After you capture a screenshot in the Steam graphics client, it ends up in a folder that’s not accessible in the operating system’s file system. Fortunately, Steam exposes a couple of different ways to grab your screenshot folder for easy browsing.

As an avid PC gamer, I often screenshot my games and I have been using Steam for years. Steam by default stores this screenshots in a folder of its own and it can be accessed by typing the following command into the Steam chat. (All screenshots are saved as .PNG files.)

Looking for a way to open your Steam screenshots folder? Steam is one of the most widely used gaming platforms in the world. The service offers a wide range of game genres and has become an important option for those looking to download new games or even try out trial versions before the game is officially released.

The overlay is designed as a game interface that allows access to Steam community items during the game session. Overlays are typically used for in-game purchases, chat access, inviting friends and groups, screenshots, trading and marketplace functions, etc.

Easy ways to open the Steam screenshots folder

If you have never played an online game, you know how important it is to take screenshots of what is happening on the screen. It can be useful in many cases, but it is mainly used to visually record wild insects, collect useful information, etc.

All these features are useful and attractive. We’re here for the screenshots, though. If you’re wondering how to get to your Steam screenshot folder, read on.

In any Steam game, you can press the hotkey (default F12) to take a screenshot of the current game. You can post this screenshot on your Steam profile or upload it to other social media forums. But sometimes you can’t find the pictures you took. These images can be accessed in two ways: firstly in Steam via the screenshot manager, and secondly via storage on your hard drive.

Where can I save screenshots in Steam?

To take a screenshot in Steam, you can press the F12 key (default) on your keyboard. A screen capture will be made and a pop-up window called Screen Capture Manager will appear.

This handy tool appeared on the gaming platform Steam and allows you to take, manage and share screenshots without having to log out of the program.

Once you’ve taken your screenshots, you can save them to a folder dedicated to each game and choose to save them to your hard drive or share them with the Steam community. If you have this option, you also have the option to make the screenshot private.

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To view a screenshot using the Screenshot Manager, click View>Schreenshot at the top left of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear with the Steam Screenshot Manager, which you can use to access screenshots saved with the program, or by clicking on the View on Disk option to open a local screenshot folder on your PC.

How to access the Steam screenshots folder [100% efficient methods]

Method 1: Follow these steps to access the Steamscreenshots folder.

  • Open steam
  • In the menu at the top of the Steam window, click View.

  • Scroll down the list and tap Screen Snapshot from the drop-down list that appears. This will open the Steam Screenshot Uploader tool.
  • Select one of the images in the thumbnails on the right and then click the View on Disk button at the bottom.
  • Steam will automatically open the Windows folder where the Steam screenshots were and are stored.
  • The Steam Screenshot Uploader tool ranks all games based on the number of screenshots taken. You can also delete Steam screenshots if they are not wanted.

You can also upload each photo to your Steam screenshots folder or to the cloud for added security. Just select a screenshot of the game and click download. Once you click the Steam screenshot button that loads, your screenshot will be saved to the cloud.

Method 2: Find the Steam screenshot folder on your PC

Conversely, you can bypass Steam and physically find the Steam screenshots folder. To find this folder, you need to find the place where you placed the pairs. Depending on the user, the location may be on disk C, D or E. But you can find it under Program Files Steam userdata * Steam ID * 760 Remote .

To find the Steam screenshots folder, you will need your Steam login. This ID is unique in your Steam log. If you have multiple games installed, each game will have a different Steam ID.

However, if you can’t find your Steam ID, you can open any folder until you find the exact folder with the Steam screenshots. Or you can follow the steps in the last section to track your ID.

How do I download screenshots from Steam?

To access screenshots taken locally on Steam, you can open the Screenshot Manager by clicking the View button in the top left corner of the screen and selecting Screenshot.

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A screenshot manager opens, where you can see different folders with the names and screenshots of the game you played. Now you can simply select the folder you want to open locally and select the Disk option at the bottom of the Screenshot Manager.

Change the folder for Steam screenshots

  1. Open steam.
  2. Select View from the horizontal menu at the top of the Steam window.

  1. In the drop-down menu that appears, search for Settings and click on it.
  2. In the settings window that appears, click In Play in the lower left menu.
  3. Press SCREENSHOT FOLDER just below the hot key drop-down menu.
  4. Choose where you want Steam to save the screenshot by selecting a folder.
  5. That’s it. You’re done. You’ve changed the Steam screenshot folder.

How do I find my SteamID?

If you don’t know your Steam ID, you can get it by opening the Steam client. Press View and select Settings. Go to the user interface and look for the box that says Show Steam URL, if available. Check it and save it.


Now go to your Steam profile and click on View profile. The number at the end of the URL is your Steam ID, and you can just use that now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you access the Steam screenshot folder?

There are many reasons to take screenshots on your computer. Sometimes you’ll want to capture a moment while gaming, or maybe you want to grab a shot of an awesome email you received. But no matter why you need a screenshot, you probably need them more often than you think. That’s why you need to know how to get to the Steam screenshot folder. Steam is arguably the most popular digital distribution platform for PC games, and, as such, it is no surprise that it has a lot of users. Steam is a very useful platform, but it is a bit complex. That is why we created this guide to help you access the Steam screenshot folder and use the screens you have taken.

Where are F12 screenshots saved?

When you take a screenshot on your keyboard, the image is saved on your hard drive. However, you may not know where exactly they are saved. So, where are they saved? The F12 key is used to take a screenshot on many Microsoft Windows machines. On Microsoft Windows, the location where screenshots are saved depends on the way you have configured your computer. When you press Fn + F12, a screenshot is saved in the following folder: Windows XP: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10: In Windows XP, the screenshot is saved in the Screenshots folder. In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, the screenshot is saved in the Pictures folder. The screenshot can also be saved in another folder, if you F12 is a frequently used keyboard shortcut in Windows. The F12 key is located at the upper right of your keyboard and is easily accessible between the right-Alt and right-Ctrl keys. If your computer has a function key at the far left of the keyboard, the F12 key is next to it; otherwise, it’s the key just to the left of the left-Alt key. Resource Page: keyboard shortcuts

How do I change steam screenshot folder?

Steam is a popular game distribution platform, it was released on September 12, 2003. It is used for purchasing and playing games. Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, with over 150 million registered accounts. A screenshot is an image taken by screenshots software and hardware. Screenshot is an image of the screen taken after pressing the key combination of [PrtSc] or [Print Screen] on the keyboard. With the growing popularity of games on Steam, there has been an increase in the number of screenshots shared by users. While most screenshots are used to showcase the awesome graphics and gameplay, some users share their images because they want to share their latest epic failure with other players. If you have decided that you want to share your screenshots, but don’t know how to go about it, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you how to change steam screenshot folder.

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