There was a time when children went to play with their boyfriends and girlfriends. But the introduction of social networks and advanced games changed everything. Today, every teenager wants to stay at home and play his or her favorite games or meet people online. We understand how many parents are worried about this situation.

Today you will learn some good practices to protect children from smartphones (or at least to reduce phone use). These methods include certain technical platforms as well as simple methods. You can try to keep track of them to help your children lead an active and healthy life by restricting their access to smartphones.

Let’s start with the first and most advanced way to limit phone use to your child.

Method1: Use ofapplication for telephone interception

Parents can configure the phone tracking application on their child’s device to restrict access to the phone. It works as a parental control application, but offers many more features and access to the device. For more information about this method, see the telephone monitoring platform.

It works by checking if your child’s device has an online account. They can then monitor or restrict their activities remotely. Here is a main application that allows you to check your phone.

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FoneMonitor is the platform that provides the technology for remote access to any device. You can install this application on your children’s devices and it will report all their activities through an online account. The program is easy to use and requires no escape or root to work.

So you can be sure that this application will limit the use of smartphones by your children. With this application in mind, the developers have made sure that your child’s privacy is protected. Only you have access to this data with your access data. It contains messages, call logs, real-time location and display history on the target device.

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The platform works by installing the application on your child’s Android device. You can visit his website and register for a free account. Then select the operating system (Android, iPhone) of the device and boot it. For Android, you need to download and install their application on your child’s device.

On the iPhone, you can enter your iCloud information for authentication. After processing, you can check their activities via your account control panel. You will find step-by-step installation instructions in your installation manual.

Method2: Use of the request for parental control

The parental control application is used to restrict your children’s access to their smartphone. You can set a time limit on the device so that your child will not be able to use the phone after this period. You can also select applications that your child can install on his or her device.

This method has worked for many parents. However, children are annoyed by the possibilities of parental control because of their limitations. This allows you to analyse your situation and decide whether you need a secret phone application or a parental control feature.

Steps to use the parental control function

This depends on the operating system of your child’s device. The parental control function is usually found in the settings of the device.

  • Click on the settings icon and locate the parental control device.
  • Create a PIN code to access the parental control feature to track actions.
  • Customise the features of the application, such as phone usage, usage restrictions, and purchases in the application for your children.

Method3: Participation in outdoor activities

Help your kids understand what they’ve been missing all day on their smartphones. Take them to the park and play outdoor games to show them the benefits of outdoor activities. You can also ask your friends to play with them for a change.

Remember, children are always looking for a way to have fun. So you can make it fun and interesting to help them get rid of their smartphone.

In some cases children are afraid to play with other children. You should consider finding these reasons and try to solve them as soon as possible. After that, you may notice important changes in your personality and in your use of the phone.

Method4: Example for them

Children are a reflection of their parents’ activities. If you want your children to spend less time on the phone, set a good example. Try to avoid using smartphones when you are with children. It will help them understand that there is a world beyond smartphones and they will begin to appreciate it.

You can start your daily activities with the children. A new hobby can help them reduce the use of the smartphone in the most natural way.

Last words

If you want your children to use the phone too often, you need to understand why they use it. Children prefer smartphones as a means of entertainment. It is therefore necessary to introduce different forms of entertainment into their lives in order to avoid this problem.

However, it takes time and you can’t expect them to stop using their smartphone right away. That’s where the telephone surveillance applications come in. FoneMonitor allows you to monitor their activities and limit the use of their applications.

This way you can be sure that your child does not use his or her phone beyond the limit you have set for him or her. You can also configure the parental control application to restrict their access to the device.

All methods have proved useful for parents in this area. So you can use a combination of these methods to achieve effective results.

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