Hello friends, this is one of the Kodi XMBC lovers Today I am coming with another new article and here in this article we are giving five best Kodi apps for Android devices. All these apps are also available for free in the official Google Play Store, so you don’t need to visit any paid pages.

We know that Kodi is a free and open source online streaming app because it was available to Android users, but this list of the best apps will improve the experience of streaming users.

Best Kodi apps for Android (PC: uthority)

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Download the Top 5 Cody apps for Android :

  1. Vlc drive
  2. Kore
  3. Yaste, Cody is moving
  4. SPMC
  5. MX Player

1. Vlc drive

  • Title of the application : Vlc drive.
  • Category: Best media player for Kodi.
  • Application Size: 20 MB.
  • Compatible with : Multiplatform

VLC is very flexible to use as it offers a great video experience for movie lovers if you are a big music fan, while this player comes with a built-in equalizer with the option to create a playlist, similarly it is one of the main players for Kodi.

VLC is a free, cross-platform, open source media player and online streaming player developed by the VideoLAN project. This player supports various audio and video formats such as MP4, 3GP, MPEG4, including CD video and streaming protocols, etc. And also VLC player which is available for free for iOS, Android Windows and Mac platforms. Here’s another interesting point: this player can play corrupted and incomplete downloaded videos because these files are downloaded as a peer-to-peer network.

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VLC Player Properties:

  1. With the VLC player you can enjoy both audio and video files.
  2. Online content is not available for these applications.
  3. All downloaded files can be viewed or listened to through them.
  4. It is free and only 20 MB in size. So it is easy to store because it takes up less space.

2. Korea

  • Name of the application; Core.
  • Category: Cody’s official remote control.
  • Compatible with : Firmware 4.0+.

Kore is the official remote control for Cody from the XMBC Foundation. This app allows you to manage Kodi Media Center from your Android device, but the configuration of Add Media Center is complicated.

Kore is the official remote control. With this app you can control Kodi and it also includes many features like sync, volume control, channel switching, send tests to Kodi keyboard, library support, etc.

Using this app is very easy and allows you to control everything in the same way from your Android device. This application comes from the official Google Play Store, so you can download and install it directly on your device.

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Korean characteristics:

  1. This is the official app that will be available on Android devices.
  2. The core contains integrated solvent bots.
  3. Allows you to synchronize subtitles with your files as you watch or listen to them.
  4. This is the official remote control for the KODI application.

3. Yaste, Cody Remote Control

  • Title of the application : Yaste, Cody, Custer’s Removed Cum.
  • Category: Cody from a distance.
  • Application Size: 10 MB.
  • Compatibility : Android.

Yaste is an unofficial Kodi app for remote control and streaming on Android devices. Many people are currently using Kodi XMBC on their iOS, Windows and Android devices, and this type of tool brings new features and a better streaming experience for its users. This app allows you to easily control the Kodi app from your Android device, and this player comes with some exciting features like voice commands, movie sync for offline, different option widgets for the large remote, support for external media players, cloud storage, av receiver plugin etc.

Yaste is also a free and open source application, which means that this application is free to download. Another interesting point: Yaste also offers the ability to broadcast your device’s screen to compact devices such as your environment.


Waste characteristics:

  1. The 2nd official KODI app remote, if the bark fails, it will replace this place.
  2. It has a voice control function that can be operated by voice.
  3. All commands for the KODI application are located in Yaste.
  4. Several additional features are available in the Yast application.
  5. It takes up only 10 MB of space on your device.


  • Title of the application : Apk SPMC.
  • Application Size: 20 MB.
  • Compatible with : The firmware must be 5.0 or higher.
  • Application category; Kodi XMBC alternative.
  • Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.semperpax.spmc16

SPMC is an official application, but it is not associated with Kodi. SPMC is doing as well as Cody, with excellent performances. Similarly Samper is an advanced version of XBMC and brings all the features of Kodi, and this advanced version gives success to play music, movies and videos it includes digital media podcasts.

This is a free open source application in the Google Play Store, so you can install this application directly on your Android device.

Characteristics of SPMK

  1. The performance of the SPMC is similar to that of the CODI.
  2. Because it takes up 20 MB of space on your device.
  3. You can watch movies and shows in this application.
  4. The application is free and costs very little storage space, not a penny.

5. Player MX

  • Title of the application : Player MX.
  • Category: Media Player.
  • Application Size: 18 MB.
  • Application compatibility: supports firmware 4.0+.

Player MX is one of the most popular applications for Kodi installer, and it is the best other media player used as external; Player for Kodi similar to VLC player. Similarly, this player provides high quality audio and video to its users. And this player supports almost all kinds of video formats like Mp4, Mpeg, FLV, AVI, etc. It includes some popular formats such as WMV and move and this player can scan automatically so we don’t have to select the videos manually.

This media player has interesting features like hardware acceleration, multicore decoding, pinch to zoom, subtitle gestures, parental controls, etc.

MX Player Features

  1. It is a similar application to VLC player and a better alternative to VLC player.
  2. All MP3, audio and MP4 files can be viewed with this application.
  3. It provides the best and correct version of audio and video files.
  4. Scaling is available not only for video files but also for MP4 files.
  5. Screen lock and parental controls are also available in this application.


I conclude that all Kodi users get many of the latest TV shows and movies on their device, and they lose some great features on the device, but this list of apps brings great features and great audio and video quality to our devices.

In this article you will find the most and best rated Kodi apps for Android devices without root. If this article helps you live with Cody, please share it with your friends and family.

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