If you want to download and install the Periscope app on Windows 8.1/10/ Windows XP/Vista/ultimate and finally Mac computers, then you are in the right place to broadcast and explore the world with live video.

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Hello, in this post you will learn how to download and use the Periscope app on Windows PC/Laptop and Mac computers without paying. Today, people use Periscope app as a live video sharing app to share their birthday celebration and enjoy those moments on Twitter or any other social network with their friends and followers from different countries.

Periscope also allows its users to broadcast live to specific people based on your Twitter feed. If you are using a Windows PC/Laptop or Mac, follow the steps below to install the Periscope application. With this awesome Periscope, you can broadcast and explore the world with live video. To get this Periscope on your Windows or Mac OS X computer.

Periscope for pc/laptop-preview (pc: http://www.mytechpulse.com/).

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What is PC Periscope?

Periscope is the world’s most popular video sharing app, developed by the amazing Twitter.inc. Initially launched only for the iOS platform, it is now the Android version that is offered for free worldwide. I can say that Periscope for PC is the most popular video streaming and live broadcasting app in the world.

Basically, Periscope is a social media application that allows you to upload videos, for example. B. Playing games, watching movies, having fun with friends. You can share these videos with your Twitter users and get a comment icon in your heart. Ok, let’s see how to download Periscope for PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Mac OS X.

About Periscope

Application Info:

  1. Application name : periscope.
  2. Category: Social media application.
  3. Type: Social media platform for live streaming.
  4. Compatibility : Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Mac OS X.

Interim requirements:

  • Active internet connection.
  • Android emulators like BlusStacks or Nox App Player, etc…..
  • You need some disk space on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Periscope Apk File.

Download Periscope for PC/Laptop

In fact, the Periscope video sharing app is only designed for iOS and Android devices, and there is no official version for Windows or Mac platforms. But you won’t be disappointed with the above suggestion, because with the latest technological updates, there are many ways to use Periscope on computers.

In fact, the installation process is very simple on Windows 7/10/8.1/8/Vista and Mac computers, where users need to install an Android emulator like Blue Stacks 3 or Nox Player to run Periscope on their computers. Moreover, most of these Android emulators are available for free, where no money is required. Well, before we go to the installation steps, let me introduce you some interesting features of this application.

Interesting features in Periscope

  • Here you can share live and other private videos with friends and specific people on Twitter and other social media.
  • Allows you to start a private broadcast in a specific location or world when you see a new location or gathering of new people in real time.
  • Periscope comes with some cool privacy features, These privacy features allow you to manage followers and non-user notification handlers.
  • It suggests different people based on Twitter and your interests.

Installing Periscope on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Mac

Currently, there is no official Periscope app for Windows or Mac computers. So all you have to do is install Blue Stacks or another Android emulator, and then use Periscope on your computer at no cost.

In this section, we will provide a complete step-by-step guide on how to use Periscope on Windows 7/10/vista/, so just check the steps below.

>> Step 1) First visit the following link for the Blue Stacks 3 emulator, once the link opens, click on the download button and wait for a few seconds for the download to complete.

Download BlueStacks 3 emulator for Windows/Mac

>> Step 2) Then go to the System Downloads folder and find the Blue Stacks 3.exe emulator file.

>> Step 3) Now install the emulator on your computer. When the software is ready to be used, go to the emulator drive.

Click Run to install the BlueStacks Android emulator

>> Step 4) Then launch the Play Store and sign in to your Google account. Download the Periscope Apk file now from the link below. Just enter the URL in the search field and select Download from Windows or Mac.

Download Apk

Sign in to the emulator now with your Google account.

>> Step 5) Now you will see the bottom right panel of Android emulator screen, just click on Install Apk file. Select the apk file you downloaded in the step above.

Click on the Install Apk option

>> Step 6) Now start the installation process of the Periscope application. In fact, you have to wait a minute or two to get it.

Periscope for PC/Laptop downloaded and installed

>> Step 7) Then launch the Periscope app and watch great movies and shows for free on your Windows computer.

Opening and using Periscope

Best alternatives to Periscope

This app is the best alternative to Periscope, which is the most popular and trending app in the world. It is known for its gaming communities that allow you to chat, watch games and stream between communities.

It is an application dedicated to spreading the talents of people from all over the world. It remains in second place to the alternative app Periscope. So, if there is no way to access Periscope in your areas, here are some apps you can use with advanced features.

It’s a way to connect with people live, you can make live requests and provide solutions to these requests. So, it is one of the best alternatives in the list of alternative Periscope apps.

Thus, according to user feedback, these alternatives play the role of a periscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can I broadcast live like Facebook Live?

Answer: Yes, you can use the live streaming app Periscope.

Question 2) Do I have to pay for livestreaming and using Periscope?

Answer: No, you don’t have to pay a cent.

Question 3) Can I install Periscope for PC/Laptop with other Android emulators like Nox App Player?

Answer: Yes, the Periscope app is also available in other Android emulators.


Finally, follow this article and then download Periscope for free for PCs and laptops running Windows 8.1/8/10/7/vista/ultimate and Mac. Then use and broadcast your live videos to the world and share your Windows and Mac videos with specific people on Twitter.

This article basically ends with How to download Periscope and How to install Periscope on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/ or Mac OS X for PC/Laptop. Guys, if you encounter any bugs in the installation steps, please let me know with a comment.

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Can I use Periscope on my computer?

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