Communication is an effective tool for business success. As technology evolves over time, geographical areas and borders cannot slow down or limit the economy and its activities. In the course of time, new and better methods of business communication have been developed here.

For entrepreneurs, the presence of a fax connection has become mandatory. Many government organizations only accept faxes as a readable platform. Moreover, the fax remains the most reliable platform for sending and receiving information.

However, you do not need a fax machine to send or receive a fax. Google Fax Free has proven to be the most reliable, secure and trustworthy way for companies to communicate. This brings extra value and improves the functionality of your company.

Best free online fax: CocoFax

In business communications, you cannot risk spreading information and secrets. While almost all communication services are hacked and monitored, CocoFax continues to provide absolute security in its behavior.

There are currently many online fax providers, but you can’t rely on just any application for your business communication. CocoFax has created a satisfied customer base of companies and enterprises that guarantee the impressive user interface.

Simplified fax transmission

With CocoFax you can enjoy all the benefits of a fax machine without having to buy it. The purchase and maintenance of a fax machine is in itself a financial struggle. That’s why CocoFax is so much preferred in companies, because it works even better than a real fax machine.

You can send and receive faxes remotely. The application also offers a free trial period during which you can test your comfort with CocoFax. It offers a free trial period of 30 days. It’s a real trial period with no hidden costs.

During this period you can use all services and even cancel your subscription if it is not to your liking. However, any prudent entrepreneur will only subscribe to this platform immediately because it offers perfect communication.

Remote communication

The year 2020 has in many ways become a learning curve. People couldn’t come to the office, the courier service didn’t work and communication was effectively disrupted. For many companies it is also a point of sale if they need to reduce the reliability of their office infrastructure?

The CocoFax online fax service enables companies and employees to work remotely. Business communication can continue at a normal pace, despite the fact that many means of communication do not work.

Free fax number

Requesting a fax number can cost you time, patience and productivity. You can work hard waiting for your fax number. With CocoFax you receive a fax number almost immediately.

When you subscribe to CocoFax, you remove another item from the list. You will immediately receive a fax number without having to submit an application and wait for the application to be approved.

Economic efficiency

Why waste paper by sending paper faxes when you can send one online? It was a question whose answer saved companies a lot of operational costs and resources.

Your business can operate without having to worry about the rising cost of office supplies, investment in fax machines and the general wear and tear that comes with it. It also allows significant savings on the cost of sending faxes. This makes sending faxes around the world more spontaneous and cost-effective than ever before.

Send and receive faxes via CocoFax

After explaining the absolute simplicity offered by CocoFax, let’s see how you can send and receive faxes via CocoFax in a minimum of time.

Prerequisites for this step are a subscription to CocoFax, a device with Internet access and a stable Internet connection. Once you have consulted this list, you can send faxes almost immediately via CocoFax.

Electronic fax

This is the preferred route, because it offers absolute simplicity in the work. Simply add a suffix to the fax number in the recipient’s column or to the fax number. For simplicity, the e-mail address of each fax (the digits of the fax number) is

Simply add a fax document as an attachment to your e-mail and when you click Send, the fax will pass through two different communication platforms, i.e. it will be scanned in analogue telephone mode.

CocoFax is compatible with all major email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and others. This is a simplified method, as delivery messages are also sent. When an email is received, it simply appears in your inbox, ensuring that a fax is never missed.

Fax via Microsoft Office 365

In addition to sending via Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 can also be used as a convenient fax mode. In the Microsoft Word document, you can add CocoFax as a function, and it will appear as a welcome ribbon and as a page description.

Once you have opened the document you want to send, simply click on the ribbon and it will automatically guide you to the CocoFax feeder. After confirmation, your fax will be sent.

Fax via dashboard

The CocoFax dashboard is an efficient platform. It can be accessed from a computer, desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. It acts as a database of all faxes sent and received. You have access to the dashboard to send and receive faxes as you wish.


CocoFax continues to amaze its customers with its versatility of use. This does not lead to bottlenecks in companies where there is only one way of working. Google Fax Free has received a lot of praise for its ideal platform such as CocoFax.

For companies, faxes and cost savings are two important elements. CocoFax combines these functions with many others that will ultimately benefit your business. So don’t waste time and efficiency sending out obsolete faxes. Go to Cocofax.

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