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The concept of application implementation is not new. With so many on-demand delivery applications in today’s market, it’s no longer about bringing something into the consumer’s space. But to ensure that the application you want to make the face and hinge of your business is flawless, multifunctional and reliable. Of course, with the popularity of everything comes the opportunity to follow and develop more solutions of this type.

That’s why developers and smart white label companies have spent their time and money creating perfect clones of UberEats that can help other entrepreneurs build their own food supply network.

How does the UberEats Clone application work?

Depending on the name of the application and the basic functionality of on-demand applications, this is how the on-demand application for food delivery, UberEats Clone :

AppFood supply concept

  1. Users, deliverers and restaurants download their applications. Each party has its own application. This means that there is a separate demand for users, a separate demand for deliverers and a separate demand for restaurants. Each of his batches downloads his own applications.
  2. Then everyone has to make their own profile. Users can simply register for the application with their Gmail or Facebook login data if they do not want to fill out the registration form. However, the deliveryman and the restaurant have to fill in a form to create their profile. By adding information about your vehicle (in the case of the delivery driver) and about menus, cooking, etc., you can help the driver find the best solution for his or her needs. (in the case of a restaurant)
  3. The user can now open his application if he wishes. Find a list of all restaurants serving food in and outside the area. You can then filter these restaurants by cuisine, fine cuisine, type, etc.
  4. Once a user has selected a restaurant, he can click on it to open the menu list. The user is now free to choose his favorite items in the shopping cart.
  5. Once they have added everything they want to order, users can now confirm the order by making a payment via the application.
  6. The restaurant will be informed of the order as soon as it receives it. The user receives a confirmation and the deliverer receives a delivery request.
  7. The deliverer may accept or refuse the order at its own discretion. If the application is rejected, the restaurant or application will automatically send the application to the next delivery person.
  8. As soon as the request is accepted, the driver of the delivery service will be informed of the delivery address (restaurant) and the place of disembarkation (user).
  9. You can use the GPS navigation system built into the application to pick up and deliver your order.
  10. The user and the deliverer can then evaluate each other. The user can also judge the restaurant on the quality of the dishes.

Why should I choose a finished UberEats clone and not build it from scratch?

Since most entrepreneurs are successful in their core business, they may not fully understand the application process. Creating a mobile application is a long and complex process. In fact, it is possible to have an application like UberEats that has multiple components, multiple APIs that need to be integrated, a hundred functions, and so on.

For the application to work well, not only in theory but also as a practical business solution for entrepreneurs, relevant experience at all levels is required. At the same time, it is an excellent and practical solution to ensure that users have their favourite dishes at hand at all times.

The UberEats application development team generally consists of:

  1. Android developer to create an Android application for users, deliverers and restaurants.
  2. iOS developers to create an iOS application for users, mail order companies and restaurants.
  3. PHP developer to create a website that required more detailed information about the brand and the possibilities of ordering food products on the web.
  4. Application designer for the development of Android and iOS applications for users, deliverers and restaurants.
  5. Webdesigner for the development of the design of the brand’s website.
  6. The author of the content must provide the correct content upon request. In addition, to create notifications and mailing lists and to create content for the website.
  7. The analysis wing, consisting of:
    1. Database Analysts
    2. System analyst
    3. Business analyst
    4. Quality analysts
  8. A project manager who acts as a link between all teams working on the project to create a coherent end product.

Creating a large application

It is very expensive to attract so many people at the expert level. There’s more than you think. To build a large application, you need a physical space, which you can call your development center. This development center won’t have what you need to wear. But an empty shell is not a center of development.

You will have to spend money to equip this place with the latest technology. To make sure that the construction of your application has been improved and updated here. Finally, there are also the costs associated with the technology stack, which will play an important role in the creation of your application.

Preparing an application is not only expensive, but also time consuming. It can take one to two years to set up and use a suitable application to deliver food on demand, such as UberEats.

This is the main reason why most smart entrepreneurs start their business with the idea of starting with small investments. What’s more, when you enter the market, quickly opt for the delivery of the UberEats Clone app, built by a well-known company to develop on-demand white-label mobile applications.

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