Learning to sort Chrome’s history by date is very important for those who use or need to use the popular Google Chrome browser.

You may have heard that Google keeps backups of your online activities on its servers and that the website you are currently using has a copy of all these backups.

But the question is…

How do I sort the history of my chrome by date?

To sort your Chrome history by date, go to My Google Actions and click Filter by date and product. Select the Date or Date Range option, then select the Chrome check box and click Apply to display the Chrome history in chronological order.

Learn 3 ways to sort your Chrome story by date.

Method 1: Using Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome History settings are the easiest way to sort your Chrome history by date. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Open historical settings

Chrome history by date - Open history settings

First open Google Chrome, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select History.

Step 2: Select Story

Chrome History by Date - Select the History option.

On the left hand side a list of options and an example of some saved histories is displayed. Select the story again.

Step 3: Select Google My company

Chrome history by date - Select Google My Activity

In the bottom left hand corner you will see a message that your Google Account may contain other forms of Google’s browsing history of my activity. Click on this link and then go to step 4 below.

Step 4: Filter by date and product

Chrome history by date - Filter by date and product

Once the above website is open, scroll down until you see the Filter by Date and Product option and click on it.

Step 5: Request for a fixed date.

Filter by date

Then enter the request in the input field or select the desired date. You can also specify a date range for the desired time interval from which you want to view the history.

Step 6: Filter on product Google


After entering a date range, select the Google product for which you want to generate the article: Advertising, Android, Developers or Chrome. Since we want the Chrome story, check the Chrome box and click Apply.

Step 7: See results


You can now view the results by date. The browser categorizes these results. Clicking on the different categories will display more detailed information.

If you find the style of the set confusing, click the Item View button in the left pane to change the layout to something similar.


Method 2: Using Chrome Extension of the Best Story

With over 80,000 users, this 82KB extension allows you to quickly sort your Chrome History by date.

It works by replacing the default history page discussed in step one with a custom configuration that allows you to seamlessly navigate to the history of a specific date.

We have included this extension in this list because it is an open source extension without spyware. See the steps below :

Step 1: Chrome best expansion of the story find

Find Chrome: A better expansion of the history of ch

Open your browser and type Chrome Better Extension and select the first result or click on this link to go to the official browser page.

Step 2: Addition to chromium

Adding an extension to the Chrome Better History extension

Click Add to Chrome to install the Chrome Better extension in your browser.

Step 3: Allow installation of extension

Allows the installation of the Better History for Chrome Expansion

Click on the Add extension button in the pop-up window to install the extension.

Step 4: Open historical settings

Start Google Chrome by following steps 2 and 3 of method 1. After that you should see a page like in the screenshot below.

Open history settings - Best timeline

Step 5: Sort history by date

Sort history by date

Now that you are on the story page, simply click on the calendar on the left and sort your story by specific date, month or year.

Method 3: Historical trends

History Trends lets you sort or view chrome history from the last 100 days. In addition to being equipped with a time machine, it can also be used as a performance monitoring tool.

Follow these steps to sort Chrome’s history by date based on historical trends.

Step 1: Historical trend research Expansion

Find the history of expansion trends

Start searching for the Historical Trends extension in Google or click on this link to go to the official website of the extension.

Step 2: Adding the History Trends chrome extensionAdding the History Trends chrome extension

Now go to the header and click the blue Add to Chrome button to install the extension in your browser.

Step 3: Allow installation of extension

Enable expansion of the facility's trend history

Click the Add Renewal button when a pop-up window appears and asks for your permission.

Step 4: Trends in open history

Trends in open history

Once the extension has been successfully added to your Google Chrome browser, click on the extension icon in the upper right corner and select Historical Trends.

Step 5: View history

Viewing history using historical trends

If you click on the link to view the Top 100 Sites, you will get a list of the top 100 sites you have recently visited and you can select the available dates to view your history that day.


So, what do you think of this guide? Have you been able to sort the story by date? Or did you have problems? Let us know in the comments and we will help you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sort chrome history by date?

The history of Chrome can be sorted by date using different Chrome extensions such as Chrome Better History or Google My Activity.

How do I delete chrome history by date?

To delete Chrome’s history by date, first open Chrome, click on the colon next to the profile picture, select History from the options list, and then select History again. Now select the option Delete navigation data and choose the date and time interval you want to delete.

How far can the Google Chrome story go?

Chrome keeps track of your browsing history for 90 days. This history shows you the pages of websites you have visited in Chrome in the past 90 days. However, it does not store the history of protected pages visited in incognito mode.

Does Google leave a deleted history?

Google keeps a history of deleted data for about 60 days from the date of deletion if the data was accidentally deleted.

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