Why am I so against the alibi function and the racial curvature, if I didn’t mind that nonsense a few years ago? Why is a form of diversity in modern media so contradictory? I hope I can answer that question today!

Look out! Look out! Yeah, you thought I’d write a long story before I gave you a vague answer? No, I’ll get right to the point, it’s conscience! Now I know more about things than I ever knew. At the time, the race was never as important as it is now. Like any functional person with a decent IQ, you can put yourself in each character’s shoes and find something you can learn and enjoy, or at least understand. It’s different now, nobody cares about writing exciting stories for non-white characters in Hollywood, it’s just a ticking clock!

Let me take a step back and illustrate why I have such a big problem with the way Hollywood (and its extended family) deals with the whole diversity agenda! For some it is common sense, for others it is quite difficult to understand. I give myself as an example, I know I’m not the general rule here, but the logic I’m trying to apply here is still valid.

When I grew up in Austria, I knew the difference between me and my Austrian classmates. At the time this whole race wasn’t the focus of my attention, but in hindsight it did have some influence on the way I was treated. Yet my childhood was wonderful! Anyway, I was exposed to all kinds of shows, white shows, black shows, Asian shows and shows with different races and ethnicities together! As a child I never paid attention or noticed that I was watching a black and white show. I just knew that I was watching a funny show, that I had exciting stories and great characters. I clearly saw the color of the skin, but I didn’t care! No matter if they’re black or white, I’ll always find the character I can relate to or the coolest.

Only Shaman King, the coolest anime I saw then, broke the veil of bliss! You know what I mean! Shaman King had a character named Chocolove McDonell, which, I think, came out in the second season. I couldn’t tell you why back then, but for the first time I realized he was different. If you look at how all the other characters are drawn and compare them with him, he stands out like a sore thumb! It’s the first time I’ve ever noticed him annoying me. Every time he appeared on the screen, I hated him. The worst thing is, he had such a gift. Why did he have to look like that?

But it wasn’t enough for me to understand how black people are treated, I mean, we’ve had shows like Kenan and Kel, That’s So Raven, and more than that, I just threw it at the ultrasound, he’s limping, I hate him! It wasn’t until I began to see how people were treating me that I realised that the way we are presented in the media is a guide to help people communicate with other people. I know this because for a long time I assumed that all the Indians were from Simpson like Apu, and I made a joke about it to realize that people who laughed, laughed because I looked like Apu, wisely in skin colour! I have subconsciously maintained two stereotypes, both at my own expense and at the expense of the Indian people! Remember, I was 12 years old! Since then, I’ve learned to be better.

After that, I had a better understanding of how people would treat me, and that had mainly to do with the way we were portrayed in the media. I’ve become much more aware of the trend, the gang characteristics, the hip-hop characteristics, the snake characteristics, all that! Hell, even soccer started to piss me off, because I noticed that black footballers were never qualified as tactical or smart, but always fast and strong, which happened more and more often during the World Cup! I say all this because people are incredibly easy to manipulate to pump enough material, and people will believe it. Then why do I have a problem with Hollywood trying to do the same bad things again? Because it’s not! Besides, I lied when I said I wouldn’t expose you for long, I just realized that!

Anyway, if I look at what Hollywood has done in the past, say 10 years, they have actually made people more unbearable to see other races on screen in a positive light! You could say they’re a small, racist and unbearable minority, but if you subject every non-white character to a racial curve and turn a similar video relationship into hell or most of SJW’s work fails, you have to wonder why. Believe me, it would be so easy to assume that everyone is racist because they don’t like something, but that will never solve anything. The essence of all this is that Hollywood just doesn’t care about putting its heart and soul into the project to provide the care it needs. It is not surprising that over the years we have seen more covers than the original works, but none of them has really had a lasting influence on the way other breeds are perceived.

It’s not just about the project itself, but also about the way Hollywood promotes these projects by paying more attention to the colour of the skin than to the story, which is the point of sale. John Boyega was a good example of this, they all strongly encouraged us to think that Boyega would be great in the trilogy, only to be reduced to an idiot of a woman. I also think there’s something bigger and more complicated. In a way, Hollywood makes us react when we see black characters against white. It’s as if they want us to hate anything that deviates from the norm of white lead roles and then justify it and say so: Look, SJW isn’t working, let’s never do it again! Ask yourself this question: What big company do you know you’re willing to lose money to win something? She doesn’t exist.

The reason I am here in Hollywood is that they are one of the reasons why people see the other race in a certain way, the media has that power. Now we’re on the other side! We willingly give these huge studios the power to destroy us forever! We prevent them from telling our stories and we depend on them, and I know they are people with honest stories, but managers change their work so much that it is no longer recognizable! In this respect, strengthening the fight against SJW has become more frequent because it has also become a problem.

Look, no matter how much you tolerate Hollywood and other media sources, you don’t get the positive results you’re looking for, it all means nothing! I’ve already talked about why here, but you get the idea. Let’s face it, the only force that really drives this desire for diversity is the white woman, the rest is just a walk! That brings me to another problem I’ve noticed, namely that those who call for diversity often just take what they can instead of, I don’t know, having some kind of self-esteem! Yeah, I said it! How do those black characters actually let us in? Here is an excerpt from Huffington’s message that proves that they are not thinking in the right direction, and however subjective this statement may be:

It was important that the silhouette made the public realize that Batman is a black girl, says Javisia Leslie!

Does that sound good to you? An activist who flees the law when fighting crime wants her figure to be recognized as a black woman. I don’t know about you, but if I was evading the law, the last thing I’d want is something that would betray the color of my skin. I’m sure when Batman left his spokesman open, he wanted the world to know that a white man fought for them! Honestly, most people attack him for his African hair, that sucks! I won’t defend him!

But you understand, and that’s why we’re attacked to some extent by the lack of vision, as the old left-wing whites in Hollywood would say! After all, we were hated because we hadn’t tried Hollywood! Make no mistake, I believe that when old Batman was at the mercy of fate, people hated to forget him too! The other side of the coin is of course the people who also play stereotypical roles! This shit’s gonna hurt too!

I say this because it is often possible to hear black or Asian actors say that they do not take on roles that clearly endanger their race, but that they intend to talk about it as soon as they have a platform to make a difference. What’s going on? That’s right, nothing’s changed! It’s just as much our fault for taking these roles as it is our fault for taking Hollywood’s! Here’s the problem: I’m trying to get home, we can’t let others tell our stories, and we have to understand that it won’t be easy, we’re going to start from scratch. But in the long run it will be better, because we will have more control over what we want to show to the world!

If we let old middle-aged white men and middle-aged white women do this, it will honestly hurt us!

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