In most articles, the benefits of the
instruments have been mentioned several times, but in general, the benefits for local enterprises in the context of
have been emphasised very little, particularly in Latin America

The benefits are undoubtedly lower operating costs for
, no waiting times for customer requests and the 24/7 availability of
, all real benefits you can see at a glance.

However, bots are not a simple set of isolated features, so it is interesting to study the environment in which they are created and the relationships they create with users. We hope this article will teach you how Messenger’s chatbots can improve your business. And how to implement it in your company.

The chatrobots for sending messages are always at hand.

Regardless of the size of your company or the sector in which you operate, you know that choosing the right channel is absolutely crucial. If you are not where your customers are, sooner or later they will go to your competitors. And consumers will always choose a company that responds directly to their needs, a place where interaction is effortless and where a lot is handled. This is why young people prefer applications such as Instagram or Snapchat, because they have direct access to what they are looking for. Remember we had to look up a phone number in a huge paper catalogue and we had to call each other and wait in line forever. The Internet has made our lives easier, let’s make it easier for our customers.

So let’s start at the beginning:
Facebook Messenger contains the largest number of chatbots of all messaging platforms and this is no coincidence. Together with WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook is responsible for 75% of the social media response of online users in Latin America. Combined with Messenger’s Facebook Fan Page for conversation skills, it creates an ideal environment to communicate with your brand’s customers. It connects you and your customers and enables you to have a more personal and intimate conversation.

With Messenger you don’t have to pay or install extra applications or websites outside
. In
users contact the company through the communicator they already use daily in
. This requires only minimal effort on their part. In addition, with the brand
you can use all the resources and capabilities of the Messenger
platform, but manual maintenance of Messenger is tedious and takes time and sleep away from the
. That’s why robots can solve up to 60% of recurring Category
problems and lighten the workload, so you and your employees can focus on performing more Category
tasks and improving your business.

Discussion room

Personal reactions in the newsletter.

Customers exchange 20 billion messages with companies every month. This is more than double last year’s 8 billion messages. And this is just the beginning. People are used to writing (more than reading), and we already spend more time in messaging applications than in social networks themselves.

And what are the most popular reasons why customers write to companies? According to
on Facebook:

  • 83% want to know more than
    about this product or service.
  • 83% want support.
  • 76% want to buy

We believe that customers see Messenger as a useful channel for brand communication, a source of product and support information. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet their requirements. Imagine having to answer 100 or even 10,000 questions a day, it’s crazy to do it manually, or it would be better to be a call center. A personal and individual meeting with each of them would take a lot of time and work. In some cases it is even impossible. Especially if the company has many users and more questions. The chat-bots are a great support in this area. They are well designed and give customers quick, clear and simple answers. Domino’s Pizza domibot Messenger Chat is an excellent example of how robots can meet the individual needs of users. You can consult the current menus of the nearest Domino’s Pizzeria (Hello!), order a selected pizza and even lodge a complaint. Often answers all user questions at the same time. Replies to all messages individually.

Attractive online communication with cats.

Social networks have another big advantage: They allow users to communicate with images, GIFS, stickers, animated content – miles of smileys, active ingredients that have stolen hearts and are very popular with Internet users. Messenger gives you much more room for manoeuvre in this area than other instruments available on the market. And make the dialogue with the company more personal. Chats made with Messenger can exploit the full potential of the interactivity and involvement of the communicator’s user. Firstly, because the tool is still relatively new. It arouses the interest of users and generates positive feelings (surprise when you constantly discover new functions). In addition, Wessenger enables the use of a wide range of elements that evoke positive emotions and stimulate interaction.

Among them, GIFS, short
animations, social networks and communicators have conquered (GIPHY itself, a popular GIF
website, has 300 million active users per day!).

