Cyber Mondays have arrived and toys, televisions and household appliances are usually in the holiday shopping center. The transactions on Cyber Sunday will take place in real time and will be available in a very short period of time.

Cyber Sunday is the perfect time to water your home and make your daily life a little more pleasant, from the shops of the famous mixer in the KitchenAid stand to the sale of large appliances such as stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Cybermontag offers

Are you planning to buy appliances, furniture and furnishings this year and find the best prices on Cyber Monday 2020?


Just like all Nespresso coffee machines, with Vertuo Next you can bring a quality drink to your home. The new series of machines, characterised by the new brewing system, is the latest addition to this range.

Thanks to centrifugation, it reads the barcodes on each capsule and adjusts the flow rate and water temperature to optimise each mixture. It heats up very easily. Not only does it look delicious, but it is also made from 54% recycled plastic, making it Nespresso’s most environmentally friendly machine.

  • Vertuo Next Machine and Aeroccino package with 30% discount. You can get a package for $146 instead of $200 and save $96.
  • Only the luxury machine Vertuo Plus is also available with a discount of 37%. You can buy it for 125, not 199.

Flashing outdoor wireless camera

These are some of the best outdoor security cameras to protect your home. You can easily install these cameras because no cables are needed. Any smart owner will be happy to integrate them into his accessories.

Just place it or attach it to a specific location, connect it to WiFi and you’re ready to receive photos and videos from home. Live view, motion detection is also available with Alexa support, so you can control these cameras with voice commands. It is a good thing that your batteries have a long service life and can work for up to 2 years with a single installation.

You can get a kit of 5 cameras with 35% discount for $249. Usually a set of 5 cameras costs $379, so for this Cybermond you can save about $130.

Vacuum cleaner

When you buy a new vacuum cleaner, Dyson is a company that looks twice at even the best wireless vacuums. The V11, identical to the full V8 model, ran our Best Buy company, our tester called it the perfect candidate to say that the bar has been seriously set in the world of wireless remote controls.

The whole V8 is a huge waste bin with performance far better than its normal wired equivalent. It can be used at home or in the car to clean faucets with a suction time of up to 40 minutes, and surfaces such as ceiling corners are difficult to reach. With $100 for such an important product, you have to hurry, because we expect the shelves to fly.

  • This Monday you can save $100 on the latest Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner. Pick up $499.
  • The Shark APEX DuoClean vacuum cleaner is also available from $249. This means a 38 percent reduction on the retail price of $399.
  • Save 35% on your RoboVac (robot cleaner) and get it for only 150

IceMaker Balancing

GE Profile Opal is one of the best manufacturers of worktop ice cream, from which a lump can easily be made in 20 minutes. When you connect an Apple Smart, you can easily instruct the device from your smartphone. No water connection is needed, just fill the water tank and it turns into ice.

You can easily place it on any kitchen worktop if you have a power outlet. This ice nugget machine is currently offered at Cyber Monday with a 15% discount.

These Cybermondays at Amazon there are other good offers for household appliances. View all Cyber Monday offers here and choose what you want to buy.

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