There are many styles of LED flashlights and LED flashlights are the most popular type of flashlight you can find. LED flashlights come in different sizes and shapes, such as the Streamlight HL60LF, the SureFire P2X Fury, the Fenix LD22, the Fenix PD35, the Fenix PD22, the Fenix P65, the Fenix PD32, the Fenix PD15, the Fenix PD20, the Fenix PD32E, the Fenix PD35E, the Fenix PD22E and the Fenix PD35E.

LED whips are a popular choice for lighting conventions, parties, and other events that need a lot of lumens. However, there are other choices out there for those of you who don’t want to be seen carrying a 20lb box of LEDs on stage.

It’s December 2021, and the second year of the Ten Year Review is upon us. After a decade of updates, the fast changing landscape of technology has brought about new innovations and devices that have revolutionized how we communicate, live and work. For manufacturers of LED lighting and electrically-powered products, the past decade has been a challenging time. We are presented with LEDs that have a wider variety of colors and light intensities, but they are also more expensive and more difficult to engineer. In addition, LED fixtures have changed from being a standard, off-the-shelf fixture, to an expensive custom-made fixture with high-end design features.

Have you ever thought about changing your life, but didn’t know which option to choose? Don’t worry, we got you covered. With a wide range of color changing LEDs, unparalleled flexibility and other related features, such as amazing durability, water resistance, etc., it can be used in a wide variety of applications. LED whips are the new ultimate. In addition, these LED lights often come with a remote control, which you can use to operate them as needed. The following article will help you focus on the best features that will help you choose the best LED Whip light flashlight. Quick navigation and overview

Best whip in 2021

Selection of the best led whips When it comes to choosing the best LED bulb, know that there are many features that you should study before making a final decision on the purchase. After looking at everything the market has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of the 9 best products currently on the market. To get started, I’ve put together a comparison table of the key features of the best LED whips. Comparison table

Product Resistor Package dimensions Weight  
RGB LED Rock Light Kit Watertightness and impact resistance 8.1 x 7 x 6.4 inches 4.36 pounds. Check price
4 foot LED whip for ATV UTV Waterproof and shockproof mechanism 51.1 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches 2.3 pounds. Check price
RGB spiral with tracer antenna Water and dustproof 72.3 x 3.2 x 2.7 in. 5.2 pounds. Check price
GloFX Space Whip Remix Waterproof, rainproof 7.6 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches 7.4 ounces Check price
Combined colour whip with LED lights and quick release 60 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches 2 books Check price
Xprite whip light LED Dance flagpole Resistant to shock and vibration. 23 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches 1.4 pounds. Check price
AL4X4 LED indicators with Bluetooth control Waterproof, anti-cold, anti-shock 48.9 x 2.2 x 1.9 inches 2.05 pounds. Check price
Gorilla LED whips with radio control 75.5 x 2 x 2 inches 2 books Check price
LED Lights for UTV ATV Waterproof 67.8 x 3 x 3 inches 5.88 pounds. Check price
Red LED Sand, dust, dirt, rain, oxidation and temperature of -20°F 60.7 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches 1.75 pounds Check price

Our Top 10 Whips

Below are the top 10 options for LED lighting. In each article, I have also highlighted the pros and cons that can help you make the decision to purchase the product in question. All right, let’s go!

1. RGB LED Rock Light Kit – The best of all

RGB LED Rock Lights Kit Test report I want to start my list with my top recommendation, my favorite choice: RGB LED lights. What I like most is that it has Bluetooth and cell phone controls, 16 DIY colors, timing and music, and flashing neon lights for the Jeep ATV UTV SUV trucks. It comes with a wireless remote that is compatible with Android and iOS. It also has two mounting brackets that make the whole wiring process easier. The installation is therefore quite simple. All you have to do is scan the instructions, download the application, sync it to your Bluetooth and viola !!!!. You can quickly install and enjoy your favorite light fixtures. As for functionality, the updated app lets you change colors by simply shaking your phone, and it’s also heat and shock resistant and waterproof, so you can enjoy fun lights in all weather conditions. However, the do-it-yourself effects are only available after installing or updating the application. In addition, the Bluetooth music control mode is compatible with iOS and Android. However, the LED bulb is heat resistant and does not fade. In addition, the impact resistant part prevents damage to your vehicle. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • Easy installation at the border
  • Two types of brackets for easy installation
  • Multicolor RGB effect
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • The do-it-yourself effect is only available when the application is installed.
  • Second generation Bluetooth music control mode is only compatible with iOS 7 or Android 4.3 or higher.

