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Android features are one of the best features. The updates of the Android OS are a bit slow.  It takes a phase-type process.  And sometimes a month and in some cases almost a year to the non-Pixel Android devices.  Smartphones like OnePlus, Samsung, and others. These phones take less time. But the major Android OS updates its devices but takes a bit of time.

On the beta build Pixel, Android devices are still working. But still, there is a time that it takes some time to arrive Android 11 update. Open the Settings. Move to the System. Now click on the Advanced option. Find the System Update option and then Check for updates that whether it is updated or not. Here are some of the explanations related to the features of android 11.

11 Best Android Features:

The  Android 11 is its final build.  let’s check out all the best and most useful features that all the Android 11 have. Users use the functionalities of the app. These are some of the features that the front-end users will use and know.


To appears in the new Power Menu you have to press longer on the Power button. In the previous version, you can only contain the restart, power off, and lock option. But now you can also access the  Google Wallet /Debit/Credit Card/Google Pay, Boarding Passes, other online tickets, or Samsung Pay, smart home controls. All these features will be available on the power button.

About  Conversation :

Most phones have three notifications categories Conversations, Silent, and Alerting. In the android 11 version, the Conversations category has been improved a lot. Now you can also communicate with others directly by using text messages. You can also use the chat messenger app.  The alerting and silent system works the same no new change in it.

History of notification:

Notification History allows you to check all the incoming notifications for the past 24 hours whether it is important or not. But you have to enable this feature if you want to use it.  On your Android 11 Open the Settings from the device.  After that open the Apps & notifications of your devices. When you opened the Notifications. Now click on the Notification history option and enable that option. If your notifications enabled you will be able to check all the incoming notifications for up to 24 hours no notification will be missed.

 Redesigning of the  Media Player :

In the previous versions whenever you play the music on your device. It will display all the notifications that appeared in the media players.  You don’t need to clear all the notifications that cover your media player interface every time. The redesigning of the media player offers a list of useful options. We can also change the connected devices between phone speakers, and other peripheral devices.

Chat Bubbles

Just like the Facebook Messenger application android also provides the popup messaging app feature.  All the messaging and all the incoming or unread notifications as a chat bubble functionality in android 11. You can click on the chat bubble to open that message. Or you can also drag down to the bottom of the screen or anywhere you want.  You can also dismiss the bubble notification if you don’t like that popup feature.

 Smart Device:

Now we have to come to the new power menu option.  Which you can find the smart device control option to run devices. You will long-press the power button and then see the overall design changes. These design changes into the power menu front end. The Emergency, Power Off, Restart button is now being shifted to the top of the screen.  There are menu buttons available to customize or move the location according to your choice and also according to the device.

 Scheduled Dark Mode:

Android 11 also allows you to set the dark mode on a  time daily basis. It means you don’t need to manually turn it on/off according to the daylight or night-time light. It automatically changes the mode according to the condition and the time. If you enable the turn on and off option it will automatically change the condition. from the morning to night it automatically turns on and off after a certain time period.

The  Smart Folders:

Smart Folders are used to organize the apps that you were added to the folder available on the home screen. The device will suggest you the best folder name on your Pixel device. You don’t need to create or think of a new name every time.

Bluetooth Works with Airplane Mode Android features:

Using Bluetooth for the call purpose or listening to music.  And if you turn on the Airplane mode. When you turn on the airplane mode your Bluetooth won’t get disconnected.  But when you turn on the airplane mode it will definitely turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data.

 Screen Recorder:

Android 11 provides you a  built-in screen recorder. It is the default screen recorder. The option of a default screen recorder is available.  You have to find the shortcut option to turn the screen recorder on and off from the swipe down menu. Additionally, You also have the option to choose the recording audio devices. On the display, touches will be shown during the screen recording for a better experience.

Google Play Updated Android features:

In Android 11 the Google Play will be  Updated without the restriction of the OEMs structure. Due to this, Google has complete control over the Google Play System updates. In case of any serious security issue update it as early as possible. Before some time it was a very uninteresting and very slow process to release updates for the devices. But now, the Google Play Store updates in a safe and secure way.

 App Suggestions:

In the Pixel Launcher interface, only the Pixel device users can get App Suggestions. In Android 11 users can use Google’s AI smart control. This app helps them with in-app suggestions.  You can also turn it on and off if you don’t find these useful features.

About Smart Reply Android features:

The Android 11  operating system allows users to reply to all of the messages that are incoming messages. It doesn’t matter that it is a text message or chat message. This can be done by using the templates which is preload. The smart reply also detects automatically the way of the message. After that, they suggest you the same as your context.

If someone sends you a message. The Android 11 system will automatically detect the type of message and suggests a reply.  Now it’s your choice either you use that suggested reply and type your own.

The Improved Voice Access Android features :

A few years ago Google introduced the Voice Access feature. Voice access feature improvements on Android 11. Based on the context voice access it will become more improved and useful. If you just say the name of an app or the action that you want the voice access feature will automatically detect that app.

 Wireless  Auto Android features:

In each and every smartphone you can now use the uto system through wireless systems.  You have to make sure that the main unit of your car supports the wireless  Auto feature. Those people that are still using the previous generation cars will get difficult to use this feature on their cars. The upcoming generations will definitely include this particular option.

About the  Exposure Notification API:

To build the Exposure Notification API Google and Apple have collaborated with each other. From Android and iPhones, the company allows the developers to use off-limit data.  In the COVID-19 pandemic, you can trace the patients by contact tracing. According to the area, this feature is turned on by default. This feature not work properly in all the regions.

Pinning  the App:

You can now pin your apps in the menu of the share sheet. When you share something on your device by using the Sharing option. In Android 11 you can manually add apps. The Android 10 and the previous versions didn’t allow users to pin or add apps to the menu.

 App Permissions & Auto-Reset Android features:

In order to increase the user’s privacy and consent-wide access or usage, Google  The one-time app permissions and the auto-reset option has now improved by google. Before sometime whenever you install the app first-ever, they were asked for the permissions again and again to the users. But now users have the choice to choose the specific permissions to apps. For example, if any of the apps ask you to allow access to the location or media permission. It’s up to you to deny it or to allow it. You can also easily deny it all the unwanted app.

In the previous versions, many of the applications couldn’t open or work after you denied access. But not in this version it works properly after denying the access. In this version, it doesn’t matter that the users allow access or not the app will launch and run properly. After that, if you still feel that the app is not performing well. You can change it from the setting. Open the Settings menu. And move to the Apps & Notifications available in the settings. Now enable all the necessary settings you want to enable it. This is also one of the best Android features.


Android features are one of the best features. The updates of the Android OS are a bit slow.  It takes a phase-type process. On the beta build Pixel, Android devices are still working. But still, there is a time that it takes some time to arrive Android 11 update.

Hope you liked this article. If you still have any questions freely ask in the comment section. And what do you think about these Android features? Did you like it? Let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are new features in Android 11?

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Is Android 11 any good?

Though Android 11 is a much less intensive update than Apple iOS 14, it brings many welcome new features to the mobile table. We’re still waiting on full functionality of its Chat Bubbles, but other new messaging features, as well as screen recording, home controls, media controls, and new privacy settings work well.

What does select do on Android 11?

Android 11 DP4 today introduces a new “Select” mode that highlights selectable text. … A tap will automatically select text and provide options to Copy, Search, and Share, as well as adjust.

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