Having problems with
when you have full control of your iPhone on your computer? Does it take up nearly
of your iOS device’s total internal storage with various file types?
Considering transferring and managing iOS data on your computer? What if you use
iTunes? In some ways, however, iTunes can’t satisfy iOS users.

If you think so, it’s time to get a more powerful iOS manager – CoolmusteriOS Assistant. I wonder what his functions are and how he can help you? The following
will inform you bit by bit.

What is the Coolmuster iOS Assistant?

Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a desktop application that allows you to export
different data from your iOS device to your computer and vice versa. At the same time,
supports the organization of data on the desktop with multiple functions,
, such as adding, editing, deleting, etc.

It can manage contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes,
apps and more. It can also back up your data to the default
-iTunes backup folder and restore iTunes backup files from your computer to your phone.

What can you do with this software?

, this powerful iOS data manager, you can easily manage data on iOS. But what are the benefits it can bring you? We’ll find out more.

Seamless data transfer between iOS and computer

The first great feature of the
is that it can export or import files between an iOS
device and a computer. Via a USB connection it can scan all
file types and display them on the interface. These include custom applications, calendars, music,
books, contacts, etc.

You can also view detailed
files directly on your computer. This allows you to select the desired content one by one on
. In short, it’s a complete alternative to iTunes
for Windows and Mac.

Practical management of contacts

In addition to transferring, you can freely edit existing
contacts on your computer by changing the phone number, name, email address,
group, etc. You can easily remove unusable contacts.
You can add new contacts and create new contact groups at any time

Easy uninstallation of applications

It displays a list of your installed applications in the Applications category. Select the
checkbox next to the application icons and click Delete. Then,
allows you to remove unnecessary applications from your iPhone one by one.

Full control over media data

For your songs, movies, TV shows, photos and bookmarks, the
can display their full information for you. For example, you can directly view the title, time, artist, album and genre of each song.
It is undoubtedly easy to choose the files you want to get on your computer.

Efficient iTunes backup manager

You can also back up iOS files to the iTunes folder on your computer
. No previous backup data is overwritten. You can also quickly restore data from the
backup from the iTunes folder on your phone. If you don’t need iTunes backups, you can easily delete them.

Support for many file formats

To meet the needs of most users, this iOS wizard supports a wide range of data formats. On the one hand, it can read PNG, JPG, HEIC, PDF, EPUB, MP3,
MP4 and other formats. On the other hand, it can save iOS data in MTHL, XML,
CSV, VCF, TXT, etc.

High compatibility

Software support for most mobile devices is dependent on device compatibility.
This software is able to work with almost all generations of iOS devices,
such as iPhone 12/11/X/8/7, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPod Touch 7/6/5, etc. This program has been proven to have excellent compatibility with

Safe mode with read access

Information loss is a hot topic for users. But you won’t be bothered by
if you use this program. Read-only mode protects privacy well
. Your data is protected during transfer via the USB cable.

How do I get the iOS Assistant?

In fact,
is not difficult at all to get this iOS file manager. Visit his website and
can be downloaded for free on your Windows/Mac computer. Without a
record code, you can analyze the data and view the
files. It also supports simultaneous output of the first item to a computer.

Want to use
in its full version? As long as you register with the license code, you can use the
. To get your license, you can click on the shopping cart and quickly purchase a
license. Annual and lifetime plans are available. Below are some
options for your information. You can get more options if you need them on their website

Annual Plan :

  • Use it on 1 PC: $25.95
  • Use it on 2 to 5 computers: $35.95
  • Use it on 6 to 10 computers: $65.95
  • ……

Life plan:

  • Use it on 1 PC: $35.95
  • Use it on 2 to 5 computers: $45.95
  • Use it on 6 to 10 computers: $85.95
  • ……


In a way, Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a custom utility for iOS users.
The fast and secure transfer and management of data has served many people well.
Install it and you’ll get a handy wizard to control your iOS device.

Finally, you can express your wishes regarding the
project in the comment field. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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