and innovation in the automotive industry is inevitable, and today our cars are equipped with some of the
most luxurious and practical technology we have ever seen
. And while it’s mostly high-performance cars and specially designed
luxury vehicles that have specified these modern features, you can now enjoy
even in the base models of most brands, including most Hyundai SUV models. However, in many cases
these modern and usually expensive
specifications are not standard when buying a new car and must be chosen. If this is the case for
, here are the ones worth mentioning:

Accident prevention

Technologies to prevent road accidents are relatively new and are perhaps the best innovations of recent years. Almost all automakers have their own
collision warning system for their vehicles, and it is also available for
hybrids and EVs, such as the Hyundai
Kona electric. Here are some of the parameters:

  • Forward collision warning:
    Using sensors and/or cameras on the front bumper, the vehicle
    can detect or identify an oncoming obstacle, vehicle or pedestrian. The
    then warns the driver of a possible collision with an audible signal, and may even then
    automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes to avoid or reduce the severity of the accident
    . Many manufacturers have taken the initiative to standardize this technology because it has proven to be effective.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking System
    : AEB works in conjunction with forward collision warning. Once the Forward Collision Warning System has detected a potential collision, it can instruct the AEB system to apply the brakes if it believes that the driver has not reacted to the collision in time. The system works faster than a human can react, and can even calculate whether the driver is braking hard enough to avoid a collision, and if not, increases the brake pressure.
  • Help/Warning to keep up : The lane warns the driver if a vehicle moves out of the lane or crosses the white lines. It usually uses an audible signal to attract the driver’s attention. On more advanced vehicles, this software is coupled with a lane departure warning system.

Remote start/stop

There are
many benefits to being able to turn on your car before you get in. In hot weather
you can turn on the engine and turn on the air conditioning
to cool down the cabin before boarding, and in cold weather you can warm up the engine
and turn on the heater before boarding. While remote start is more of a convenience feature
, remote stop can provide peace of mind as a preventative measure
against theft or fencing of your vehicle.
telematics companies can trigger a remote vehicle shutdown to remotely shut down the engine of your
vehicle and end the police chase.

Attack resistance

Driver assistance systems are perfect for making everyday driving easier:

  • Parking Sensors : The
    front and rear parking sensors are very useful, especially on larger vehicles. They
    warn the driver of approaching obstacles with an audible beep. Tone
    is transmitted in the direction from which the vehicle is approaching the obstacle. Theis just a great measure to prevent annoying smiles and scratches, especially when parked in tight spaces.
  • 360 degree camera: The
    360 degree camera is perfect for anyone who wants to park as easily as the
    , but it’s also a great safety and insurance measure. These systems
    can create a virtual aerial image of the vehicle’s surroundings and display it on the infotainment screen
    , allowing the user to clearly see where garage walls and parking lines
    are located in the vehicle. Police and insurance companies can also view the recordings, which can help
    prosecute criminals or obtain compensation.
  • Blind spot monitoring:
    Blind spot monitors warn the driver of the
    by acoustic or visual signals of the presence of other vehicles in the left and right blind spots. The
    sound signals come from where the vehicle is observed, while the
    visual signals are small red lights usually located in the side mirrors.
    Many machines use both.

Connecting to the Internet

Connectivity options like uto and Apple CarPlay have long been standard, even on base
models sold in the U.S. But when it comes to
Internet connectivity and wireless upgrades for all connectivity devices like cell phones
, PDAs and navigation, cars
are only slowly but surely becoming part of the Internet of Things, and that’s a good thing
. This makes such practical actions possible:

  • Automatic communication with emergency services
  • Remote communication with Internet-connected devices
  • Streaming video and music
  • Synchronization of contacts, calendars and e-mails

Displays with head unit

Head-up displays, also known as active window displays, are great, and not just for sports cars. HUD technology has come a long way, both in terms of functionality and
graphics, and in terms of accessibility. Most modern vehicles now have them, either as a standard
feature or as an available option. Drivers can view
navigation routes directly on the windshield, creating a sort of virtual
route before their eyes. It also displays other information, such as speed, fuel consumption
, etc., so as not to distract the driver from the road at all.

Sooner or later, all of these technologies will become standard in most, if not all, cars of tomorrow, provided of course that not all of our cars are already autonomous.

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