Once the application is installed, you can only use it with one account at a time. To access another account, you must log out of the system with the new accounts. Some applications can synchronize data from multiple accounts. For example, Google’s inbox can receive email from multiple accounts as long as you link your email account to them. The parallel space was once considered the best tool for cloning applications. Despite the application getting a good makeover and new features, people continued to report overheating and problems with excessive battery consumption when using the parallel space. Over time, several good alternatives to the parallel space on the Internet have emerged. In what follows, I have a list of the best applications such as parallel space.

Are the applications safe? Do you pass on data to third parties?

No, the applications create a virtual environment. When you run WhatsApp, Viber, etc. in this environment, you will see a registration form instead of the main interface. After registering an account with a different phone number or email address, you can login to the application with a new login. This allows you to use multiple accounts on your phone without logging out of an already connected account.

Best alternatives to parallel space

Double room Lite

Double Room Telite

When you start DS Lite, the application will display the Start button. When you press the Start button, a list of requests will appear. The following services are displayed on my device:

  • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger.
  • Twitter, Instagram.

You also have the possibility to add a new application to the list. The double space starts the application when you click on it. DS Lite has a special button to clean the system memory used by the running application. It has the Confidential Zone function that allows you to create secret accounts. DS Lite runs in the background and tracks and displays messages sent by applications. According to the developer, DS Lite consumes little processor and battery power.

DO Multiple accounts

Do the math.

DO Multiple Accounts allows users to create multiple clones of the same application, i.e. you can use more than 2 accounts created with your favorite application at the same time. DO Multiple accounts supports the creation of request and notification icons. It allows you to activate a notification switch, so you can easily switch between cloned applications. It is one of the few applications, such as Parallel Space, that supports the services of Google Play. If you think that DO multi-accounts abnormally weakens the phone’s battery or slows down your phone, you can activate Lite mode in DO multi-accounts.

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2 accounts

2A is similar to the other alternatives to the parallel space I have presented here. It groups applications with the first letter of their name. This makes it easier for users to find applications. 2A offers the following additional functions :

Private room: This option allows you to move your applications to a secret area, i.e. hide them from other users.

Task Manager : This tool indicates the amount of RAM used by 2 accounts and other applications, as well as the amount of free system memory.

Multiple parallel


Multi-parallel is a simple alternative to parallel space. Once you’ve created a clone, it adds a cloned entry to your phone’s notification window. The jury will also submit an application without tilt. Multi Parallel adds a glossy frame to the icon of a cloned application. The distinction between cloned and non-cloned applications is thus easy to make. If you find this function annoying, you can disable it in the multiparallel application settings interface. You can also activate the Lite mode in the MP user interface. When this mode is active, the RAM memory used by the application is low. In addition, you may not use Google’s services.

Cloning request

Cloning request

Unlike some of the tools I have presented here, there is no advertising in Clone App. It is also the only tool that has an integrated VPN service. In order to use the VPN service free of charge, you need to gain bandwidth by inviting friends or by purchasing the Pro version of the CLA. Clone App allows users to add applications to the privacy list. Also included are 7 free WhatsApp color palettes. CLA allows you to define a custom icon for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It has a Magic Sticker feature that allows you to stick new stickers on your smartphone.

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Conclusion: The tools mentioned above are the most downloaded alternative applications of the parallel space. They have good reviews, built-in privacy features and they do wonders.