Google Keep vs. Apple Notes

Apple Notes is not available for Android, but Google Keep is available in the App Store. Both offer basic recording functions, but depending on the tools you need, one may be a better choice than the other. How do the two relate to each other? This article will help you decide by introducing you to Google Keep and Apple Notes.

Quick comparison

Feature Google Store Apple notes
Platforms Android, iOS and web iOS and macOS
Image carrier
Video support
Audio support
Signs help
Advanced Search
Editing tools Basic Some rich people

Google Keep vs. Apple Notes | Quick Comparison


Of course, Apple Notes is only available on Apple devices, i.e. the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Google Keep, meanwhile, is available for Android, iOS, and the browser. You can install this app as an extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store, and as a Progressive Web App (
) on Microsoft Edge.


Google Keep vs. Apple Notes – Tools

In this review of Google Keep and Apple Notes, we’ll look at all the tools that both offer. Google Keep offers basic text editing tools. You got it:

  • A simple text editor
  • Attach photos
  • Camera (photo only)
  • Drawing (separate part)
  • Recording language
  • Select the check box (switches the entered text to the check boxes).
    • Shopping list suggestions (suggests items as you enter them)

Retains only limited text editing support. For example, you can B. Do not write text in the same note or add checkboxes. When you add checkboxes, the application converts the text into checkboxes.

Apple Notes is a little more advanced. It has several word processing tools and the ability to add tables. Here is a list of all the features:

  • Word processor
    • On the front page
    • On the front page
    • text on one line
    • bold text
    • italic text
    • Read more
    • Sketch
    • Notch
    • List of numbers
    • Botlist
  • Images
  • Video tutorials
  • Camera (photo or video)
  • Flags
  • Document scanner
  • Drawing (separate part)
  • Tables

Review: There is no doubt that Apple Notes is more advanced in terms of editing.


With its advanced features, Apple Notes is better than Google Keep for storing notes. The app allows you to store data in iCloud and on your device.

Moreover, the application asks you to download the entire note or just the media to your phone. The full label option saves each type separately. I.e. Text in a text file and images in a graphic format.

Google Keep only stores notes in the cloud, and yes, you can’t update the app until the connection is restored.

Review: This cycle also runs in Apple Notes.


Tools for sharing notes Google Keep and Apple Notes

With Google Store, you can invite people to collaborate, and the note can be sent to Google Docs or shared in other applications. Supported applications also allow you to attach multimedia notes.

Apple Notes has the same capabilities. You can invite people to work together or share them through other applications.

Review: This round is a draw.

Additional functions

Google Keep and Apple Notes – Widget on iPhone

Google Store

  • Shopping list: Google Keep automatically suggests items to buy as you type.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders at specific times of the day (morning, afternoon, etc.).
  • Turning off the shutter : You can completely disable sharing in the application settings.
  • Tags: Mark the notes to distinguish them from each other. Abbreviations can be looked up.
  • Background color : You can change the background color of a note to distinguish it from other notes.

Apple notes

  • See appendices : The application allows you to view all media associated with all notes in one place.
  • Block notes: You can set passwords for notes and lock the note. For added security, the application asks you to set a different password for each note.
  • Lines and grids : The application can display lines and grids for better drawing.


  • Notes on pinning : You can attach notes to the top of both.
  • Widgets : Both offer widgets on iOS. Google Keep offers new note-taking options, while Apple Notes introduces some notes with a new note-taking option.
  • iPad and Apple Watch: Google Keep and Apple Notes support the iPad and Apple Watch to quickly add notes.
  • Interface: Both options suggest changing the arrangement of notes from grid to list and vice versa.

Which one suits you best?

Apple Notes is more advanced, but the platforms make it less efficient. If you work with iOS and macOS devices, I highly recommend using Apple Notes.

Google Keep is a simple application for taking notes. Ideal for running errands or saving simple text notes for later use. A backup is also useful if you are using a Windows PC.


It depends on the platforms you work on. Both have the same tools, with a few exceptions.

Anyway, I hope the Google Keep vs Apple Notes article helped you make your decision. Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts, daily driving application or other suggestions in the comments below.

frequently asked questions

Will Google’s shutdown continue?

The Keep Chrome application on your desktop is replaced with a shortcut that allows you to launch by simply clicking the icon on your desktop. … As reported by Android Police, the app will be available from 1. December 2020 removed from the Google Play Store.

Does Google hold up better than OneNote?

Part. In terms of sharing and collaboration, I’d say Google Keep is a winner. Google Keep’s web and mobile applications have the same sharing capabilities, but OneNote does not. Keep lets you add people to collaborate, send copies of notes through other apps, and convert and edit notes in Google Docs.

What is better than Google save?

PotatoNotes is developed by the Potato Open Sauce project, an alternative ROM for Android devices (similar to LineageOS). The design is similar to Google Keep: notes are organized in a grid (a list view is also available) and can have a colored background.

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