At the end of the year, it was time for safety policy makers to make plans for 2021 and obtain management approval. This generally implies compelling reasons why current resources, although they provide a significant return, should be reallocated and increased.

The TPP template for the final 2021 security plan is designed to simplify the task by providing security decision-makers with a ready-to-use tool to present their plans and views to management in a clear and simple way.

Although many security decision-makers have the tools and experience to develop their activities technologically, effectively communicating their findings to the organisation’s management is another challenge.

Management does not think of malware, compromised personal data or zero-day exploits, but of financial loss and profit: Will A’s investment in a security product reduce the risk of downtime due to cyber attacks? Does the performance of the internal team optimize the outsourcing of a particular security device to the service provider?

If you are responsible for security in your organization, you should be able to provide simple answers to these questions.

Much of this relates to the advantages and disadvantages of the current security system. What was achieved last year was not a coincidence, but the result of a clearly defined strategy. Reporting on the strategy and its results is of paramount importance in order to justify the reallocation of resources.

As a general rule: The closer you can get to your ideas of absolute black and white terms, the better. In other words: If you want to advocate increasing the budget for the purchase and implementation of new security technology, the management argument should not be the ability to detect malicious behavior more effectively than the existing technology, but the ability to prevent the direct and indirect financial losses of your organization due to last year’s cyber attacks.

Although these two arguments seem identical to those of the safety practitioner, they differ greatly in their ability to grasp the mentality of a safety independent leadership.

The TPP model of the 2021 Final Security Plan enables security professionals – CISOs, CIOs, security managers and others – to easily distil their security knowledge and present their ideas and conclusions in a management language.

The template was developed on the basis of feedback from safety stakeholders and management staff on key aspects of the presentation of the annual plan. Instead of wasting valuable time building their business from scratch, security decision-makers can start with a specific infrastructure and focus on fulfilling it according to their specific needs.

The model consists of three integrated parts:

  • Review the current allocation of resources for cyber security. These include the technology implemented, the cost of the security team (or part of the time spent by IT staff on cyber security tasks) and the interaction with third parties, either on a permanent basis or for a specific event.


  • Assessment of cyber security in the context of the allocation of existing resources. In terms of success, it will include evidence of attacks that have been prevented or effectively prevented by the products and the security team, as well as an analysis of the potential damage that has been repaired. These are cyber attacks that have caused considerable damage to the organisation due to a lack of technology or due to the lack of sufficient capacity of the security team.
  • Future annual planning will include a final evaluation and practical measures based on this evaluation. These may include changes in the allocation of resources, increases in the security budget, decisions to add or replace security products, decisions to withdraw from or cooperate with the security provider, and any other measures that could strengthen the security situation in order to fill the gaps identified in the assessment.

As you can see, the main theme of the model is cost. How much did the organisation spend on cyber security, how much did it pay in the long term and how much did it lose due to an inadequate security budget?

The PPT 2021 Security Plan Template is an ideal tool to engage your management and gain their approval for your decisions on the best security strategy to implement.

Download the PPT template for the 2021 Final Security Plan here.


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