Fat tire electric bikes offer a lot of advantages over electric bikes with thin tires. Learn what they are and from where you can buy them here.


A fat tire e-bike is a bike that uses an electric motor to assist you with pedaling and has fat all-terrain tires to let you ride off the road.

Just like any electric bike, a fat tire e-bike has a battery, controller, motor, and pedal-assist system… with the only notable difference being the thickness of the tires. However, in most cases, these e-bikes also have a sturdier frame and a front or full suspension to make the most out of the capable tires.

If you want to buy a fat tire electric bike, visit Eridefox to see an assorted collection from some of the most reliable fat tire brands on the market today. With that out of hand, let’s discuss why you might want to have a fat tire e-bike in the first place.

Advantages of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire e-bikes allow you to ride off-road or on any track. Due to their wider tire profile, fat tire electric bikes spread your weight over a larger surface area on the ground. It means your tires don’t dig into sandy paths, snow-covered surfaces, or slippery marshes. You get dramatically greater traction and can easily move anywhere.

Moreover, the enhanced traction offered by the fat tire e-bikes due to their wider profile, thicker tread, and more weight translates to enhanced ride control and greater stability. It helps you a lot when you’re taking difficult bends/ turns or when you’re riding on rugged patches.

These tires also make your ride comfortable due to their bumpy nature.

What to Look for in Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

Tire Size

Fat tires are usually available in a diameter of either 20” or 26,” and the thickness may vary from 3” to 4”. If you’re looking for hardcore off-roading, go with 26×4” tires. Otherwise, the smaller options are fine too.

Tire Build

The fat tires that have anti-skid knobby tread are perfect for off-roading. You might also want to get ones that have a wear-resistant build and an anti-puncture liner to undertake daring rides.


The motor power and battery capacity vary a lot among fat tire e-bikes, but as a ground rule, the more of these two things you have, the better it would be.

Eridefox has got some options with an insane 1000W output and 100+ miles of range!


Having a front suspension helps you a lot when you’re off the road, but having a dual suspension practically makes you unstoppable. But if you don’t plan to undertake daring terrains, a front fork is more than enough.

Frame Type

If you want a portable option that you can throw in your car boot or behind your desk at work, go for one with a foldable frame. Also, make sure to get one that has adequate payload capacity for you and your gear.

Where to Buy a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Eridefox has got a stellar collection of fat tire electric bikes, assorted from some of the most reliable brands on the market today. You can find fat tire e-bikes in any price range with any spec set. Explore here.