For most homeowners, removing the vacuum to vacuum up the down and dirt from cobbler nails at the entrance to the chamber requires the area to look decent. Since vacuum cleaners don’t last forever, you need to do some research every two years to find the best replacement.

Once you have reached this stage in front of your home, you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between a wireless and a wired vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, we will discuss this topic in this article and assess the pros and cons of the two options.

Are belt pulleys a remnant of the past?

With the news that Dyson has decided to unplug the vacuum cleaner, we can expect other competing brands to follow suit. In fact, it really depends on which households buy a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum market is rather divided. Not only by the brand, but also by the type and size of the vacuum cleaner.

There are compact vacuum cleaners that are often equipped with shoelaces. There are also vertical models, some of which are wired, while others are usually wireless. As a result, vacuum cleaners are not of the same size, and so is the wireless debate.

Not everyone wants a different device to remember to charge, otherwise it can’t be used! Because the owners are very old, some people will not want to use a cordless vacuum cleaner, no matter how often the cord is wrapped around the table leg and stretched!

However, the market is clearly moving in a direction that depends on demand in this, the fastest growing market segment. However, we assume that the Schnursauger will continue to exist for the time being, as it still represents an important segment of the vacuum cleaner market.

Vacuum cleaner with power cord

Cylinder vacuum cleaner with cord

Wire vacuum is what we’re used to. These models now face fierce competition from their younger brothers.

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the wired vacuum cleaner class:

Plus per side

Increased extraction – The mains connection provides sufficient power for the required extraction. Cyclone vacuums, which can generate incredible power, can suck in ingrained particles trapped deep in the carpet.

No problem with the battery – One of the biggest problems with the battery is its lifespan. A wired vacuum cleaner will not cause such problems unless the power is turned off during extraction! So play the music, get out of the void and let’s go!

Large capacity – A wired vacuum cleaner usually has a large capacity and therefore has more space for the dust container. Often 3 to 4 times more. That’s why it doesn’t have to be emptied so often.

Fewer things that can go wrong – A simpler wired vacuum cleaner doesn’t have superior technology that can go wrong later. It’s simpler, much more mechanised and reliable.

Accessories included – Accessories supplied with a wired vacuum cleaner are usually more spacious. There are often cutting tools, brushes and other accessories that can help you reach hard-to-reach places in your apartment or house.

Low price – The technology behind a wired vacuum is less complex than a wireless vacuum. To charge it, you need a battery and a charger. A power level indicator and other accessories are also required. Because Schnursauger has been produced for decades, they are easier to assemble with cheaper parts and repairs are not difficult.

Vacuum cleaners with a cable are contraindicated.

Weight – The weight of the cabled model is a concern for some owners. This is especially true if you climb one or more stairs. The average weight of a wired vacuum cleaner is about 6-7 kg, while the battery version weighs about 3 kg. This pushes the consumer towards a model with a smaller cable, which has less pull-out force than it needs, which is a bad compromise because of the weight limitations.

Freedom of movement – The power cord is no longer. Even if you add an extension cord, it’s easy to get stuck in something. The result is that a fast vacuum cleaner always lasts longer than you think.

Less attention to design – the market shouldn’t forget that it works without cables. Innovations in vacuum design and technology will focus on wireless instead of wired models. Lack of design and functional improvements will result in a delay of wired vacuum systems over time.

Reduced Availability – Wired models are likely to find it more difficult to purchase products, obtain replacement parts or find qualified technicians to repair them in the near future.

Rechargeable vacuum cleaners

Dyson v8 Animal

Wireless vacuum cleaners were once nothing but curiosity. However, the advances in energy efficiency during use, the greater capacity of the batteries, the lighter designs and the compact size have made a difference, without compromising on features.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of today’s wireless vacuum cleaners:

Vacuum Plus

Whether indoors or out, the cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for your home, car, garage, terrace or garden shed. His flexibility to work in different places with different surfaces is probably his greatest strength!

The latest technology – all about wires, so… …last year!

No risk of tripping – An extended power cord or additional extension cord is a safety risk because you could trip and fall. You can remind people that you are vacuuming, but especially children will continue to walk carelessly through the door and risk getting caught. Wireless technology is undoubtedly safer, especially for children, the elderly or the visually impaired, who may not notice the power cord sneaking into a corner.

Reduced weight – The average weight of about 3 kg is a great advantage. Mobility, the use of vacuum is useless almost anywhere if it weighs a ton! Most rechargeable pistons weigh only half the weight of rechargeable options. There is a big difference if you take the cleaner downstairs, on a terrace or across the lawn in a barn or garage.

Suction power – The suction power of the battery-powered models is now high enough to prevent cleaning errors in the wireless version. In fact, it is no longer necessary to vacuum twice because the battery model was not efficient enough. Now they can hold out.

Sufficient battery life – Battery technology and the energy efficiency of the latest battery models make limited battery life a thing of the past. Most batteries provide a minimum of 20-25 minutes of operation. On some models, the battery can also be replaced quickly, extending battery life to 40-50 minutes. More than enough for owners who do not own a mansion!

Less tiring – A strong forearm is needed to create a vacuum around the spinal cord. It is easy to get tired during a long vacuuming session (depending on the size of your home). The same does not apply to a wireless model that moves with the wind.

Finish earlier – you can finish the extraction earlier because you can finish it faster. Once you know the internal cleaning chain without knocking on walls or doors, the acceleration, using a lighter machine, is a real time saver.

Nutrient vacuum cleaner

Reduced dust capacity – The battery model needs to be emptied more often than the wire model. The typical capacity of a battery is about 0.6 liters of dust, while many wired models offer a capacity of 2 liters or more.

Filter clogging – The filtration system of cordless vacuum cleaners is easier to clog than that of wired models. The filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced periodically. That’s why there are fewer problems with wired models.

More expensive – The battery model is much more expensive than the wire model. There are several reasons for this, including advanced research and development, additional technology, including one or more lithium-ion batteries, and payment for the latest innovations.

Battery discharge – 20 minutes standard battery life is a limitation for some people. Of course, battery-powered vacuum cleaners should be charged within a week so that they are fully charged when used at weekends. If you do not plan ahead, you can go into a vacuum and notice that the battery is empty.


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