The recording studios have evolved considerably and the digital recording software is now powerful enough to offer all musicians, regardless of their budget, recordings of professional quality. However, we still have to solve some of the problems that the experts learned about years ago.

During recording, you may have noticed that some of the quieter songs and background sounds have a buzzing effect. It’s your computer, and if you’re using powerful microphones, it’s important to do everything you can to reduce the noise from your computer by blowing off the recording.

Tips for keeping the computer still during recording

Here are some tips to help you keep your computer quiet during your audio recording session

1. Isolate the computer from the microphone. How do you do that? The easiest way is to place the main recording microphone as far away from the computer as possible and aim it away from the noisy tower.

This is not always possible, but you can place a sound-absorbing material between your computer and microphone (egg cartons are very popular). You should at least always know where your computer is in relation to the microphone.

2. If you build your own computer, be careful. It is easy to accidentally pull the cable that can get into the fan, causing an unpleasant clicking noise (and this affects the fan, which is not good).

Look at all the wiring as closely as possible, and I can’t stress this point – be careful. Earth yourself before you touch any part of your computer, or you can bake almost anything that looks green and fresh.

3. Find a big fan. You’d think a big fan would make more noise than a small one, but that’s not the case with computers. A large fan can deliver the same amount of cooling to your computer as a smaller one, and typically consumes fewer revolutions per minute.

This means less noise for your recording studio. Fans are one of the cheapest big parts in computers, so you should be able to find a good part at the best price. Search for fans (and other computer parts) that are somehow made for players. Video game enthusiasts hate the noise that comes from their computers, and they expect especially quiet computer sound. Equip your computer like a slot machine with large, quiet fans and maybe even a new case to keep the noise out.

4. Try not to cover the computer with anything. I read a book on the disk, suggesting that a computer should be surrounded by insulation or egg cartons to prevent the computer from making noise and reaching the microphones. It’s a terrible idea. They call it insulation for a reason – it keeps you warm.

Your computer’s fan makes noise because it pushes hot air out of your computer, and you usually want it to do its job. If you try to turn off your computer with towels, egg cartons, or other items that make it warmer, you may overheat your processor or hard drive.

This involves expensive repairs and you may even lose one or two recording sessions. Update your computer case before attempting to seal it with any form of insulation. Believe me, it’ll cost you a lot less.


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