Results The Rock RGB LED light kit is my first choice and I highly recommend this model to all car enthusiasts.

2. 4ft LED Whip for UTV ATV – Best color combinations and flash speed options

Title: 4ft LED whip light with color combination for UTV ATV Then there is the 4-foot LED whip light for UTV ATV that comes with 21 modes, 20 colors, RF radio remote control, weatherproof features and an LED antenna with light for RZR Can-Am Polaris UTV ATV accessories. This is by far one of the best LED lights for ATVs and UTVs, available in many color combinations. The high-quality LED whip produces 20 color combinations, five adjustable brightness levels and ten flash speed options. The remote control has a user-friendly interface making everything very easy to understand and use. As for the overall design of the LED whip lamp, it is very flexible and the anti-shock mechanism allows it to absorb whips and certain degrees of concussion. All these properties increase the durability of the whole structure. The best part is the memory function, which allows you to save presets you’ve used in the past and store them so you can listen to them again in the future or when you need them. Finally, the installation is plug n play, and the included manuals make the whole process easy. On the other hand, there are no details to support the idea of heat resistance that existed for other models. But despite everything, the party seems to have been a success. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • Increased life span
  • Tightness according to IP65
  • Easy Installation
  • Has an anti-shock mechanism that increases durability.

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • No heat resistance function
  • No Bluetooth function
  • There is no application to install

Bottom line If you don’t want to go for the high-end recommendations, you should buy this model as it is durable, easy to install and the memory feature will surely amaze you.

3. Teochew LED 2 packs of 6 foot lighted whips – best in size

Teochew LED 2 packs illuminated whips 6 foot word-image-586 Next is a huge 6-foot LED bulb that produces 220 watts of power per pair. This is very important. Isn’t that so? It gives your car a cool and unique look, and the impressive American flag adds even more coolness. More importantly, these half-meter LED lights can be used as a warning light in the dark, attesting to the safety they provide for all users. Moreover, this 2-meter LED light is made to last, which means that it is equipped with all kinds of resistors that make it more durable and user-friendly. Plus, the swivel handle keeps it in good shape and the whole construction will last longer than you can imagine. The antenna is wrapped in EVA shrink tubing and silicone for long life. All this protects the LED chips from water and dust. It also gives the LED luminaire additional flexibility. Speaking of RF controllers: This controller allows you to switch to different modes, but it has the disadvantage that it only works at a distance of up to 10 meters. If you plan to use the phone over long distances, it is best to avoid this option. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • A large American flag that makes it unique
  • Ideal for UTV, RZR, Truck, SXS, 4X4, Jeeps, Boats, etc.
  • There is a wireless controller that allows you to switch to different modes.
  • Water and dustproof
  • EVA tube and silicone construction

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of heat resistance
  • No information about Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless remote control for distances up to 10 meters

Bottom line If you are looking for a great LED whip, this is the best option to consider. Try your luck and you will definitely be surprised.

4. GloFX Space Whip Remix – best fordancers.

GloFX Space Whip Remix Test Report Are you an enthusiastic person or do you like to party? Do you fantasize about dancing in the dark and being the center of attention yourself? Don’t worry, because there’s a GloFX Space Whip Remix with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard me right. It is waterproof, has the Rave-Proof Powerhouse, which gives it great durability. With its slim design, this lighted whisk offers a perfect hand position and prevents slipping, so you can use it with confidence. The disadvantage is the loss of the fiber and its softness after use. It’s also not heat-resistant. Therefore, users are advised to store the unit in a cool place when not in use in order to prevent damage and prolong its life. But on the other hand, we have 35 color options with 18 custom lighting modes, 5 of which use a rainbow of colors! Best of all, you can choose the three colors you like, and once you’ve chosen your favorites, you can easily save them. This product is assembled in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard me right! GloFx’s lifetime warranty applies, as does a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • Easy one-button programming
  • Nanofiber optics with a soft final glow
  • Made of optical fibers
  • Lightweight with rechargeable batteries
  • Lifetime warranty and 30 days money back guarantee

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Fibre loss and softness after use
  • Lack of heat resistance

Bottom row If you are a fan of parties and raves, this is your best chance to adorn yourself with the glow of this LED whip that works best at night.

