Fossil is a lifestyle accessories company. They have a diversified portfolio of world-class brands selling clothing, fashion and smart watches, which are among their most popular products.

What about a fossilized smartphone?

Fossil prides himself on building a smart watch that’s not commonplace. Designed to keep you connected yet humble, they’ll guide you all day long, whether you’re working or relaxing.

Though elegant and fashionable like a normal fashion watch, their compact design incorporates high-quality technology:

Your fitness guide

This smartwatch uses Google Fit to monitor your physical activity. Whether you’re lying on the couch at home, running in the morning or burning calories at the gym, it counts your steps, the distance you walk and the calories you burn. The latest devices even monitor your heart rate!

Personalisation of appearance

This watch has different settings. Not only can you switch from one strap model (leather, silicone or metallic) to another and from one color to another (neutral and bright colors), but you can also customize the watch face design.

You can choose from several pre-installed dials (although technically you can download an unlimited number of dials from the Google Play store!).

You can also adjust the background of the image – basically, depending on your mood!

Bluetooth makes it possible to stay connected

You don’t have to hold your phone in your hand the whole time. A hands-free conversation now has a whole new meaning!

You can receive calls and messages, receive notifications from your calendar, social networks and weather forecasts, and control the music you listen to. With our touchscreen smartphones you can drag, select, touch and operate. You can also adjust your notification settings so that you are only informed about what is most important to you.

Some of their hybrid watches allow you to take pictures at the touch of a button!

Google technology at your fingertips (well, at the wrist)

This watch works with Google Wear OS and has built-in motion sensors, as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They are compatible with Android and iOS phones as long as the Wear OS application is installed on your device. The only limitation is that the phone must run Android OS version 4.4+ (except the Go version) or iOS version 10.0+.

The Fossil touchscreen watch features Google Pay, which means you don’t have to carry your wallet, sync your GPS and Google calendar and a built-in microphone that allows you to send voice commands to the Google Assistant and help you actively throughout the day.

Today we will talk about the fossil sport against the Generation 4 Explorer. They have all the above features, but let’s see how these touchscreen smartphones differ.


To be able to compare these two watches, we will talk about their different aspects, their characteristics, the technological versions used, the real-time performance and which watch is most suitable for each case.

Fossil sport

One immediately notices that the Fossil Sport Smartwatch has a very classic round dial with 3 buttons on the right side, just like a regular watch.

Actually, the screen is small! The watch is available in two sizes, 41 mm and 43 mm, and the rounded case and ring make the dial even smaller. This makes it look shiny and almost like a toy, without the high-end look of a large watch like the Gen 4 Explorist.

But because the watch is designed for sports, it’s actually a big advantage for people who want something minimal and innocent. The Fossil Sport is Fossil’s only smartwatch in the ultra-lightweight category and weighs around 26 grams, almost half the weight of the Gen 4 Explorist!

You won’t feel that something is tied around your wrist, making it more comfortable to wear, especially during training. The 22 mm silicone bracelet is lighter than metal bracelets, yet adaptable.

The screen is very bright and bright, even in direct sunlight. It has 4GB internal memory, built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor. Fossil Sport is resistant to swimming and can swim up to 5ATM, which is more than 4. The battery can easily last more than 24 hours, depending on use.

(You can also save energy by leaving the Display always on and using the Tilt to Wake option instead, which means the display will only start when you tilt your wrist to look at your watch).

This smartphone is equipped with a microphone to receive Ok Google commands, but it doesn’t have a speakerphone and you can’t receive calls directly through it unless you have a phone nearby or an earphone plugged into your ears. You only have the option of accepting or rejecting calls.

Like other Fossil smartwatches, it runs on the Google Wear operating system and includes Google Fit, Google Pay and Google Assistant. It allows you to keep track of activities, store and control music, set alarms, display calendar alerts, update the weather, manage multiple time zones and use an LED flashlight. You can also download third-party merry-go-rounds and music applications.

Operating speed

One would expect that since this smartwatch works with a Snapdragon 3100, which is the latter compared to the Snapdragon 2100 of the previous models, the performance would be much faster and smoother. But the difference in performance isn’t that big.

The tactile response is certainly better, and there is less waiting time when launching applications, but there is still a small backlog. Compared to the explorer of the 4. However, performance is much better in the second generation.


  • The latest Snapdragon 3100 processor
  • Ultra-light
  • Better motion tracking
  • Google Wear, Google Fit, Google Pay, Google Assistant will be launched.
  • More than 24 hours autonomy
  • Gentle answer
  • 5 ATM floating
  • Low prices


  • A small touch screen makes operation more difficult
  • The real-time performance of the Snapdragon 3100 is not as impressive as expected.

Generation 4 Fossil Explorer HR

As always, look first. The Gen 4 Explorist also has the usual round design with buttons on the right side, but has a larger dial and a touch screen (45 mm).

It also has a heavier metal rim and comes with a standard 22 mm stainless steel bracelet (but this can be replaced by silicone and leather). It weighs almost twice as much as the Sport Fossil, making it look bigger and more voluminous on the wrist.  On the other hand, the larger size gives more space for a touch screen and a high-end look that Fossil Sport lacks.

As far as intellectual functions are concerned, it is virtually the same as before. It’s powered by Google Wear and includes Google Fit for activity tracking and heart rate monitoring, Google Pay for friction-free online shopping and Google Assistant for hands-free help when you need it. It also has built-in GPS for remote tracking, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for synchronization with your smartphone.

You can receive call notifications and text messages, but you cannot answer disconnected calls. You can still use Google Calendar for your convenience, weather reports, alarms, music player, flashlight and compatibility with third-party applications. And, of course, it works with both Android and iOS devices.

The Gen 4 is also lively, but can withstand only 3 ATM of water pressure, compared to 5 ATM of the sport.

Extreme performance

Everything we have seen so far is not very different from fossil sports, with the only exception of height and weight.

But the real problem with all four. Generation is the slow performance. It has an older processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100, which is over 3100 years old. The feeling is also less sensitive compared to Fossil Sport, and it is sometimes necessary to pull the watch almost violently to be able to grasp the display with a tilting sensation.

Even the Bluetooth version here is 4.1, which is older than Fossil Sport’s 4.2, and this is really reflected in the connectivity.

The battery life is less than 24 hours, and it falls into the category of fossil sports equipment.

And the amazing?

Even with a little less power, the Gen 4 is more expensive than the Sport!


  • Even with the old processor there is not much difference in performance.
  • Large touch screen
  • High quality appearance
  • Google Wear, Google Fit, Google Pay, Google Assistant will be launched.
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Driving resistance up to 3 ATMs


  • Hardener
  • Delays in use
  • Battery life is shorter than in fossil fuel based sports
  • Prices


Fossil sport!

Last sentence

The Fossil Sport is a newer model than the smart Gen 4 watch, so it has much better performance and is lower priced than the Gen 4 – what’s the downside?

In terms of durability, speed and range, Fossil Sports is truly the best sport. The only advantage of the Gen 4 is its size – the Fossil Sport’s touchscreen may seem too small, which can make it difficult to use. However, the high-end design of the Gen 4 translates into a higher weight and a higher price.

So if you’re not willing to pay extra for a slightly larger display, the Fossil Sport is the best smart one, without a doubt!

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