Two-minute overview

The Amazfit GTR 2 is a smart watch that is compatible with Android and iOS and costs much less than the latest Galaxy watch from Apple or Samsung.

It contains a lot of features you would spend more money on. It requires high-quality material, a high-quality AMOLED touch screen and tires that can be cut to replace new ones.

It is available in two versions, both offering the same functionality for fitness and non-fitness. You benefit from the built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor, 24 hours a day and during your workout. For more information on fitness, you may also need to measure your blood oxygen level. It also acts as a fitness monitor, which is one of its main assets. It is a good addition to the extreme sport of following the field and monitoring sleep.

It provides easy notification support for smartwatch functions and is designed for the excellent AMOLED touch screen. With Amazon Alex and Huami’s own offline assistant, we have two smart assistants. But we only managed that. You also have a built-in music player to play your own music with 3 GB of storage capacity. However, this does not work for streaming services.

It can be used for 14 days and up to 38 days in simplified mode to perform all these functions. You’ll probably get closer to seven days if you use what’s available daily. Turn off things like continuous monitoring of the screen and heart rate, and it will probably continue.

It offers a decent combination of health monitoring and smartwatch functionality, combined with longer battery life than its nearest competitors, at an affordable price in a round and elegant watch style. There is much more to enjoy in the GTR 2 if you can live with the fact that it is not a sports watch, and you will love the idea of intelligent voice assistants and a music player for a decent price.

Amazfit GTR 2 Overview: Price and publication date

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So the price of the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Garmin Venu Sq without the music player in and on the device. It’s also in the same price range as the Apple Series 3 watch.

Amazfit GTR 2 Overview: Design and display

  • Available in classic and sporty versions
  • REDTE 1.3 inch, perpetual display
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • Leather or silicone bracelets

With the GTR 2 you get a really attractive smart watch for little money. It is much cleaner than the first GTR and also fits much better around the wrist.

You can choose between the options Sport and Classic, which offer you an aluminium (Sport) or stainless steel (Classic) housing. Both have two physical buttons and a fully circular touch screen, and are housed in a 46mm housing. The sport we had to test weighed less than a gram and didn’t seem uncomfortable or distracting at all when worn.

The case is equipped with a 22 mm bracelet, either in silicone (which we had) or in leather, with a watch clasp that is classic enough to hold it. The good news is: If you’re not a fan, they are easy and comfortable to store, while we were very happy with our silicone bracelet. Still, it’s always nice to know you can make a difference.

But the real star here is the screen, because Huami continues to use the type of display you’d expect on more expensive watches and trackers. Without the slightest trace of an ugly bezel, you’ll have a clean 1.3-inch display with AMOLED 454 x 454 resolution that extends to the watch case, and it’s a pleasure to watch. The colors are fantastic and there are some really cool dials and widgets to illustrate that. It’s also light, although you probably won’t need it at maximum brightness, which is good because it takes out the batteries. The display is always on, but has a noticeable effect on battery life.

It may not look like a watch you’d want to jump in the pool with, but Huami looks. It has a rating of 5ATM, which means that it can be submerged in water to a depth of 50 meters. It also means you can use it to take a shower.

  • 24-hour monitoring of activities
  • SpO2 sensor
  • IAP Medical Indicators
  • 12 sports modes

Sensors and functions are hidden under a stylish exterior, making the GTR 2 a fairly competent sports and fitness watch.

You get an accelerometer and a gyro sensor for tracking movements and activating scaling, for example. B. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week activity and sleep monitoring. The 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and the barometric pressure sensor are combined to provide additional information while walking or climbing.

Huami-san’s BioTracker PPG sensor allows you to continuously monitor your heart rate and better evaluate your performance level during training. It is often used to create fairly accurate measurements of blood oxygen for fitness and wellness, as opposed to serious health-related goals.

There are a total of 12 sports modes, including running, cycling and swimming. In this price range, it’s surprising to have an open water swimming mode on a watch, and there’s even support for ski touring. To better map and monitor certain outdoor activities, you also have a built-in GPS.

As a fitness monitoring instrument, it does quite a good job in terms of accuracy and presentation of data, both inside and outside the watch. It was pretty close to the normal number of steps we had indicated on the Garmin Activity Tracker, and it allowed you to see that number of steps when you were busiest during the day.