5. Xprite 2ft Spiral RGB Whip Light – LED Dancing Flagpole

Xprite 2ft Spiral RGB Whip Light word-image-587 And then there’s the LED whip with over 300 distinctive patterns, including tracking, strobe, stacked and even sequential effects, that contribute to the safety and visibility of your vehicle. Made of ultra-bright SMD diodes that offer stunning colors and high brightness, the 2-meter long Spiral Whip light adds safety and visibility to your daily path and attracts the attention of your audience in no time, and the best part is that it is controlled by a very easy to use wireless controller that is multifunctional and can control multiple LED units alone. On the other hand, it is not heat resistant and has no connectivity with phones, which means everything is controlled by remote control only. Also, no antenna mount is included, but you are resistant to water, dust, wind, etc., so you can enjoy the light shows even on rainy days and even at beach parties. Moreover, the silicone coating makes it more durable and vibrant, which is really a must for all of you. Moreover, the lifespan of these LED lights is about fifty thousand (50,000) hours. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • LED whiplight with black quick release foot
  • Silicone coating for durability and brilliant sound
  • Unique design for a brighter display
  • Sealed to protect against water, dirt, sand, mud, wind, etc.
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Adjustable speed and brightness

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of heat resistance
  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Antenna type Mounting bracket not included

Bottom line Its resilience and protection against an endless list of things makes it a must-have for anyone who worries a lot.

6. AL4X4 4FT LED Whip – Single Whip with Bluetooth Control

AL4X4 4FT LED whip lights word-image-588 This LED whip can create over 300 attractive combinations, including adjustable speed and brightness for chasing, blinking and even sequential light effects, so you can have a truly customized lighting experience. It also has a unique base that allows the user to pick up the safety whip with ease. Plug-n-play components make it easy to turn the fixture on and off. It can also make your vehicle stand out on the road and increase safety. The tube is durable and high quality, it covers and protects the LED from many weather conditions. The tube is stronger than the ordinary PC tube, it is waterproof, anti-cold and anti-shock. It is Bluetooth-enabled and iOS/Android compatible, with speed control, music mode and strobe light. This whip fits most ATV’s, Quads, UTV’s, Dune buggies, Sand rails, Mining vehicles, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Trucks, Off-Road, Go Kart, Golf Cart and all 12V DC multi-purpose vehicles. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • LED whip with unique spiral dance design
  • Bluetooth control and perfect synchronization
  • Sturdy tube, easy to install with the quick release foot
  • Waterproof, cold and shock resistant.

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of resistance to overheating
  • Has a / a whip

Results The unique whip is compatible with Bluetooth and Android and iOS. So, if you are a technology lover, you should try this device.

7. Gorilla LED Whips

LED WhipsGorilla Review Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme is unlike any other LED whip on the market. This LED whip features the brightest LEDs, each of which changes color and position with the push of a button. Light up the night sky with a choice of 20 different colors and 19 customizable settings….. all with one LED whip! No other LED whip is comparable to the Gorilla Whips LED Xtreme in terms of brightness, color, overall strength and durability….. guaranteed! Great for Jeeps, trucks, ATVs, RZRs, dune buggies, sand rails, UTVs and everything in between. Harder. Heller. Better… It’s guaranteed! They are made of a durable polycarbonate compound that is also flexible. The product comes with 20 different built-in colors and has 19 customizable modes. Speaking of the wiring harness: It has a forty centimetre quick-release coupling and two threaded connections for a quick connection. In short, it’s fast. From installation to use, everything happens as fast as you can imagine. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • Made of patented polycarbonate, durable and flexible.
  • Illuminate the night sky with the brightest LEDs on the market.
  • 20 different built-in colors and 19 customizable mode settings
  • 40″ quick release harness and 2 quick release connectors.
  • 1 Aluminium quick release clip Billet with quick release pin

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of water and heat resistance
  • No compatibility with phones

Bottom row The Gorilla Whip, as the name suggests, has the brightest LEDs, which is a must if you want to attract the attention of bystanders.

