If you drive a
snowmobile, make sure you have a warm snow jacket?

But wait, what’s the best snowcoat you can wear in the alley?

In terms of popularity, Klim snowmobile jackets are very popular. Does that mean the warmest snowmobile jackets from the manufacturers of climate products?

Let’s look at point
of this article.

Comparison of snowmobile jackets for men

  Climbing robe KLIM Keweenaw jacket Lockable platform cover X FXR Octopus housing 509 R-200 Jacket
Technology Gore-Tex shell performance Highly breathable two-layer GORE-TEX outer fabric ColdShield Castle Padded Insulation FXR dry ventilation system 5TECH housing technology
Hardware 3M Scotchlite reflective materials for improved visibility in low light conditions 3M Scotchlite C790 Reflective Carbon Black as bio-motivation Sturdy polyester/nylon jacket Robust nylon shell with HydrX coating 300D Cordura HP polyester front fabric
In Bold Mesh hem and cuffs for draining water from the sleeves Full length zipper over the pit and the rear hole with powder gauze flap. Zipper in breast pocket Front panel with cold stop and magnetic locking system Detachable hood and waterproof zippers
Design YKK two-way front zipper Inner pockets with internal routing connections for headphones Withdrawal project Adjustable cuffs with lycra inner extensions Fully sewn belt construction
Shooters Reconsideration of the biomotor New high-density insulation package withstands high pressure at high speed Double stitched seams with a waterproof polyurethane jacket reflective material Removable 200 gram insulating liner
Our result 98/100 97/100 96/100 96/100 95/100
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Comparison of snowmobile jackets for women

  KLIM Mountaineer jacket CLIMDiaperrobe FXR Renegade 2021 Jacket Jacket code lock X Polar butterfly
Technology Two-layer Gore-Tex performance shell Implementation of the 2-layer Gore-Tex envelope FXR-Dry Vent™ System 3M Thick original insulation 3M Zone insulation
Hardware 3M™ Scotchlite™ C790 Reflective Carbon Black 3M Tartan Reflective Material Nylon shell Omni-Stretch™ with HydrX laminate Pro™. Polyester and nylon agricultural coatings Durable 300D polyester fabric with a flexible sheath
In Bold Adjustable microfibre collar Robust nylon construction Removable thermal liner with 150 g Thermal Filler Flex™. Waterproof and breathable laminated materials for the outer shell and DWR coating PWR fabric (durable water-repellent)
Design No filling to reduce bulk 3 in 1 insulated fleece jacket Removable and adjustable hood Removable 3M thick insulation Original 60g insulation Three-in-one model with removable lining that can be worn at will
Shooters Ventilation holes in the entire well Gauze gutter system Sealing in critical areas Windproof Ven-Tex 2.0 Sleeve and collar insulation
Our result 98/100 98/100 97/100 96/100 96/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

My personal recommendation for men

Personally, I would recommend a Climbing Apex jacket to snowmobiles. However, if you haven’t found the right snowmobile jacket for you, you can also try the FXR Adrenaline Jacket.

The Climbing Apex jacket uses the Gore-tex technology of the 3-layer projack, which is a hydrophobic material. In such extreme weather conditions, it keeps you dry and provides sufficient ventilation. The architecture, style, technology, features and design of the Climbing Apex jacket are combined in perfect proportions to meet the needs of the user. The Apex jacket is protected in every corner and offers best-in-class aggressiveness, unsurpassed weather protection, exceptional abrasion resistance and full impact coverage.

There are many good reviews on this jacket. Most of them say that Klim Apex is the best snowmobile jacket because he makes the body thinner and fits better than other snowmobile jackets.

On the other hand, the FXR Adrenaline Jacket is also an excellent choice with the Advanced Climate Management Technology System, whose insulated floating lining gives you flexibility.

Each of them is a good thief because of its design and specific features. So if you’re considering buying a snowmobile jacket, I recommend Climb Apex and FXR Adrenaline.

My personal recommendation for women

If I only need to recommend two snowmobile jackets especially for women, I’ll take the Climb Alpine Women’s Parka and the Renegade FXR Renegade FX Women’s Jacket.

