Microsoft launched Teams, its Slack-for-business messaging service, last year. It’s become an instant hit among businesses looking for a replacement for email. Teams has since grown to over 40 million users, and today Microsoft is rolling out an easy-to-use new feature that makes it even better for teams.

So what is Word Cloud? If you’re anything like me, you’re likely freaking out about this new feature that Microsoft announced today, because it’s pretty awesome. It’s also overdue, since the current Word Cloud is causing some confusion among users—especially those who are used to seeing Word Documents in their shared folders like Google Docs. So, what is the new Word Cloud, anyway?

Microsoft announced a new Word Cloud feature coming to Teams. Word Clouds have been a popular way for people to view large amounts of text data in a visual manner. In “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”, Edward Tufte argued that visual analysis of data is often the best way to find the most important patterns in a large amount of numbers. As a result, Microsoft is adding an option for Word Cloud views to Teams. Teams allows you to share any kind of document with your team, and Word Clusters will allow you to view large amounts of text data in a visual manner.. Read more about word cloud in microsoft teams and let us know what you think.


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  • If you weren’t aware, the Redmond-based software firm is introducing a new feature to Teams.
  • Microsoft introduced a new kind of poll to keep meeting attendees more engaged.
  • Attendee answers are anonymous, much like the existing settings for a multiple-choice poll.
  • The launch of Word Clouds is scheduled for late September, with completion anticipated in early October.


We’re going to continue the Teams story with some exciting news about a new feature coming to the popular communication and collaboration software.

You should be aware that Microsoft has launched a new kind of poll designed to keep meeting participants and viewers more engaged.

This is fantastic news for Teams users, since hybrid work has been a lifesaver for businesses big and small since the COVID-19 90 epidemic broke out.

As a result, any addition intended to increase efficiency while simultaneously serving as a bonus incentive for meeting attendees would be warmly received by everyone.

Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature.

Within the Teams app, the Word Cloud form poll has been introduced to the multiple-choice and quiz polls.

As a result, when users gather answers for an open text poll in a meeting, Word Cloud data insight will be accessible to assist them obtain a fast snapshot of the most popular text terms.


So far, we know that participants will be able to see the word cloud on the response page and that there will be two methods for them to engage with the word cloud poll:

  1. Adding a word to the word cloud by entering it directly.
  2. In the word cloud view, you may Thumbs Up a particular term.

Responses are anonymous, much like the existing settings for a multiple-choice poll, so other users won’t know who contributed which term to the word cloud.

The use of a Word Cloud to represent the emotions of the audience present at a particular gathering is a fantastic idea.

This fantastic feature enables presenters to ask open-ended questions to elicit feedback from participants, and Microsoft says that it may substantially increase meeting engagement and participation.

If you’re wondering when Word Clouds will be accessible, they’ll start rolling out in late September and be completely functional by early October.

This is just one of the many new capabilities included in Microsoft’s main conferencing app. Over the last two months, Redmond engineers have had to deal with a lot more Tams, including a new desktop music option.

In addition, the app now has a walkie-talkie mode for field employees, making communication considerably simpler.

Finally, since security is a key concern, Teams were given enhanced protection against phishing and other hacking techniques.

Another noteworthy feature is that Microsoft has decided to bundle the Teams application with Windows 11, ensuring that the upcoming OS will include it upon release.

As you may recall, this move drew a lot of criticism from rival companies like Slack.

Do you think this new function is beneficial? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s all-in-one productivity app, designed to help teams of all kinds get work done together regardless of location. Now with the latest version of Teams, you can use Word Cloud to easily see the top words, phrases, and topics of conversation for each of your team’s members. This can give you a better idea of what issues are being prioritized by your team members, and is especially useful in brainstorming sessions where you’re trying to come up with new ideas.. Read more about free word cloud and let us know what you think.

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