Development issue/problem:

I’ve seen a few borderline cases and a weird development problem.

Shake your device, that’s really awkward, especially on a tablet.

To work in the Android studio, simulate a keystroke.

Is there a consistent way to do this? Can’t we use the internal API to have a debug button in our application to run a menu like Navator.popUpDevMenu()?

If not, how do you shake the tablet to make it work? The question is how to configure the HMR on the actual device. Native Response improves the development experience, but I would say that this particular thing slows it down a bit.

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

If you’re on a Mac, there’s a handy tool called Strike.

You can use this command from the command line

Main event 82 adb shell input

if the device does not work with Ract-native run-android or if it disengages after starting Ract-native run-android. You need to unlock the development server port again. You can run this command and try again with the previous command.

Reverse advertising tcp: 8081

EDIT: This solution only works for Android devices and is one of the hacks suggested in the question above. So it’s unbelievable. Until that happens, however, it will be chosen as the correct answer.

Solution 2:

That’s what I do:


Add the script to your .json package:

android cocktail: adb shell entry key 82

You can then rotate and shake the android to get a context menu on Android (assuming the device is connected to a computer).


Settings -> Access -> AssistiveTouch

  1. Turn it on.
  2. Press Pas Top Level Menu…. at
  3. Remove all but one of the symbols and set it to Jitter.

This allows you to press a button instead of shaking the device.

Give here a description of the image

I hope it helps others.

Solution 3:

I add a simple, perfectly positioned button and this onClick manager

imoprt {Inboard modules } from react-native;


Solution 4:

I’ve created a library that allows you to open the development menu in development mode by typing it with 3 fingers instead of shaking it.

Just insert the request:

To import DevMenuOnTouch from react-native-dev-menu-on-touch;/// or : import { DevMenuOnTouch } from react-native-dev-menu-on-touch;/// or : import { DevMenuOnTouch } from react-native-dev-menu-on-touch.

The YourRootApp class expands Component {
render() {
return (


This is really useful when you need to debug a real machine and have colleagues sitting next to you.

Solution No 5:

If you have a Xiaomi phone, this answer will not work because there is a security option that prevents the pop-up from opening and you need to authorize it for your application:

Go to Settings > Installed applications > [Application name] > Authorization management
and enable the Display Popup option.
Shake it again. The developer menu should appear as expected with a slight delay of


Solution No 6:

Shaking the phone in Android is sometimes boring. If you make the changes below, pressing the Volume up/down button will open the Developer menu.

Add the following code to android/…/

public boolean onKeyUp(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN && this.getReactInstanceManager() != null) {
return true;
return super.onKeyUp(keyCode, event);

With React Native Navigation V3 the following code works in

public boolean onKeyUp(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_VOLUME_DOWN && this.getReactGateway().getReactNativeHost().getReactInstanceManager() != null) {
return true;
return super.onKeyUp(keyCode, event);

After this change, run the application again to run the above code with run-android re-run.

Tested with RN 0.59+.


Edit: Include the KeyEvent and other imports in the file.

import android.view.KeyEvent ;

Good luck!

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