The Climbing Alpine Women’s Parka Gore-Tex, with its high-quality double-layer shell, ensures dry storage in extreme weather conditions. Designed specifically for the world’s most demanding female riders, it fits perfectly with Klim’s multi-layer women’s equipment. The pockets of this jacket can hold various items such as a headphone, an mp3 player and a mobile phone, which is easily accessible in any position and gives you great flexibility. It also offers a choice of different colours. Finally, a ventilation system specially designed for women.

The other one you might consider is the feminine FXR Renegade FX jacket. It features a special waterproof and slightly insulated Omi-Stretch nylon cover, a removable thermal lining for body temperature regulation and protection against the cold, specially designed wrists and zippers and the Renegade Dry Vent ventilation system.

All in all, both coats are good. Every one of them is a good thief. You can enjoy your snowmobile without having to worry about your protection when using one of these snowmobile jackets.

Best snowmobile jackets for men in 2020.

The warmest snowmobile jackets

Climbing robe

If you prefer a snowmobile near a pond or pond, you will need a snowmobile jacket that is one step further than a normal jacket. The lifejacket features extra protection against low temperatures and buoyancy, ideal to keep you in the water while generating extreme heat in very cold weather.

The Ascent Float system is a flexible, breathable, closed foam that is integrated into specially designed ducts that offer the benefits of a float without compromising mobility and comfort. AFS foam does not absorb water and offers considerable thermal insulation properties compared to standard insulation.

The Rift Jacket is made of Gore-Tex, which guarantees a durable, waterproof and 100% windproof jacket, as well as great breathability when riding a snowmobile. This snowmobile jacket is designed to work without additional floating bibs, providing more comfort and convenience.

It is equipped with 3M Thinsulate thermal insulation with 180 grams on the body and 100 grams on the collar and another 60 grams of floating foam. This insulation system helps to store heat and release cold to keep you warm during the coldest snowmobile rides.

The jacket is made of 3M Scotchlite and Biomotion detection reflective materials for protection on snowmobiles in low light or at night.

The Breccia Jacket is available in four different colours and in sizes XS and 3XL. The jacket is a bit thick and light, so be careful if you want to use it as a hanging jacket.

The advantages of

  • Floating elevator system
  • ASPO foam
  • Gore-Tex body structure
  • 3M Thin Insulation
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective materials and biomotional detection

KLIM Keweenaw jacket

KLIM offers a newly designed Keweenaw jacket to give you the warmest, most versatile and strongest snowmobile jacket on the market. It is specially designed to adapt to extreme conditions while increasing safety when using snowmobiles near lakes and other bodies of water.

The 3-in-1 jacket now includes a removable fleece vest that can be worn on or off for maximum warmth. It also has many pockets and adjustable features that allow you to customize your jacket to your taste.

The Thinsulate 3M provides warmth on the body and sleeves with 200 grams of insulation and on the collar with the addition of 200 grams for maximum warmth when riding a snowmobile. An insulation with a total weight of 400 grams allows use even at negative temperatures.

It features a Gore-Tex Performance Shell, which guarantees waterproofness and windproofness combined with excellent breathability. The nylon structure offers maximum strength.

It is equipped with a 3 meter long Scotch reflective material and a biomotility detection system that provides high visibility for a safe lane for snowmobiles in low light or at night.

An attractive range of colours and patterns is available for the Keweenaw jacket. It is available in five colours and in sizes ranging from SM to 3XL. However, it offers fewer ventilation systems with two vents and background ventilation.

The advantages of

  • Removable beef vest
  • 3M Thin Insulation
  • Gore-Tex, the performance shell
  • 3 million Scots awarded for reflective materials and biomotion
  • Has many pockets and adjustable functions
  • Selection of attractive colours and patterns


  • less airy

Climate Valdez jacket

The KLIM Valdez Men’s Snowmobile Jacket is a breakthrough in terms of strength and weight reduction and offers more freedom of movement and ventilation when riding a snowmobile.

