Best Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (Free Download)

Best Flash Tool for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (Free Download)

By manipulating your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and trying to correct or improve its performance or design, you may end up with a permanent boot loop or frozen screen. Such problems often occur when you try to download the firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. For example, flashing a custom ROM or installing a firmware patch on the phone. This is the main reason why your device cannot complete the boot sequence and your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 ends up in a boot loop, keeps rebooting or even gets stuck in the boot logo.

If this is the case with your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, then you know that what you are experiencing is called soft brick. This can be easily remedied by flashing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (download new firmware/ROM) with one of the best Android firmwares. Fortunately, the best flash tool for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is Odin.

Let me explain why, first – Android devices rarely have their own dedicated Flash tool. This does not apply to the power station and the Samsung brand. They developed their own flash tools and used them on their Samsung product, including using Odin’s best flash tool on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

And Samsung’s best flash tool?

SamsungAndroid One

Android One

Odin is without a doubt the best flash tool for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, which can be used to flash ROMs and remove bricks from the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (also the best flash tool for Samsung devices in general). The Flash tool (Odin) was originally developed exclusively as an internal tool in the company’s service center. However, it was leaked and has since been used as a tool for users to update their Samsung mobile devices with the latest operating system by flashing the required firmware, specifically a tool to flash the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

In general, Odin is a utility that detects your Samsung device when it is in download mode, but it is capable of flashing various files with .tar or .tar.md5 extensions. Even though Samsung has its mini Kies tool, Odin is still much more powerful and lighter and you can use it to flash TWRP recovery and custom cores on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Reminder: Since Odin has not been officially released and is not publicly supported by Samsung, you can only install firmware that has been released online and has a .tar.md5 extension.


  1. Under no circumstances operate your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 while the firmware is being loaded. You can destroy the firmware.
  2. Be patient, repeated attempts to load firmware or repeatedly pressing the start button can cause additional problems.
  3. Make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware and that the ODIN version of your device is correct.

Android Odin and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Requirements

Below are the requirements to run the Android Odin Flash tool for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

  1. Facilities for drivers (free)
  2. USB cable
  3. AfDB instrument
  5. Installation of PIT and TAR files

Manual for Android Odin and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 :

  1. Download the Samsung Odin tool (latest version or one adapted to your Android operating system, see below!) Do this on a Windows computer. Make sure you run the program as administrator.
  2. Select the firmware that matches your Samsung model and version of the Android operating system.
  3. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file (file types *.bin, *.tar or 8.tar .MD5 with extensions ONLY).
  4. Download, install and update all device drivers your PC needs (you will be notified if you run out of drivers).
  5. Start the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 in boot mode.
  6. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 > Press and hold the power button, volume down button and home button.
  7. You will feel the vibration and this screen:

  1. Press the key Increase the volume
  2. You see the android robot with the charge as shown:

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. Android One will recognize your phone. If Odin does not show the device, check that the USB connection is working and that there are no problems with the drivers or the USB port (see the USB message that appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar…).
  3. Press the PDA or AP button to load the firmware from the Appleicatio.n store.
  4. Press Open.

  1. After downloading the firmware to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, click the Start button to start the process.
  2. Finally, a green message saying PASS! will appear on the Odin startup screen and your device will reboot automatically.

General release for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2:

After flashing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, the phone does not boot up or gets stuck in the boot cycle.

  1. Remove the tailgate, remove the battery and check the belt tensioner drivers. This message will appear briefly when you reconnect the phone.
  2. You may need another device to clone the firmware, as you may have deleted important partitions that are not included in the new custom ROM.
  3. Open the scatter file and change all sections to is_download = true
  4. You need to find a replacement ROM that contains all the original partitions.
  5. Flash all partitions except the preloader, then find a program to retrieve the IMEI.

All versions of Samsung Un

The latest version of the flash tool for Samsung devices (check the latest version when it changes) :

Other versions of Odin (Each version is linked to Android firmware, see below for confirmation).

All versions of the Samsung Odin:

For new devices like Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note S10 and Galaxy Note S20 series

Look for the *versions: A v3.13.3*

to Android 10

Version : A version v3.14.1
: A v3.14.4

after Android 9.0 Pie

Version : A 3.13.1

After Android KitKat and Jelly Bean

Version : One v3.09.5

Version : A V3.10

Version : A v3.10.3

Version : A v3.10.5

Version : A v3.10.6

Version : A v3.10.7

after Android 6.0 Zephyr

Version : A v3.11.1

Version : A 3 v3.12.3

Version : A 3.12.4

Version : A 3.12.5

Version : A 3.12.7

Version : 1 3.12.10.

to Android KitKat

Version : A V1.85

Version : A 3 v3.07

If you want to know more about flash tools for other devices, check out the 8 best flash tools for android devices.

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