Development issue/problem:

I can’t connect the Android Studio debugger to the debugging process of my application. Has anyone else had this problem? In principle, I cannot list my application in the Select process dialog box.

I choose to link the debugger to the Android process:

And this is what the Android Studio process selection dialog looks like:

Do you know why my application is not on the selection list?

Although the DDMS sees my application in the device list | logcat :

Android Monitor also sees the application in the device list:

I’ve tried these actions:

Update :

What struck me is that the device appears multiple times in Android DDMS->Devices | logcat list. If I can get the first one. in the list I see that there are no debugging applications, but if I select the last device (the 4th one in the screenshot), I see my debugging application. See screenshots: 1. and 4. Although there is even a device listed with the device and the application to be debugged, the process still does not appear in the Select Process dialog.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

So in the end, I made it work:

Activate the Show all processes checkbox!

But, as you can see in the question, the box was ticked at the beginning, so there were some problems.

In short, these are additional measures that need to be taken:

  • Kill all adb processes (use ps -x | grep adb and kill -9 [process ID]).
  • adb startup server in the terminal
  • Reconnecting the device
  • Advertising devices (to ensure that the device is properly connected).
  • Make sure the Android DDMS devices | logcat your application and only one device in the list.
  • Select the Show all processes checkbox. See screenshot

Solution 2:

Here’s what I’ve decided.

a. Closed Android Studio
b. I created a killer adb server from the terminal. Also check the display process that also ended in the Current Process window in PC
c. Android Studio
d is launched. Android Studio tried to reset adb and it works again.

Solution 3:

This may be due to the fact that the compilation variant of the version (which you can specify in the Compilation Variants section) was selected by mistake, so that only the debug variant is debugged.

I hope it’ll help some friends.

Solution 4:

This is what worked for me and it’s simple,
go to Tools->Android->Enable ADB Integration, click on it and check the selected box, if it’s not selected it will connect your genymotion to ADB for example, but if it doesn’t work, if it’s selected above, check unselected and wait for ADB to refresh (a few seconds) then go back to the same option and click on it to check the selected box, this will restart ADB and connect. It works perfectly for me every time I see this problem.

Solution No 5:

I found out by going to the terminal and doing this:

  • Advertising server
  • Server for the launch of advertising

Then I clicked the button to confirm the debugger, and I could use it as usual.

Solution No 6:

You don’t have to close the android studio because I’ve had a lot of advice, you can use the terminal from here.
Like this:
1 Go to terminal in Android Studio;
2 Have adb kill server to kill the process;
3 Have adb start server to start here
4. Check that the devices are connected via adb devices.

This should work now!

Solution No 7:

The same happened to me, the main cause of this problem was the interruption (interruption or forced shutdown) during the update of one of the plugins (in my case kotlin)
For mac :
goto prefix(shortcut : cmd + ,)
here is a image of the

For Windows : (short key: **ctrl + alt + s)
or via the menu
here the image .

Then search the left panel for languages and frames -> kotlin/java updaes
and when you select them. In the right window there is an option (button) to update the plugin.
Plugin update.
here is his picture

Leave the android studio and restart it.
You can now debug all available processes while the list is running.

Solution No 8:

In addition to all of the above,
If you add breakpoints that evaluate and record,
may be one of them causing the null pointer exception.
So, run–> points of view… -> deselect everything.

Solution No 9:

In my case, just plug in my phone cable and play it.
The trial was logged and I was able to connect a debugger.

Solution No 10:

I just found out. I ripped my hair by doing everything posted here. I thought I could contribute to the solutions here if everyone tried everything. I solve this problem by making my version of the build debuggable.

So I did some public relations, and it all came together. Unfortunately, my debug flag on my own build variant was disabled when I removed the source, so I have to reactivate it:

in your build.gradle file:

android {…buildTypes {…my_build_type {minifyEnabled falseshrinkResources falsedebuggable true // was previously false}}}}

Also make sure that this build option is installed before creating the application on the device:

Give here a description of the image

Good luck!

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