GIF files, often excerpts from well-known and popular
series or movies, can be used to animate short text messages using
, making them more humane. In addition, brands that incorporate the GIF
format into their communications can create a more exciting way of communicating in the

They allow online dialogues that are close to the natural personal conversations. Chatbot dialogues for small and medium sized businesses can also be expanded with smileys. As non-verbal elements, they help users understand what to click, or they simply allow them to adapt to the specificities of social network communication. The 2 elements I mentioned may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how easy it is to forget them, especially when you think about the journey of the user or the consumer.

Other elements of the Chatbot – the carousels – are ideal, especially when it comes to sales. They allow users to easily navigate to the products or services that interest them. They also facilitate access to information on these elements.

How can I integrate a chatrobot into my small or medium-sized business?

Now you can say it: Chat in
Messenger: a multi-person communicator with the ability for
to create personalized answers to user questions, and with a wide range of
features that enhance conversations with small and medium businesses.

Discussion rooms

But how can this tool really improve my business?

This question is asked more often than you think. SMEs are looking for solutions to the various problems they encounter on their growth path. First of all, it’s best if your cat focuses on other activities or if you’re looking for a solution to a specific problem. The more areas a chat room has to cover, the worse the performance. Set a goal that will help you find a solution and then measure your results. As a rule, companies focus on one of the following areas:

They help with customer service.

In most cases, it contains answers to frequently asked questions, places current proposals or receives complaints. This form of customer service is an ideal solution if you have a specific customer base, if you need help with many different communication channels, or if you are currently unable to offer your customers 24/7 support.

Marketing assistance.

Virtual assistants are generally used for process automation. But the real marketing gurus use them to market their own services. And they can serve as a simpler alternative to online contests, lotteries, sweepstakes or customer loyalty programs. It is much easier and cheaper to organize them in a Messenger-chatroom than to create a separate homepage. Chatting on email is a tool that expands your marketing arsenal and supports, for example, different types of marketing campaigns. Customer or event awareness ;

They help you in sales.

Chat offers allow you to present your
products in a personalized form, generate leads or guide your
customers through the different stages of the purchase process (e.g.
can inform them about the status of their order). There are many examples of how
chatbots improve sales: from the cosmetics industry,
, where the L’Oréal Beauty Poison chatboat provides the inspiring and recommendable content of
for the hospitality industry (the aforementioned Domino’s Pizza or Turkish Burger King Pizza
), and even the automotive industry (such as the
Kia Motors America chatboat), which we have highlighted in Bots with the introduction of AR / VR

How can I measure your KPI and your cat’s success?

Interpretation of the results and measurements of
we get with the cat is necessary to improve
in the future. In this sense, Google has created a startup called Chatbase,
, which is in beta version for creators, which according to some professionals of the major brands of
, who have been able to test it, have increased the number of questions of
his bot by 35% thanks to the optimization of which had a high percentage of the loss of
users in Messenger. There are many ways to measure KPI bots, but they all require additional
tools. Instruments available on the market include

  • Chatbaza
  • Bottlica
  • Botany
  • Dashbot
  • bCRM
  • Botany
  • Amio
  • And the analysis of Facebook (Messenger Bots)

Bots enable small and medium businesses to use powerful
virtual help at low cost.


If you want to improve your business effectively with your instrument, don’t forget to adopt your brand symbolism and tone of voice. Don’t forget, of course, that you also have to give clients the right answers, this already depends on your writing and copying skills.

You also need to create visual and emotional experiences with graphical content – free stuff you get as a bonus from Messenger. The virtual assistant will therefore be a natural extension of your communication strategy and not a useless technological device.

It’s the same here: The more tasks a cat boat has to perform, the less it will enjoy. Set a clear goal and work towards it. The adage that practice leads to perfection can also apply to virtual assistants.

You have to constantly work on the development of your robot. If, for example, you enter innovative sales elements or the latest Messenger features, your tool will be even more effective. It will satisfy your customers and facilitate the growth of your business. If you want help building your first bone, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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