The three-layer Gore-Tex Pro outer shell guarantees dryness. This construction also ensures durability and air permeability.

The redesigned 400D shoulder and elbow pads are reinforced to provide greater freedom of movement while reducing the weight of the jacket to increase comfort and reduce stress on long snowmobile rides.

This jacket uses 3M Scotchlite C790 reflective materials and Biomotion detection for snowmobile rides in low light and at night.

For maximum ventilation, KLIM has zippered ventilation holes in the armpits, double ventilation holes for the forearms and biceps and double ventilation holes in the back for more comfort when snowmobiling.

Other comfortable features of this jacket include removable shoulder pads, a D-ring cable, a zippered chest pocket and a headphone jack and braided leather for the glasses in the pocket. This jacket is available in sizes SM to 5XL. However, some say that the size is slightly larger than they expected.

The advantages of

  • Three-layer Gore-Tex Pro outer shell
  • 400D panels on shoulders and elbows
  • 3M Scotchlite C790 Reflective materials in carbon black
  • Identification of biomotors

Lockable platform cover X

If you prefer snowmobiles in extremely cold weather and need a warm snowmobiling jacket to combat the bad weather, the Castle X Platform Jacket will meet all your snowmobiling needs.

The jacket is made of durable polyester and nylon and has a durable, padded ColdShield insulation that weighs 200 grams on the body and 150 grams on the sleeves to keep you warm while snowmobiling. It also includes waterproof polyurethane-coated housing materials and REP coatings.

It is made of materials that reflect 3M Scotch whiskey, with an insulated flizelin collar and adjustable velcro cuffs with flizelin. Available in sizes SM till 4XL.

Because the Platform Jacket only has waterproof linings, some people wanted to improve the waterproofness of the jacket, because with this jacket you can easily get wet while snowmobiling.

The advantages of

  • ColdShield Castle Padded Insulation
  • Sturdy polyester and nylon housing construction
  • Reflective materials from 3M Scotch Whisky
  • Waterproof, PU and DWR coated housing material


  • Water tightness can be improved

FXR Octopus housing

The FXR Octopus jacket is designed for colder snowmobiles. This jacket is not only one of the best men’s snowmobile jackets available on the market when you ride near water or a pond. It has many features that will solve all your snowmobile problems.

The body is made of durable HydrX-coated nylon with a fleece cover and also features the FXR Dry Vent system. These features ensure that the jacket is strong and resistant to snow and moisture, while there is sufficient side ventilation of the suitcase.

The combined F.A.S.T./FXR Thermal Flex thermal insulation weighs 260 grams and keeps you warm while snowmobiling.

The FXR is equipped with the exclusive HydrX single layer waterproof laminate and the F.A.S.T. floating diaphragm as a safety system providing protection and excellent cold weather performance. The swim assistant’s design is discreet and lightweight and offers you comfort without compromising your safety.

It is also equipped with a 3 meter Scottish 360˚ reflector for snowmobiles in low light and at night. Other features include an adjustable collar and lower leg, a front pocket cuff with magnetic closure and a cold stop system and adjustable cuffs with lycra inner cuff extensions. The jacket is available in sizes SM to 3XL.

However, few people have noticed that the jacket is not warm enough and that more layers are needed underneath, but they have also noticed that the jacket is spacious enough for that.

The advantages of

  • Durable nylon with HydrX coating
  • FXR dry ventilation system
  • F.A.S.T./FXR thermal insulation Flex
  • HydrX single laminate for moisture protection
  • F.A.S.T. Floating membrane.
  • 360˚ 3M Scottish whisky reflective materials


  • We need more layers on the floor.

509 R-200 Insulating sheath

The versatile 509 R-200 insulated snowmobile jacket is suitable for cold weather on snowmobiles and for warmer spring days. It is not necessary to buy two sets of equipment for different snowmobile trips, the R-200 has you covered.

An important feature responsible for its versatility is a thin 200 gram removable lining hidden in a 5TECH jacket for the whole season. It also comes with a detachable hood. Carry it on a snowmobile in cold weather and remove it with a simple click in warm weather.