Huami also offers its PAI health assessments, which focus on heart rate rather than measurements to help you stay active more often. The problem is that it is very different from the general control method.

He’s done a pretty solid job of understanding the sleep period to control sleep and when we fall asleep, which is something more expensive watches don’t do. One of the problems we found was that heart-related REM sleep monitoring information was sometimes not documented at all.

Overall, this brings us to heart rate monitoring, which is best suited for continuous daily monitoring and strength functions, such as. B. Stress monitoring is more appropriate than training monitoring. It didn’t seem reliable with its random high RH peaks on the display of the chest belt, even if the watch was worn reliably during the activities where we tested it.

We also treat its success as a sports watch. Tracking distances using GPS for most of our races lacked accuracy, although using the free training mode for our indoor workouts made it easier and prevented us from providing accurate heart rate data.

Amazfit GTR 2:Features of the smart watch

  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Built-in music player
  • Amazon Alexa

On the GTR 2 you get a lot more with the smartwatch functions than on the GTR. It also works on Android and iOS devices and can handle alarms that are not usable but are well designed to be transmitted. There are music controls, the ability to make Bluetooth calls, record weather data and program event reminders. You can also choose from a nice selection of dials to display your fitness information or just to show the time.

Not one, but two smart assistants. First, Amazon Alexa is working with Fitbit to hire the Intelligent Assistant. Although we were able to install Amazon Assistant in the corresponding application, we weren’t very lucky to get it working on the watch. This may be a situation where support has not yet been fully mobilised.

We’ve had more success with another intelligent assistant who works without a connection to the phone. First of all, this stand-alone voice wizard must be installed in the application. Then a small icon will appear on the screen when you activate it to wake him up. You can then ask the clock to open the music control, open the weather widget or start the clock. For us it was a delicate and very useful addition when we got to know the teams.

Another important new feature is an integrated 3 GB music player with 300 to 600 songs in MP3 format. You need to connect them via the Zepp application and then synchronize them to get the music on your watch. Once the music is downloaded, a Bluetooth headset can be installed and everything is ready. When pairing and testing with an Android phone it worked for us without major problems. There is no support for streaming music services here, so if you own a lot of your own music, it’s really just a convenient feature.

He’s a professional artist, like a smart watch. He masters this foundation well, even if it is not the most complete experience. Hopefully the music functionality will improve and Alexa will work well and become an even better smartwatchmate.

Amazfit GTR 2: Battery life

  • Battery life up to 14 days
  • 38 days in basic condition

One of the most attractive aspects of Amazfit’s smart watches is that you don’t have to pay for them every day. This does not change with the GTR 2.

There is a 471 mAh battery that is expected to last 14 days with normal use and 38 days with basic use. Standard usage is based on the use of features such as listening to music, using GPS, holding the display at all times and continuously monitoring the heart rate.

This simple mode includes disabling the Bluetooth connection used to pair the phone in a more economical way, as well as features such as heart rate monitoring and the use of other functions such as GPS.

In this typical case, we found that this smart watch is good for seven days and has the potential to go further. Applications such as recording the heartbeat, playing music, activating the sleep assistant and constantly turning on the display have a significant impact on battery performance.

We’ve also spent a few days in this basic mode, and this is a watch that conserves its battery so that it is able to run for several weeks with much less use.

If you’re willing to juggle what you’re using and you’re not so worried about following your heart or having a better understanding of sleep, chances are these few weeks will work for you.

Once the operation is complete, it will take at least 2.5 hours to go from 0% to 100%. No quick charger to return to a full battery faster.

BuyAmazfit GTR 2 when…

You want a fashionable and affordable smartwatch,
It may not cost much, but you get a stylish smartwatch with excellent screen quality for your money.

You need a
music player It’s hard to find a smart watch that’s so affordable that you have a built-in music player so you can leave your phone behind.

If you want to keep track of the condition you are monitoring, the
GTR 2 offers comprehensive wellness monitoring capabilities, including informative sleep data that can be fully accurate.

Don’t buy if…

You want a smart watch that keeps track of your
workouts Although it has all the features that make it a good companion for the racetrack or the gym, it doesn’t really offer accuracy.

You want a watch that matches Spotify,
Although the GTR 2 has a music player to make the most of it, it has to be your own music and audio you bought.

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