Buying guide for the best Bluetooth speakerphone

Robust speaker

The devices of this certificate are completely waterproof and can sometimes stay under water for half an hour at a depth of 1 meter. This means you can also drop your Bluetooth speakers into your drinking water.

Do not buy Bluetooth speakers without certification.

If you plan to use it for water sports like canoeing or jet skiing.

In this case, it is useful to check if the Bluetooth speakers are in the water. This means it’s easy to recover if you accidentally lose it.

Fortunately, many new Bluetooth speakers are being released these days for this particular certification.

Another common certification is IPX5 waterproof, which means the Bluetooth speakers are splash proof.

Therefore, it cannot be immersed in water, but it is splash proof, making it suitable for use as a speaker for the bath.

If the next number in the Internet Protocol Address Certificate is not X
, but several such as . B. IP-67, this means the speaker is not only waterproof but also dustproof.

Some speakers would be shockproof, like the EU Wonderboom, and maybe the Fugoo Move.

If you choose to use the speaker with a cloth and you also want to use it on the shore.
Then it’s great to know that they can pick up sand very easily, which is exactly what is hard to get rid of.

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Connection selection

Several small portable speakers offer methods to attach or store the speaker to something.

These solutions can be very useful if you take a lot from the speaker.

Many of the options you will need are hinges. The notches can be used to insert a cord or possibly a carabiner into the speaker. This can be found for example with the JBL Move or also with the Sony X-11.

A better alternative would be to include a cord in the speaker, such as the JBL Switch 4.
Maybe the Sony SRS-XB10, and that means you can hang them up.

An even more attractive alternative is the integrated carabiner on this JBL Clip two, which is even semi-permeable.

Perhaps the elastic seams of this Bose SoundLink Micro and the cable of this UE Roll two.

These connectors are perfect if you want to attach a speaker to the back of your bike.


Unless you only want to use the speakerphone at home.
Next, you should especially check the battery life as it varies greatly from model to model.

Keep in mind that volume has a significant impact on battery life. The values given by the manufacturers in the specifications are often measured at about 50% of the volume.

Maximizing it can mean about 70-80% of battery life; that’s a huge and probably extremely frustrating gap.

For example, with the EU Wonderboom the manufacturer claims 10 hours of autonomy, which is probably achieved at about 50% of volume, but according to my estimates I managed only 6 hours 40 minutes at 70% of volume, even at full volume you can only play about 2 hours 10 minutes.

This is generally normal with all large speakers, as you are unlikely to use them regularly at full volume; however, it is much more likely with more compact speakers.

The maximum main speakers provide about 3.5 hours of playback on average, while the average can provide about 510 hours of music playback.

A speaker with a usable battery lasts about 1015 hours, as do some speakers that last more than 20 hours.

Another important aspect to consider when looking at the sound is the highest volume.

The more compact pocket speakers have enough volume to go to a second bedroom or sit down with all your friends to find a tune.

But I’m not offering them a garden or a bigger room.


Probably the most common redundant feature is your built-in microphone, which you can find in almost any Bluetooth call.

These speakers can be used as a speaker to receive and shorten calls without having to use your mobile phone directly.

This can come in handy when you’re in the pool or drinking a few glasses of water if your phone is in a waterproof case.

Most of these speakers also allow you to hold down the EVA on a mobile phone.

Once this is a common feature, check it in the specifications before buying, as there are several popular speakers like the UE Roll two or perhaps UE Wonderboom cases that do not have a microphone.

If you z. B. wants a bash speaker, it’s worth looking at ones with lights to add a little spice to the party.

In the Sony Extra Bass range, you can discover speakers like the Sony SRS-XB21, XB31 and possibly the XB41 with a flashing strobe effect.

Even the Sony SRS-XB41 should turn into a holiday speaker, as it also has multiple music playback features. So you can play other sounds through the speaker throughout the song you’re listening to, with five unique recommendations.

Among JBL speakers, the JBL Pulse 3 has the biggest light effect.

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If the light isn’t enough and you want to make it better, the FIRE audio box on the side also provides a real flame that dances to the music you play.

If you find that the fire is too strong, you may come across speakers that make use of the impact of water, such as the SoundSOUL water cooler or perhaps the Naxa NHS-2009.

Indestructible in lights, there are speaker lights that are standard for a long time with Bluetooth broadcast speakers, just like the Texas LED lights.

Another exciting category is that of floating speakers. If you want something beautiful and futuristic in your living room, then you should check out these speakers.

The common point of these devices is that a number of them can float in the atmosphere, creating a beautiful celestial encounter.

If you want something more authentic, enjoy the Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth speaker, which is based on vinyl records.

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