It features a Cordura HP 300D polyester rod and an articulated fit for strength and comfort.

509 have installed air inlets at the front and air outlets at the back for more ventilation and comfort.

The jacket is available in sizes XS to 3XL. However, few people complain about the size and fit of the jacket. They noticed that he was slightly taller than expected, or that his hands were a bit small and didn’t fit as well as the rest of his body.

The advantages of

  • Removable 200 gram insulating liner
  • Waterproof jacket 5TECH
  • 300D Cordura HP polyester front fabric
  • Front inlet and exhaust pipes

Best ladies snowmobile jackets in 2020.

KLIM Mountaineer jacket

The new Alpine Jacket promises to be the most technically advanced jacket for women on snowmobiles, with new and improved comfort and mobility features that give you complete confidence in the snow.

It features a Gore-Tex Performance Shell that keeps you dry and protects you from snow, water and wind, while providing maximum strength and breathability. This construction retains moisture and wind and quickly absorbs sweat and moisture inside for extra warmth and comfort during intensive snowmobile use.

The CLIM nappy system eliminates the need for pads to reduce volume and weight, resulting in a more relaxed and less stressful fit and feel during long hours of snowmobiling.

Thanks to feedback from snowmobiles, Alpine now has a detachable and adjustable hood that provides extra protection against snow and water on the head and is suitable for aggressive snowmobiles.

It is available in four bright colours and in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The design and colours are very attractive, but they don’t offer that much storage space and pockets.

The advantages of

  • Gore-Tex, the performance shell
  • KLIM layer system
  • Removable and adjustable hood
  • Attractive design and colours
  • Light


The Strata jacket is based on the legendary Keweenaw jacket, with a more individual fit and increased thermal insulation, ideal for women’s snowmobiles. It has the same high quality features with different individual characteristics to meet the needs of women in the snow.

The 3-in-1 jacket contains a removable, insulated fleece lining that can be worn alone or together with the jacket in very cold weather. Like Keweenaw, Strata has multiple pockets and adjustable features at the collar, cuffs and cuffs for a durable fit.

The Strata jacket has 3M thermal insulation with 250 grams on the body, 200 grams on the sleeve and 100 grams on the collar. This thermal insulation system is built with the increased number of women traveling on a snowmobile to provide maximum warmth and protection when traveling on snow, even in sub-zero temperatures.

The hull is made of Gore-Tex and the resistant nylon fabric guarantees 100% wind and water resistance for snowmobiles. It holds water, snow and wind and offers exceptional breathability to quickly absorb moisture and keep you warm and comfortable.

It is also equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective material and a biomotility detection system for low-light visibility or night protection.

The Strata jacket is available in sizes XS up to 2XL and in four colours. The design and colour of the jacket are less visible, even compared to Keweenaw. Besides, like Keweenaw, he only has two mine shafts and one backward shaft.

The advantages of

  • Removable insulating fleece lining
  • Increases the insulation thickness by 3M
  • Gore-Tex shell design and durable nylon fabric
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material and biomotional detection
  • Has many pockets and adjustable functions


  • Fewer color and visibility options
  • less airy

Ladies FXR Renegat FX JacketWomen’s FXR Renegat FX Jacket

FXR did a great job again with the Renegade FX women’s snowmobile jacket. Flexibility and warmth go hand in hand in this jacket.

The Renegade Jacket consists of an Omni-stretch nylon jacket with HydrX Pro laminate, while the jacket’s waterproof membrane ensures dryness in cold weather and maximum mobility and flexibility. The 90 gram insulation on the outside of the snowmobile provides warmth during the ride.

The jacket is accentuated by the heavy 150 gram removable thermal lining, which provides extra warmth. You can wear it for snowmobile rides in cold weather or take it off for warmer days. Although it is removable, it is not a stand-alone product, you have to wear it with your jacket.

The FXR dry ventilation system prevents the loss of snow and moisture by allowing heat to escape for ventilation.

The jacket is available in sizes 4 to 24 and comes in six colours.

