How to permanently activate Windows 7 – Did you just install Windows 7 or are you having problems because an expiration warning appeared? So, you need to know how to activate Windows 7 so that the performance of your laptop or PC returns to normal.

To permanently turn on Windows 7 when offlineTo permanently turn on Windows 7 when offline

Even though Microsoft is at 14. In January 2020 it was announced that it will no longer provide updates for Windows 7, there are still many Windows users who continue to enjoy using it. This is because Windows 7 has a number of advantages over the above version.

In addition, Windows 7 is often considered more stable, intuitive, easier to use with low computer specifications and supports virtually all existing software.

If you have just used or reinstalled Windows 7, you will need to activate it. Otherwise, Windows 7 will expire and you will have more problems.

To permanently activate Windows 7: Best in 2021

Here is how to activate Windows 7, including a very simple task. You can enable Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional and other versions in 32-bit and 64-bit standalone mode.

As simple as it sounds, there are several ways to activate Windows 7, whether it’s with a real activator, without a device key, or even just using CMD.

Pay attention: If the activation file cannot be loaded or opened. This means that you must first disable your antivirus, firewall and internet connection to bypass these obstacles.

Window loader

Window loader

Windows Loader is a very popular Windows 7 activator these days. This software allows you to activate Windows 7 without needing a product key for activation.

To activate Windows 7 using the Windows Loader :

  1. First, disable the antivirus program on your laptop or PC.
  2. Download the activation file here
  3. Then unzip the file and disconnect from the internet.
  4. Start the application by right-clicking Run as Administrator.
  5. The boot loader opens and displays the Windows specifications.
  6. Click Install to start the Windows 7 activation process.
  7. You must wait until the procedure is completed.
  8. The final step is to reboot your laptop or PC.

It’s simple, isn’t it? After rebooting and reactivating the PC or laptop, Windows 7 is successfully activated without having to enter the product key.



The next software is called KMSPico and is also a very popular application that allows full access to Windows 7 without the need for a product key. This application is free and can be used to permanently activate Windows 7.

Permanent activation of Windows 7 without a product key :

  1. First download the application here.
  2. Then unzip the downloaded RAR file.
  3. Double-click the .exe file to run it.
  4. Click Next in the installation window.
  5. Select the Accept Agreement column and click Next.
  6. The installation phase of kmspico is started.
  7. Wait until the process is complete.

If you are having trouble following the above steps, first make sure you have disabled your antivirus or firewall on Windows 7.

After successfully following the above recommendations, don’t forget to restart your laptop or PC to make the Windows 7 activation process successful.

Enabling Windows 7 with CMD

Enabling Windows 7 with CMD

If you don’t want to use activation software to activate Windows 7, PDC is the solution. As we know, FGW is an innate Windows feature, so you don’t need to install any additional software, and it can also be done offline.

Here you can learn how to activate Windows 7 with CMD:

  1. Click on the window icon in the corner.
  2. Type CMD in the search field to search.
  3. Right-click on PDC and choose Run as Administrator.
  4. After opening slmgr -rearm, type into the CMD window.
  5. Then press the Enter key to send the command.
  6. Finally, restart your computer or laptop.
  7. It’s done.

Pay attention: The commands sent to the PDC are mainly intended to increase the activation of Windows 7. The addition of this activation has a limit of only 3x for a total of 120 days.

To activate Windows 7 without software

The last method is that you must have a valid product key to activate Windows 7 on your PC or laptop. All you need is an internet connection to connect and verify your product key.

Although you can only get a Windows product key if you buy it legally. But don’t worry, you can get the product key for your version of Windows 7 by clicking here.

Follow these steps to enter the Windows 7 product key:

  1. Go to Start Menu> Control Panel> Windows Activation.
  2. Click the Enable Windows Online Now option.

Activate windows

  1. Then enter the key of the product you own.
  2. Then wait until the process is complete.
  3. If the activation was successful, a message about successful activation is displayed.

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