The open space office layout has recently become very popular. The peculiarity of such an office is that all the employees do not sit in separate offices and all work in one large room. To create at least some privacy partitions between employees’ desks are used. This type of office has several advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that in such a space team spirit and cohesion of the collective are formed because this type of planning assumes mutual assistance among employees, joint generation of new ideas, and lively communication. But as a rule, such offices are very large and have a significant number of people working in them. And the higher both of these, the higher the level of noise, both human (communication between employees, telephone conversations with clients, etc.) and technical (sounds of printers, faxes, telephones, etc.).

So, how to deal with these negative side effects of open space? The situation can be improved by many methods. For example, it is possible to use headphones with pleasant music. Disorientation in the working process leads to absent-mindedness, and the favourite music will help to keep control over the situation. And here are three ideas for employers who want their employees to feel comfortable.

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Office Equipment for Dealing With Stress

Can’t afford to give your employees a roomy and comfortable place? Compensate the inconveniences with pleasant “pluses” and bonuses. Boxing bags for stress relief, air hockey, rooms with computer consoles and a set of games – it’s no surprise.

So, it would be great if employees could relax gaming or gambling Mustang Gold slot right in the office after a tough working day or during the pause. World-famous Internet companies seem to have shown the world all the ways to increase team loyalty.

Create a Cosy Office Atmosphere With Plants

Plants in the office not only create a cosy atmosphere but also provide the necessary oxygen that is so necessary during the working day. Chlorophytum, bamboo, and dracaena will be great for the office. And lemon tree freshens the air with a pleasant aroma and reduces viruses.

It increases performance and has a positive effect on overall well-being. And to choose the perfect plant for the office choose a flower according to the size of your office and avoid fastidious plants like roses and orchids. Don’t get cacti – they will collect office dust on their needles.

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A Comfortable Mini Kitchen Also Makes The Office Cosier

Even if there is a cosy cafeteria right on your floor, having the kitchen in the office is not a luxury, but a necessity. First, not everyone and not always has the opportunity to go far from the workplace. Secondly, some of the employees may be on a special diet, while others simply prefer to eat home-cooked meals.

Thirdly, it is a trivial concern for their surroundings. A kitchen-dining room is an opportunity to have a quick snack, have a coffee at any necessary moment, and chat with colleagues over lunch in an informal atmosphere.

What set of appliances should be in the office kitchen? The minimum set is a refrigerator, a kettle, and a microwave. You can also add a coffee machine, a toaster, and a multicooker.

In conclusion, there are many other simple ways to create a pleasant atmosphere in your office. So, arrange a comfortable mini kitchen or place a small cafe in place of the standard reception area. Just a couple of tables, a few chairs, a coffee machine, and a bartender behind the counter as a receptionist, and the staff mood will skyrocket. And let your employees make their workplaces cosy: a favourite flower, a photo of loved ones, original motivational pictures, unusual headphones, a creative computer mouse, a favourite cup – all these things will help people to feel and work better.