Export or post to social media

Video options

Premiere Pro editing workspace

In both cases, you have basic video editing tools, such as. B. a multi-track timeline, copy clips, cut and edit them, etc. Let’s take a look at the tools that both offer:

  • Separate audio and video clips
  • Video Masking (VideoStudio Ultimate)
  • On the front page
  • Transitions
  • 4K processing
  • Video stabilization
  • 360° video editing
  • Modify the wave line

The Premiere Pro timeline has separate video and audio tracks. You can add as many songs as you want.

VideoStudio wants to keep the tracks manageable. It contains a video, an overlay, a title, a voice and a music track. You can add overlays, titles and additional music tracks.

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One of the features of Premiere Pro is keyframing. VideoStudio only provides keyframes for video masking and text effects (the final package). Premiere Pro provides keyframes for almost every option in the Effects panel. From scaling to position, from opacity to effects, you have keyframes.

While both options are powerful, some are unique:

Premiere Pro Video studio
Lock and unlock track
Cut and repair track
Pen tool
Sequence control
Razor tool
Screen Recorder

Comparison of video editing programs

Audio options

Premiere Pro wins this round because it has excellent audio editing tools in addition to the basic features:

  • Noise reduction
  • Modulation
  • Amplitude and compression
  • Time and field
  • Reverb

Free VideoStudio Audio Tracks

VideoStudio features audio speed, audio fade in and fade out, and audio filters to quickly adjust audio quality.

The program also offers free music and sound effects to add to your project. Premiere Pro also comes with sounds, but you have to buy those before you import them into the video.

Text options

There are three different ways to add text to a Premiere Pro project.

  1. The text tool allows you to add text with effect options
  2. The graphics part comes with pre-animated text that can be added to the video.
  3. The old header parameter comes with the text tool.

With these three tools, you have many tools at your disposal, such as text position, opacity, font, size, style and more. Most timing tools support keyframes.

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VideoStudio comes with many 2D and 3D text titles. You can double-click on the text template to drag it to the timeline, which will open a text editing window where you can edit the text and change its properties.


So what leverage do you have? Both come with video, title, transition and filter effects. Premiere Pro stores all effects in the Effects/Workspace area. You can search for the effect in the search bar.

VideoStudio also has the same effects, but the tool separates them each into a separate area. You can preview the effect before adding it to the video.

Ease of use

Overall, I find VideoStudio easier to navigate and use. It comes with fewer tools, making it ideal for new content creators.

Premiere Pro is more complex than VideoStudio, and the tools can be a bit overwhelming for a new user. To master Premiere Pro, you need to become familiar with sequence management, keyframes, and the various effects.


The next topic in Premiere Pro vs VideoStudio 2021 is the output screen. Both support many popular formats. The following table compares all available formats.

Premiere Pro Video studio
AAC Audio
Animated GIF
Apple ProRes MFX OP1a
AVI/AVI (uncompressed)
H.264 Blu-ray
HEVC (H.265)
JPEG 2000 MXF OP1a
MPEG2 Blu-ray
Open EXR
P2 Video
QuickTime Video
Waveform Audio
Windows Media
Draptor DCP

Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio | Comparison of Export Options

For each of the formats, there are presets with different resolution options, so you have more options in total than those listed. Overall, Premiere Pro wins this round.


Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Windows PC and macOS, while VideoStudio is only available for Windows PC.

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There are pros and cons to going with everyone. With Premiere Pro, you pay a monthly subscription fee, which may not seem expensive in the short run, but is expensive in the long run. The advantage is that you can get updates and use new features.

The advantage of VideoStudio is that it only costs once, but you get the software in its current state. If you want to upgrade to a newer version, you almost have to pay a new price.

See the current prices in the image below. VideoStudio comes in two versions. Check out this PDF to compare the capabilities of the two.

Premiere Pro vs. VideoStudio – Awards

Which one suits you best?

Premiere Pro offers all the advanced tools you need to create complex video projects. However, price can be an issue for some people. If you don’t care about price, Premiere Pro is the tool for you.

VideoStudio is affordable and comes with a wide range of video editing tools. It lacks some advanced tools, but if you need a video editing program without advanced tools, VideoStudio is the perfect product for your collection.



The perfect video editor is very important for the content creator. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This is the end of the Premiere Pro vs. Video Studio Article. I hope this has helped you choose the right device. Please share your thoughts in the comments so we can discuss this further.

frequently asked questions

How good is Corel VideoStudio?

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is an impressive product with a clean, simple interface and a host of great features, but our testing has shown that the latest update is affecting stability.

Is Premiere Pro good for video editing?

Adobe Premiere Pro has earned its place as the leading video editing software with its familiar non-linear editing interface, unparalleled ecosystem of tools, and powerful feature set. … All this makes Premiere deserving of the Editor’s Choice award for professional video editing software.

What video editing software do professionals use?

Features – best video editing…

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