The advantages of

  • Omni-Stretch nylon shell with HydrX Pro laminate
  • 90 grams of insulation
  • 150 grams of removable thermal insulation
  • FXR dry ventilation system


  • The removable thermal substrate is not a separate product.

Locking Code X Ladies Snow Jacket

The woman’s snowmobile jacket is made of durable polyester/nylon. It is a 3M thick insulating shell in the outer jacket of 100 grams on the body and 80 grams on the sleeve. It also has a removable insulation insert that provides additional insulation of 100 grams on the hull and 80 grams on the hull. The removable lining is not a separate jacket, so you can not only wear it, but it provides extra insulation for the colder days or you can take it off for the warmer days.

The woman’s snowmobile jacket is made of durable polyester/nylon. It is a 3M thick insulating shell in the outer jacket of 100 grams on the body and 80 grams on the sleeve. It also has a removable insulation insert that provides additional insulation of 100 grams on the hull and 80 grams on the hull. The removable lining is not a separate jacket, so you can not only wear it, but it provides extra insulation for the colder days or you can take it off for the warmer days.

The breathable Ven-Tex 2.0 laminated fabric and the DWR coated outer jacket make the Ven-Tex 2.0 laminated jacket waterproof and windproof and provide breathability when riding a snowmobile.

Other features of the jacket are: two-way ventilation Ventec with polyester mesh to stop snow and lining, an inner zipped pocket, double spandex storage pockets, an insulated fleece collar and adjustable Velcro cuffs on the sleeves. It also features 3M viscose reflective materials for snowmobiles in low light.

The advantages of

  • High strength polyester/nylon outer jacket
  • 3M Thin Insulation
  • insulated lining
  • Laminated shell Ven-Tex 2.0 and
  • Coated PWR outer casing


  • The removable insulation jacket is not a stand-alone product.
  • less airy

PolarisFemale threaded throttle valve

The Polaris Throttle Jacket is designed for all active and stylish women on the move with snowmobiles. It has triple insulation to prevent all unpleasant situations, while having a classic look with a feminine cut.

The jacket has 3M-zone insulation with 180 grams in the main section and 100 grams on the sleeves. The collar features a soft 300D DWR coated durable fabric to keep you dry and warm while snowmobiling. The three-in-one model with removable lining can be worn independently for extra warmth and versatility. Wear the removable lining yourself or remove it for warmer snowmobiles or wear it under your jacket in cooler weather.

The jacket is equipped with a maximum ventilation system with double-sided zipper and ventilation at the back to regulate the ventilation and body temperature.

The 3M Scotchlite reflective material improves visibility at night or in low light when driving a snowmobile.

The gear vest is only available in three colours and in sizes ranging from SM to 3XL.

The advantages of

  • 3M Zone insulation
  • Durable 300D soft fabric with DWR coating
  • Three-in-one insulated system with removable lining
  • 3M Tartan Reflective Material


  • Less colour choices
  • less airy

Things to do
Snowmobile jackets check
Before purchase

Before you buy a snowmobile jacket on number
, there are a number of things you should consider to enjoy a more comfortable ride on number
and to have a good experience by wearing good snowmobile equipment.
Several aspects now need to be taken into account, including

How do you find the best snowmobile jackets?

or non-insulated

Make sure you know what activity you are going to participate in
and what level of intensity you are looking for or want to register in
. If you use snowmobiles in areas where the climate is not as harsh as indoors and the activity level is not as high as in some places with harsher weather conditions, jackets should be insulated to keep you warm.

In areas where the activity level of
is high and the weather conditions are not so harsh and extreme, it is preferable to use
for non-insulated jackets, otherwise overheating may occur.
Overheating can lead to sweating, and in such conditions you must purchase a waterproof
snowmobile sail to keep the rider cool and dry while driving or off-road with the


Hang tags may seem like a normal
thing to worry about, but the truth is that hang tags help you choose the best one. With most
‘s you often see a tag hanging on a garment, the better the
hanging tag is made on your snowmobile jacket, the more
‘s are used in the construction of the jacket. The hangtags distinguish quality products from generic
products from brands such as Polaris, Ski-doo, Castle etc.

