Trello is a productivity app based on to-do lists that allows managers to manage their team and see progress at a glance.

The service is free for individual users and small teams, but offers paid plans for larger teams, with more features and control over what administrators can do, create and view.

In this article, we’ll look at the three Trello plans and discuss the features they offer, their benefits, and which plan is right for you.

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The first thing you think of, of course, is the cost of a plan. As mentioned earlier, Trello offers three plans tailored to the different needs of different teams.

There is a vague plan that is, well, vague. Then you have a business plan that costs $9.99 per subscriber per month (with annual billing). This plan is suitable for teams of up to 100 members and can be paid monthly or annually, as desired.

Finally, we have the Enterprise plan, which is the price of time you get from Trello itself. This plan focuses on building teams that connect work processes and need more visibility, safety and support throughout the organization.

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The free plan provides everything you need to get started with Trello. You can have an unlimited number of cards, an unlimited number of participants, but only a maximum of ten boards. You can only activate it once per card, but you get unlimited storage with a file limit of 10 MB per file.

The Business Class plan offers everything you get in the free plan, plus unlimited charts, unlimited embedding diagrams, dashboard views, schedules, order charts and calendars. You also get a free 14-day trial before you buy to help you make your decision.

Unlimited storage increases to 250 MB per file, and you get advanced management and security features. The plan also allows users to manage 1,000 automated teams per service, with the number increasing from 200 to 6,000 per month as the number of participants increases. This is a significant increase over the 50 automatic orders per month offered in the free plan.

Trello’s Enterprise plans go even further by including all the features of the Free and Business plans and offering customers features such as organization-wide permissions and fees, community board management, investment permissions, powered administration and unlimited auto-start commands.

You can see the full list of features here.

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Here are some of the pros and cons you get with any Trello plan.

Plan for Other Price
Free > Ideal for individuals or small teams.
> Includes all the basics of Trello.
> Two-factor authentication.
> Android and iOS applications are available.
> Unlimited activity logs.
> File uploads are limited to 10 MB per file.
> Teams are limited to 10 boards.
> Only 50 automatic orders are executed per month.
Business Class > Unlimited signs.
> Unlimited food.
> Download large files at 250 MB per file.
> Advanced checklists.
> Another automatic command starts. > Up to 6,000 per month.
> Includes all content from the free plan.
> Monthly billing can be expensive, depending on the size of the team.
> Does not have an unlimited number of command executions.
> No power management.
> No release for the entire organization.
Ten bucks. Fee per user per month (annual billing)
$12.50 Fee per user per month (monthly billing)
The company > Unlimited automatic command start.
> Administrators can set limits for attachments.
> Visible panels organizing committee.
> Rights for the entire organization.
> Community Council.
> Power Management.
> Includes everything in the Free and Business Class plans.
> Depending on the size of the team, it can get hectic when it comes to food and decisions.
> No free trial.
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The answer is very simple. For most individuals and small teams, a free plan should be sufficient. However, if you work with a large team and really need automation features and large file uploads, it’s worth investing in a business plan.

You can always try it out for free and then decide if you really need the features offered. Unfortunately, there are no tests for the Enterprise plan, but you already know what to expect when working at this scale.

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frequently asked questions

How much is Trello worth?

Trello’s price starts at $12.50 per month per user. There is a free version. Trello offers a free trial version.

How many boards can you have on a Trello for free?

The free team has a limit of 10 boards, which means that if you need more than 10 boards, you may have to close some boards to make room for the new boards.

Is Butler free of Trello?

Butler is available to all Trello accounts at no additional cost, subject to usage quotas and other restrictions. … The butler does not count as a Power-Up and therefore does not count towards the limit of one Power-Up on board for free accounts.

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