Foodpanda TPL cards

Press releaseFoodpanda Pakistan cooperates with TPL Maps, the only authorized digital mapping company in Pakistan, and the mapping division of TPL Trakker to operate its food and food supply application. Previously, the product delivery platform used Google Maps for location-based services.

With offices in more than 30 cities in the country and a broad base of partners, Food Panda Pakistan is the largest food delivery platform in the country. The largest set of location data on TPL Maps, covering more than 400 cities, 4.5 million geocoded addresses and a 600,000 km road network across Pakistan, is designed to deliver value, scalability and performance through TPL Maps Location Map (LBS) APIs.

The aim of this partnership is to optimise the efficiency of the use of time and the choice of restaurants. It will also improve your delivery service as orders are delivered to the right address at the right time.

More and more young and experienced companies in Pakistan are testing and choosing the LBS TPL Maps API to make their digital resources available for location mapping. Using ABL’s functions, these organisations provide their users with relevant information about the location of restaurants, tourist destinations, retailers and other critical points of interest (POIs). As the country’s leading local LBS provider, TPL Trakker aims to promote the development of the on-demand digital economy and create a modern, digital, productive and globally competitive Pakistan. With more POIs and home addresses than any other mapping service in Pakistan, the TPL Maps API will play a crucial role in food delivery applications and ensure that customers are connected to the right restaurants at the right time.

Speaking of cooperation, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO of TPL Trakker, said.

A leading food delivery service such as Foodpanda Pakistan, which has chosen the LBS API of TPL Maps, is proof of the innovative work of TPL Trakker and the quality of our services. Our mapping department is well on its way to prefer tracking services and solutions for major brands in Pakistan. Our strength in data, technological features and our dedication to excellent customer service make us loyal fans in various industries.

said Nauman Mirza, CEO of Foodpanda Pakistan:

Local intelligence is a crucial element for the success of supply companies. The Pakistani market has enormous potential and we are proud to be able to work with TPL Maps to improve accuracy in detecting and resolving bottlenecks. We are the leader in the fast food trade in Pakistan and this partnership will enable our users to get food and groceries and buy even faster through the food panda.

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