Benefits of online and offline marketing for small businesses :

In the digital world, online marketing is associated with brand advertising. This includes attracting customers with discounts, memberships, loyalty points, online coupons, etc. But almost all of this was already fashionable in the offline market. The main difference between e-commerce and offline marketing is that customers can check feedback and compare products with other offers.

Online and offline marketing

The concept of online/offline marketing or O2O marketing works in interaction with the customer and convinces him to go shopping in the store. This marketing strategy has proven to be very effective.

Benefits of online/offline marketing for small businesses:

Online and offline marketing is a business model that attracts potential buyers from online channels to make purchases in physical stores. The benefits of an O2O marketing strategy for your company, regardless of its size and the sector in which it operates, are as follows

  • Branding improvement : The brand image of your company can be improved by using O2O-Marketing. The potential customer has online access to the entire catalogue. You can view and retrieve the same data with any smart device. However, when a customer visits a store, he or she can test and buy the product. The online environment has far-reaching consequences, but no overall effect.
  • Create a personal experience: The majority of the population consists of millions of people who appreciate an individual approach to each client. In this way, all brands can retain a potential customer. In the current market scenario it is much more difficult to retain customers than to win a promising new customer. For example, all luxury brands such as Apple, Alibaba were the first users of this method.
  • The centre of gravity of pedestrian traffic: The offline store is visited by many potential customers. However, when online customers visit a store, they are more likely to make a purchase. You can advertise your products and services online and offer offline shops. This way, customers keep coming back to your stores and you can build a loyal customer base.
  • Improving personal relationships with customers : Gone are the days when you had to find a new customer every day and sponsor your product every time. In this digital age, customers visiting your stores know the products and all the features. Companies have access to social media platforms for all their potential clients. You can increase your turnover by analyzing this data. Personal relationships with clients help to achieve this goal.

Is O2O the marketing of the future?

O2O is a very successful marketing strategy. According to statistics, the penetration rate of mobile phones in China is more than 95%. Thanks to this massive use of the Internet, it is very easy to address potential customers. All data and brand comparisons are available at the touch of a button.

By bringing O2O on the market, small companies distinguish themselves from the mass of companies that want to take care of their customers. As a small business you need to implement online and offline marketing to get the results you want. Here you need a specialized SEO agency to help you and plan successful campaigns for maximum ROI.

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