Robust housing

When purchasing a snowmobile jacket, make sure that the jacket is made of a durable material, preferably nylon. It must be able to withstand any damage that may be caused by the weather.

The force must be at the same level as the intensity of the snowfall or the wind speed. The ball must protect the runner from the extremely cold wind, which blows directly through the runner on the track.

Respiratory capacity

Breathability is another important factor that distinguishes snowmobile clothing from regular clothing. A snowmobile jacket made of breathable material should be able to absorb perspiration and moisture, which can cause discomfort to the user.

The material must be of the highest quality, waterproof and covered with PU to keep your body dry. It must be able to withstand snow or rain and protect you from moisture. So a well-ventilated jacket is a find.

Reflecting material

Dear Men's Snowmobile Jacket

Many accidents with snowmobiles happen when snowmobiles collide with each other or when one snowmobiling operator is hit by another. At sunset, when the light finally goes out, the bad
light can make anyone struggle with the right field of vision. When the retroreflective material of
comes into play, the retroreflective material of the vest will be clearly visible to other
riders, preventing interference caused by unconscious collisions of
while driving.

Correct assembly

You have to be careful when cutting the jacket. It is very important to have a good, comfortable atmosphere, because you don’t want to be busy cleaning up your jacket while snowmobiling.

Snowmobile jacket for men and women

Always familiarize yourself with the size of the clothes you are wearing and then follow the different sizes of the jackets to find the one that suits you best. Also keep in mind that you might want to wear something warm under your jacket, so it’s a good idea to buy a size that’s bigger than you normally wear.


The more, the better! There aren’t too many bags. The bag always comes in handy, especially when you’re excited.

Requires multiple pockets in snowmobile jackets.

You never know what to fill your pockets with, or if you’ve already filled your pockets at check-in, it’s better not to bring small belt bags or other storage bags, because the pockets of a jacket can hold half of various small items, such as a flashlight or a cheat sheet.

Front pockets can also help keep your hands warm, while zippered chest pockets can keep your gear safe and protected.

It is very important to have several pockets in a snowmobile jacket, because you can store many things, such as GPS equipment for snowmobiles, walkie-talkies for snowmobiles and many other things.

Velcro wrist adjustment device

Usually you do your best to keep your body warm, but a treacherous cold wind penetrates the body through the smallest opening between the jacket and the skin, through the wrists, if it is loose.

Adjustable velcros at the wrists allow you to fix the lining of the jacket at your comfort level and help prevent wind from penetrating easily. You can also choose to wear as many layers of clothing underneath as you like, without worrying about wrist sizes.

high collar

High collar jackets on snowmobiles

The high collar provides sufficient protection against intense cold wind and snow in the neck and also ensures that the rider lies safely in a fully closed jacket to withstand the elements.

Neck protection in snowmobile jackets mandatory.

In addition, the adjustable Velcro collar at the neck ensures a perfect fit to your favourite size.


The jacket should not be heavy, as it should help the rider to move around easily and should not give the impression that the weight of the jacket makes the rider feel worn.

Light and heavy snow jackets

It shouldn’t be so heavy that everything underneath makes it even heavier, it should always be light enough so that the rider can wear several layers of clothing underneath if he wants to!

Polar line

In general, some jackets have a fleece section of line
and others have a fleece section of line
all over the inside of the jacket. This keeps the owner warm and prevents him from wearing several layers of
under his clothes. Gives a cuddly feeling and makes a soft undercoat.

corresponding to

The most important thing to remember is number
: men’s coats are different from women’s coats. Men’s coats in size
are generally larger than women’s coats in all respects from length to width
to overall fit.

Last words

A well-equipped jacket when riding a snowmobile is of course an integral part of the ride. However, the helmet is too important
to protect your head against an accident. Not only the
helmet, but also other important transmissions are needed for your protection.

I hope you had fun reading the best snowmobile jackets, just like you look forward to having fun sneaking around on a snowmobile.