If you want to watch comics, anime and series on your iDevices, Android devices, download Manga Rock for iOS/Android.

Hey, guys. How do you expect everything to go? Are you looking forward to a new application that offers you pages you can’t find on other manga piracy sites? These are sites with comics from the latest and past comics releases announced by the J-Cast.

Manga Rock Preview

In fact, these strips are not available, which means closure. But if you like the old version of comics, the Manga Rock website is the place to go. That’s why I’m showing the best definition of it, its features and how to load it. Let’s go.

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What is the manga stone?

The most famous application that is known to be the most private application and also displays websites and comics. This app supports both Android and iOS devices. Manga is closing its doors after providing services for various reasons. Basement Studios is one of the technology companies owned by Noizer Limited.

Manga Rock is a site that scans the content that is available and offers the same content on this site, all you need is the right internet. You can also view them online, and one of the best features is that Manga Rock translates them into your favorite language.

How it scans the content of another site is why Manga Rock has been declared illegal. Then, it’s the rock manga and we want to discover the characteristics of rock manga.

MangaRockMain features

Large number of characters available in Manga Rock :

More than 9320 characters are available in MangaRock as they are created in different types, they differ from each other and the peculiar thing is that there is a filter that shows the character that we want, just enter the name of the character and then the application will scan all the characters and place the character that you want and explain the character.

They provide a clear description of the character and include elements of 18+ characters that require credentials, and they should be age-appropriate as in the adult version.

All the content of this rock music was in different languages depending on the characters. You want to find a specific character, and all comics related to that character can be translated into your favorite language – a special feature that is not possible on any other site, while it is possible on Manga Rock. So that’s one of the reasons why almost no users use this MangaRock site.

All you have to do is choose the character you want to add to your desired character. And in the options, you need to select the language you want to change to your preferred language…..

The Manga Rock app is free to use, as it is available as both an APK and a third-party app. So you’re free. Before it was available in stores, it cost a certain amount ($4.99) until 2010, then later, because it doesn’t meet the rules and regulations of both the Game Store and the Apple Store. But after 2010, it will be available to backend developers and third-party applications.  The use is therefore free.

Since the MangaRock site scans the content of all other paid sites, they take action against this MangaRock site. So that’s one of the main reasons why this MangaRock site is illegal. If you want to view these sites, you should all use a VPN when browsing manga rock sites.

If a local ISP notices that you are viewing illegal content, they can take serious action, leaving you facing a serious problem, so it is best to use a VPN to protect yourself from these serious problems.

These are the basic and most important features of MangaRock. These are the basic information that users should consider before using or downloading MangaRock in your device, and they are considered as the best precautions to download MangaRock in your device.


  • Package name: com.notabasement.mangarock.android.titan.
  • License: Dismissed.
  • Requirements: android version 4.0 or higher.
  • OS: Android.
  • Category: Comic books.
  • Languages : 32+.
  • User: User 2465237

Download and install Manga Rock for iOS on iPhone ?

The basic version of MangaRock is available on the Apple Store until 2010, but after that it no longer complies with the store’s rules and regulations, as it is no longer available on the Apple Store. It is now only available through one source, a third-party app that you must download and install on your iOS device, as described below. It can be installed by emulators

With TuTuapp APK iOS (STORE), you can download Manga Rock on iOS.

  • First you need to install the TuTuapp app on your iOS device.
  • After installing the TuTuapp store, follow the instructions below to download Manga Rock.
  • I go to Settings, then General, then Profile and Management.
  • Then go back to TutuApp from there.
  • Enter the name Manga Rock into the search field of the TuTuapp store.
  • Then let it download and install the application with this TuTuTuApp.
  • Finally, Rock Manga is available on your device and you can enjoy the comics.

This is the only way to download MangaRock on your iOS device.

Message: You cannot download third-party or PC applications directly to your Apple device. Some emulators or stores, such as. B. TuTuapp, are required to install these applications.

How do I install Manga Rock on my Android device?

Prior to 2010, Manga Rock was available on the Game Store for $4.99, but after 2010, Manga Rock is no longer subject to the rules and regulations of the Game Store. Therefore, you need to download it directly from the main website, which should be looked up on the main portal of your website. And the download is free. Therefore, please follow the instructions below to load the Manga Stone into your device.

  • Start the system and open a browser such as. B. Chrome.
  • Type Manga Rock in the search field of the browser.
  • After a search in the browser, many portals appear.
  • Then press 1. Page in the middle of the page.
  • Download the latest 36MB version of Manga Rock.
  • This is an APK application with premium services.
  • Open Settings, then go to Network and Security.
  • According to this recording from an unknown source
  • Then launch the application on your device.
  • Finally, enjoy a comic book experience to your liking.

This is the only method to download and install the MangaRock application on Android devices.

Final closure:

Manga Rock is an illegal app which some devices do not support, because it scans the content of other apps and pastes it on its website, so other apps provide this website by charging a certain amount, so it is illegal if other officials report that you access this website, then it may cause damage or else you will face severe penalties, so better to use VPN while accessing this website.

Thanks nerds hope all information is very valuable for you and if not, send it to me by posting a comment on your request I will show the best solution for this problem. That’s all for you, have a nice day.

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Can you still download Manga Rock?

Can I still download the manga? With the system disabling Rocks, they no longer have to download the chapters, artwork (Android) and stickers (iOS).

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