You’ve often connected your phone to a charger, but it doesn’t charge and you never wonder why? One of the reasons may be that dirt and debris has accumulated in the charging socket of your phone. All Android and Apple users face this problem because the port usually remains open. Many Android phones have a USB-C port, which is also exposed to dust, lint, dirt and so on. If you are looking for a way to remove it, my friend, I will give you a detailed procedure with two cleaning options to solve your problem.

How do I remove the USB Type C port?

Are you ready? Prepare all these materials:

  • Paper fabrics
  • Cotton pads
  • SIM card / Safety pin Removal tool
  • Flashlight
  • The air compressor can be (optional)

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the USB-C port:

Research USB Cconnection

The first step is a visit to the harbour. Many users of Samsung galactic phones have a discharge problem if the USB-C port is not clean. Follow these signs to diagnose the problem before it gets worse. You can also use a flashlight or tester to check that the joint is dusty and covered. It is important to examine the USB-C port to decide which tool you can use to clean it.

Tool selection

After examining the area to be cleaned, select the tool you want to use. Many people recommend the use of a toothpick, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it can break in two and cause problems. Many technicians at Samsung branches recommend using the SIM card eject tool. The basic idea when choosing a tool is that it fits in the USB-C port and does not damage it. When choosing an ejection tool, you should use it with great care.

If you are not sure of your cleaning capabilities, choose a compressed air duct that you can easily buy from the hardware store. Cleaning the port with this box is easy and there is less chance of damaging the USB-C port.

Free USB port C

When you select this tool, take the wipes and place them under the phone. Now take the tool and start collecting dust and powder in the USB C port with extreme care. Be careful not to go too deep when cleaning. If you pick up the garbage, you’ll see the dust fall on the cigarette paper. As soon as you feel the harbour squeak, you can stop cleaning and throw away all the cloths.

This method is my favorite and is often used. Use a can of compressed air with a pressure of almost 40 PSI. Give him a moment to set up the can. Blow some air into the environment; this prevents condensation or accumulation in the mouthpiece. Now start with a short flash of compressed air into your phone’s USB-C port.

Short-term storms should not last more than two seconds. Place the air jug at an angle so that dust escaping from port C can escape and fall out. If you are afraid of fluff in the harbour, this method is ideal for you. The fluff is removed from the USB-C port by means of compressed air jets. Normally five to six short bursts of air do the job and rid the port of dirt, lint and guns.

Quick tip: Some people also recommend using a pipe cleaner to clean the connection. Fold the cleaner in half so that the pointed end does not damage the inside of the USB-C port.

Check connection

After activating the port via one of the methods, it is time to check the USB-C port. Again, use a flashlight to check if the inside is covered with lint or dust. You can also check it by connecting the charger and see if it works. If there are traces of dirt or bullets, take the Sim Card Ejector Tool and remove them.

Final remarks

This cleaning procedure can also be used to clean the iPhone’s microSD port and charging ports. Be sure to clean the connectors with a light hand in order not to damage the connectors inside the connector. If you are still facing the same problem, you can also consult some tutorials to help you clean the USB-C port.

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