8. 2pcs 5ft Spiral LED Whips

Spiral LED Whip Lights (5FT/2PC) word-image-589 The incredibly bright LEDs always stand out, and the unique spiral design allows for more LEDs per meter of braid. This whip light has an external controller for a pair of whips so you can change the colors, intensity, and flashing patterns simultaneously without missing a beat. The package includes an RGB spiral whip light, controller and battery, an American flag to make it even more unique, a set of flag brackets, a snap-on mounting base and bracket, a controller driver, and finally an instruction manual. The product is waterproof, impact resistant, virtually indestructible and easy to install with its quick release foot. The good news is that it’s available in 20 color combinations, five brightness levels and ten flash patterns: If you count, that’s 1,000 different options! The best part is the sweat-free installation. Yes, you are not mistaken, this product comes with easy installation, so you don’t have to worry. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • 20 colour combinations and 5 brightness levels
  • Easy Installation
  • Foot with quick release
  • Slim black design
  • 50% more LEDs
  • IP65 sealing

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of heat resistance
  • No compatibility with phones

Results Ultimately, the best thing about this product is the ease of installation.

9. Add-Safety 5FT Red LED Whip

Red LED whips 5FT for extra safety word-image-590 Add-Safety LED whips have a durable plastic tube that lasts longer than you think. It also features 5050 ultra-bright SMD LEDs, a thick and durable clear plastic tube that covers the LEDs and protects them from many weather conditions. In addition, the user can easily remove the safety whip thanks to the latest aluminum base with quick release. Plug-n-play components make it easy to turn the fixture on and off. The tube is made of transparent and resistant plastic that covers the LEDs and protects them from many weather conditions. This tube is stronger than an ordinary PC tube; it can withstand harsh field conditions. Features include waterproof silicone insulation that protects against sand, dust, dirt, rain, oxidation and temperatures of -20°F, and a soft O-ring on the top for oil pressure. By resilient, we mean you can use it freely in the rain, dust, all kinds of dirt and so on, and the icing on the cake is that it’s oxidation resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting or anything. It is widely used for off-road vehicles like Sand Rails/Buggies, SxS, ATV/UTV, 4×4, Jeeps, Boat etc. and the best part is that it offers one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry and can try it out. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • One year warranty
  • Sustainable
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to dust, dirt, rain and oxidation

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Not heat resistant
  • Does not work from phones

Bottom line In short, if you are looking for a durable product, you should buy this. It is durable and will last a long time. 10. G2 4 feet 20 colors 200 LEDs combined G2 4ft 20 colors 200 combination word-image-591 If you want an LED whip with endless color combinations, this is the product for you. With 20 colors and 200 combinations, this 4 foot LED whip lamp is a must for anyone looking to add color to their life. It has an aluminum quick disconnect so you can connect it in a jiffy. It has also been tested at speeds in excess of 100 mph and has a 3 meter wire. Users are usually surprised by the whip antenna part because they find it more attractive and eye-catching. There is also a quick stop option so you can enjoy these LED whips at night in the dunes. Finally, you will be surprised by the great customer experience in the online store where all your questions are addressed and answered well to make it easy for you and guide you through all the steps. On the other hand, the concept of heat resistance is not found, which means that you have to vary on this point. In addition, shock and water resistance must be guaranteed. Also, there is no compatibility with mobile phones and the idea of Bluetooth and apps doesn’t work either. So, you need to pay attention to these factors before opting for this particular option. Check out the price on Amazon Functions at a glance :

  • 20 colors 200 combinations of LED whips
  • Binary aluminium quick release coupling
  • 5050 LED chips (more than 300!)
  • Tested at speeds above 100 mph
  • 10 meter wiring included

Disadvantages and possible side effects

  • Lack of heat resistance
  • No compatibility with mobile phones

Results It is a product for those who want to bring colour into their lives. This is due to the infinite range of colours that the product offers.

Things to look out for when buying whips

Here are the basic things to consider when buying an LED whip.


Always choose a product that is made of water and dust resistant materials and has a cushioning mechanism. Silicone is a good option when it comes to evaluating the material the LED whip is made of. Make sure you choose a product that will last.

Simple installation

If you want to do the installation yourself, choose a product that is easy to install. There are different types of installation, but make sure you choose the one that costs the least and finishes on time. The idea of opening with a QR scan followed by the installation of an app is commonplace these days, but again, it depends on the product you bought and the installation method it offers. However, ask the seller/manufacturer if the manual is included before you proceed with installation and even before you make a final purchase decision, because if it is not, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to install all the equipment.


