Airtel Platinum postpaid rates are making a big fuss. It should provide 4G network priority and higher data rates, as well as a range of additional functions. I have been using an Airtel Postpaid SIM card for over 5 years. My plan was 399 a month. Therefore, you must upgrade to fare plan 499 to benefit from Airtel Platinum Priority 4G services. Here is my review of the postpaid Airtel Platinum plan based on my experience.

My expectations for the postpaid Airtel Platinum plan were better data speeds. In my area, the signal level is average. Using my postpaid sim and my prepaid sim gave a download speed of 3 Mbps and a download speed of up to 700 Kbps. I called customer service and asked if they could improve the work. Confirmation by e-mail, I have chosen the Platinum Postpaid Plan Airtel 499.

Airtel Platinum postpaid callback

Point 1: Free home delivery ofSIM cards

I use eSIM. That was the name of the customer service number, and they asked for a new physical SIM card. The answer I got is that I have to go to the Airtel store to get a SIM card and that costs 25 rupees. When asked about the free SIM card and home delivery, they replied that it only applied to those migrating with a prepaid card and not to existing postpaid customers. I live near downtown Taluq called Sallya. The centers that offer physical SIM cards next to me are Mangalore, Mysore or Bangalore. It’s about 60 miles from my house. Even in Madikeri, the center of the Kodagu district, there is no SIM card for my postpaid connection. To obtain a replacement SIM card as a Platinum Postpaid Airtel user, I need to travel at least 200 km (taking into account travel on both sides).

Replacement of Airtel’s prepaid SIM cards is available in Sallia, the Taluka centre. As a result, the prepaid customer benefits from a better service than the postpaid platinum user.

Paragraph 2: Priority network 4G

That’s the main reason I decided to go for Plan 499. I used my Airtel prepaid and postpaid SIM cards in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and iPhone 11. Then I did a speed test. The results are presented below.

As you can see from the results of the speed test, there is no advantage of a postpaid platinum subscription over a prepaid subscription.

Point 3: Priority customer support

The 9th. In September 2020, I filed a complaint regarding Airtel’s request for a thank you for the data transfer. The date indicated for the adoption of the resolution is the 16th anniversary of its adoption. September. I checked it a couple of times. The answer I get is that our network engineers are working to solve this problem. You will be notified of your status. So far, the problem has not been solved.

Item 4: Other benefits such as free Amazon Prime membership data transfer

I have also received benefits under my 399 scheme. Also, because the transmission speed is unreliable, it is not good to watch live television. The only benefit I got was a free Amazon membership.

Platinum Postpaid Plan Review of Airtel

The basic package to receive Airtel Platinum Postpaid service is Rs. 499 plus GST. You will receive 75 GB of data per month and free incoming and outgoing calls. However, with the 599 prepaid call plan you get 56 days of validity and 2 GB of data per day, as well as free incoming and outgoing calls. Since a platinum pricing plan or a postpaid connection offers no advantages, a prepaid connection is the best value for money.

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