Many LED lamps come with a warranty. Whether it’s a lifetime warranty or a money-back guarantee, you should definitely look into it, but keep in mind that not all products come with a warranty, some may even be sold without one, but the features they offer are so appealing that it’s hard to resist. You should be prepared to read the warranty before you decide to buy an item.

Remote control

You can ignore this option, but then you have to pay attention to the type of remote control that comes with it. There are many wireless and wired controller options on the market, but be very careful because not all wireless controllers work well out of band. Some limit themselves to the shortest routes, which causes problems later.

frequently asked questions

When you are working with LED lighting, you are overwhelmed with many questions that make you unsure of what to do and what not to do. With that in mind, I’ve tried to summarize and answer some of these thorny questions to help the public decide.

Are LED low beam headlights only for cars?

No, usage varies from person to person. They are mainly used in vehicles, but can also be used at raves, dance parties and celebrations, which also depends on the type of product being used.

Which vehicles can be fitted with these lamps?

These lights can be used on all types of vehicles.

Can colours be chosen at random?

Yes, you can choose colors from the variety available on the controller.

Do these lights only turn on and off with the remote control?

You can use a remote control to turn the whips on and off, or even better, install a switch in the power line to turn the whip on and off.

There’s no size limit, but a 4-foot-long LED whip will do for an ATV.

Are all Whip Lights LED lights compatible with Android and iOS?

No, compatibility varies from product to product. Some are compatible with both Android and iOS, some have specific versions that are compatible and the rest are either not compatible or work regardless of the phone/system used.

What is the main function of the LED whip?

LED lighting creates an attractive view for spectators, especially during the dark hours of the day. You can perceive it as a glow in the dark or as a bright, pleasant light.

How long does the LED whip last?

It varies according to the product line and is different for each type of product.

Can these lights be used as warning signals?

Yes, they can be used as warning signals.

Are all Whip Lights LED lights waterproof?

Most are waterproof, but not all. In addition, some of them are resistant to dust and certain temperatures.


A good LED light is easy to use, made from the best materials and offers simple installation. The user decides which functions he needs in the product. If you liked any of the above designs and have any comments or general recommendations or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below!You can have the best LED whip, but if the product is at the bottom of the list, then you can’t get any traction. So, let’s see the top 10 LED wands that will surely brighten up your party and nightlife.. Read more about gorilla whips vs 5150 whips and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gorilla whips good?

Gorilla whips are not what they used to be. Even though these whips are still popular with a lot of people, they find it hard to use. This is because of how the whips are designed. A lot of people find it hard to use the whips because they are often difficult to squeeze. To make sure that the users have a good experience and can easily use the gorilla whips, some manufacturers added a rubbery handle. The market for LED whips is rapidly expanding, with new models appearing every few months. How fast can this market grow? How much are we going to spend if we want to buy the new best whips?

What are led whips used for?

LED whips are a relatively new type of lighting technology that is slowly becoming more popular in the world of photography and cinematography. These whips provide a full spectrum of colors, and can be set to a variety of modes, such as color correction and color correction whips. These whips are generally used for video production, but can also be used when working with live footage or still photos. LED (Light Emitting Diode) whips are one of the most popular lighting products on the market today. These whips are a mix of LED lights, flexible wire, and a controller, that can be used as lighting or decoration. LED whips have a wide variety of uses, and they are also becoming more popular to be used as a tool for lighting and decoration.

What is a gorilla whip?

I love my smartphone and use it daily. But, there’s one thing I don’t like about my smartphone — it’s small. So I often find myself holding it in only one hand while doing all of my activities without a second thought. I’ve even found myself often wishing I could multi-task by not holding my device with just one hand. The gorilla whip was originally designed to turn smartphones into small tablets. It’s available in both black and white versions and can be attached to your smartphone using a double-sided adhesive. The gorilla whip is a USB charger that looks like a long, thin stick, but instead of a traditional USB connector on one end, it has a large charging contact. This contact has two prongs, one on the side and one on the bottom. The whole contact is covered by a plastic cap that can be removed and flipped upside down, exposing the charging contact. The cap is designed so that when flipped, it can be held in place by a thumb and press against the prong on the bottom.

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